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She also had sweet potatoes in her dimension, and they provided more than 50 spirit energy points too…

Sweet potatoes were also high yielding crops; more than half of her Basic Storage Room was filled with this item.

Within the ring that Ji Mo Ya gave her, there were also many food ingredients being stored, things like sweet potatoes, potatoes…

The lowest and most common of food ingredients that were produced by the dimension possessed no lower than 50 spirit energy points.

If she were to sell them, would her days as a wealthy woman be within reach very soon?

"Uncles, give me two buns, one meat the other vegetable."

"Sure! That's twenty silvers, hold on to them well, young lady."

Huan Qing Yan took a bite and frowned.

Compared to the ones made by her, the taste was too terrible; she was unable to continue eating after taking two bites.

She went to buy a sweet potato next and tasted it. It was also far from being able to compete with the sweet potatoes produced from her dimension.

That's when Huan Qing Yan suddenly remembered, didn't their family have a restaurant in Spirit Master Alley? Although it was not a large one, more like a small eatery, she should visit there later and check how's business…

If she could sell some of the ingredients through her restaurant, it would not only boost her income, it would also improve the restaurant's business.

Huan Qing Yan held a bun in one hand and a roasted sweet potato in another and took a stroll within Spirit Master Alley; especially the secluded shops within the corners of the street, she would make a point to take a look at what they have to offer…

Unfortunately, she was  neither able to find anything special nor the Greater Demon she was currently looking for.

Huan Qing Yan stepped into a general goods store. This shop was messy and sold a wide variety of things such as damaged magic equipment, animal bones, pelts of demon beasts; there was also medicinal herbs, some uncommon food ingredients as well as some spirit plant seeds…

There were no customers within the shop, and due to the messy interior, it also made it hard for one to find a path to walk.

When Huan Qing Yan entered, the boss greeted warmly, "Young customer, are you looking for something? Please come in…"

"Just taking a look." Huan Qing Yan's intention was to check if there was a place within this mess where someone could hide, to see if there were any traces of the Greater Demon.


"Young customer, please take your time. Our store has many things; as long as you can think of it, we would be able to provide it." The boss boasted.

"I would like to see your spirit plant seeds." She discovered that the spirit plant seed section was in the innermost region of the store.

"Spirit plant seeds? Although our store could not be said to have the most in quantity, I am confident that we have the most variety! Young Lady, you have a keen insight, so quickly follow me to select them. The seeds sold within our store have a high probability of germinating; for every ten seeds, at least one will sprout…"

That section was cramp and dark; as Huan Qing Yan followed in, she used the opportunity to scan the surroundings while looking at the shelf that held the seeds… In the end, she could not discover anything.

Huan Qing Yan was very disappointed, so she casually asked, "Boss, what seeds are these? How much do you sell them for?"

"These are seeds of the Celestial Orchid, one spirit stone per seed! These are the roots of the Phoenix Buddha Ginseng, two spirit stones for each root! These are seeds of the Heavenly Light Glass Flower, five spirit stones per seed… They are all seeds of high class spirit plants; other than the Heavenly Light Glass Flower possessing poison, the other two plants are edible…"

Huan Qing Yan was dumbstruck, "How can seeds be so expensive, you are selling them by the seed and not by weight?"


Purchasing them by per seed would mean that it would require spirit stones in double digits to acquire ten seeds of each plant; in addition, the boss mentioned that they had a ten percent rate of germinating. With this probability, if she were to buy them, she might not be able to recoup her costs at all.

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