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Everyone turned towards the person who spoke.

A beautiful and charming young girl was within the crowd; her clear phoenix eyes were brimming with energy that would influence anyone with a surge of spirit when they looked at it.

From the way the situation has developed, the impression given from her was that she was here to cause trouble.

This person was Huan Qing Yan!

When Bai Chen Feng saw Huan Qing Yan, his expression darkened as his instincts were telling him that it would be bad. This fella was basically his archenemy; every time they met, it would never be good news for him.

He wanted to blatantly ignore her, but he needed to maintain his good image amongst the commoners, that was also why he allowed them to amass outside the store.

So he coldly replied, "Huan Qing Yan, what is it?" His tone was sharp while his face was unhappy.

Everyone gathered guessed that this young lady must be a person of standing as she dared to speak to the Ninth Prince so casually; they all began to make space for her, allowing a clear path to appear between Huan Qing Yan and the pair, Bai Chen Feng and Huan Meng Yue.

Huan Qing Yan smiled and replied, "Nothing much, just that I find Princess Wu You familiar. I can't help but wonder how come this Princess Wu You looked so similar to that traitorous adopted daughter of our Huan Family, Huan Meng Yue? They both have the same figure. Huan Meng Yue caused the death of her fiancé due to her act of committing adultery with nobility; therefore, the emperor ordered her death and she was executed in the execution square of the Eastern Great Street not long ago. This princess…"

Bai Chen Feng immediately stopped her talking, "Huan Qing Yan, how dare you show disrespect to Princess Wu You! Men, drag her away!"

Under her veil, Princess Wu You's cherry lips were close to bleeding as she bit on it angrily.

From within the crowd, several of Bai Chen Feng's guards appeared and attempted to drag Huan Qing Yan away; however, Huan Qing Yan used some strange movement technique and evaded them like a little butterfly.

No one expected that the direction she moved towards was to the side of Princess Wu You.

With a quick move of her hand, she pulled away the veil forcefully.

A fair palm-sized graceful face appeared in front of everyone.

Who can that person be other than Huan Meng Yue?

Huan Qing Yan once again exclaimed in great surprise, "Eh! Not only is the figure of this Princess Wu You the same as Huan Meng Yue, even their looks are also exactly the same! I never knew that two different people could become so alike in this world, what a coincidence!"

The spectators began to discuss amongst themselves.

"That's true, I happen to be present on that day when Young Master Hou committed suicide outside the Ninth Prince Estate; that despicable woman called Huan Meng Yue looked exactly like her."

"I remember her face very clearly…"

"Arhem, although that woman has low moral values, but she looks good, of course I remember."


"Now that you pointed it out, they do look alike."

"I also have some impression, what is happening?"

"Isn't it obvious, both have the same figure, voice and looks, is that possible?"

"So the execution ordered by the royal family this time…"

"Ssshhh, lower your voice, the other party is the Ninth Prince!"

Some individuals with a sharper mind immediately understood the situation, while some who still did not get it continued to ask around.

Bai Chen Feng knew in the first place that nothing good could be expected when Huan Qing Yan called out to him in front of so many people.

He already noticed that this woman was hostile towards him; from that day when she gave him a slap during Glutton Festival, everything she did was targeted against him!


He immediately shouted angrily, "Huan Qing Yan, all you do is to cause trouble to this prince! There aew so many people under the heavens that look alike, is Princess Wu You a person that an ignorant lowly character like you can comment about? Be careful, trouble issues from the mouth!"

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