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Chapter 263

Chapter 263 – Call Awake

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However, since her backing had returned, it was likely that joy was felt in her heart instead.

Huan Qing Yan took out the medicinal paste that Ji Mo Ya gave her before and applied it on Huan Jiu Li.

She tried to ask the two imperial doctors to look at Huan Jiu Li, but she was ignored.

At that moment, an impressive looking white dragon appeared on the sky; the huge semi translucent dragon casted a shadow onto the ground.  

Ji Mo Ya lightly jumped off the dragon and gracefully landed beside Huan Qing Yan.

Huan Qing Yan, who was applying medicine on Huan Jiu Li, immediately said, “Young Master Ya!”


Mo Ya looked unhappy; he raised his arm, and a pulse of spirit energy separated Huan Qing Yan from Huan Jiu Li’s side.

“Do not get too close to him. As a person who had been possessed by a Greater Demon, he might have already changed into a demon man.”

“No, he hasn’t, he still possessed a clear self-will…” although Huan Qing Yan was rather sorry looking due to being repelled, she did not bother about her image and immediately went to the side of Ji Mo Ya to defend Huan Jiu Li.

“Even so, you should not get close to him,” Ji Mo Ya replied with a decisive tone.

Huan Qing Yan was frustrated due to that.

At the same time, another large crowd of people entered the garden.

They were all important officials of the empire as well as some people wearing the attire of State Teachers.

“Young Master Ya, did you manage

manage to caught up with that person, who is he?”

Ji Mo Ya gracefully replied without any emotions, “No, I did not, that person’s cultivation is very high. He should be a late stage True Spirit Master.”

“What? A late stage True Spirit Master!”

“Although we have people of such levels within the empire, the amount is limited… who can that person be? Why did he try to silence the witnesses?”


Huan Qing Yan used the opportunity to repeat the conversation between the mysterious elder and the Greater Demon.

Some people still did not believe her, “Young Master Ya, can we wake up that person who was possessed and find out the situation…”

Ji Mo Ya also had the same intention and told everyone to give some space.

He lifted his hand and casually patted on various areas on Huan Jiu Li’s body.

Huan Jiu Li’s throat released a choked sound, but Ji Mo Ya continued while

continued while using his other hand and casually swiped it across Huan Jiu Li’s mouth.

A strange fragrance was spread out that was caught by Huan Qing Yan as she was the nearest to them; the scent caused her body to relax uncontrollably.

But that strange fragrance disappeared the next instant. Despite Huan Qing Yan trying her best to sniff for it, she was unable to smell it anymore.

Ji Mo Ya stopped shortly after that gesture.

After a short moment, Huan Jiu Li opened his eyes; however, those eyes were tired and listless as they dully looked at the surrounding people. Only when his eyes landed on Huan Qing Yan, did he reveal a difficult smile at her.

Just as Huan Qing Yan wanted to approach him, she was stopped by Ji Mo Ya, “No rush.”

When Huan Jiu Li saw Ji Mo Ya stopping Huan Qing Yan, he released ‘ah ah ah’ to voice ah’ to voice his displeasure.

“He is a mute?”

“Mute, do you know how to write?”

“What is the type of that Greater Demon that possessed you? What happened?”


Everyone began to ask questions at the same time. As Huan Jiu Li was originally weak and was not properly given any first-aid, the interrogation questions coming from everyone made him want to fall into an unconscious state again.

Huan Qing Yan shouted from behind Ji Mo Ya, “All of you stop asking! My Brother Jiu Li is a mute and he does not know how to write…”

< Property of outside of it, it is stolen.

She ignored Ji Mo Ya’s blocking and forcefully went up front and used her body to defend in front of Huan Jiu Li.

Ji Mo Ya gazed at two Feather Guards standing on the side, these two guards went up and pulled Huan Qing Yan away when she was not looking.

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