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Chapter 235
The Two-Faced Venerate Emperor Chapter 235

"Lady Huan, I lost track of the Greater Demon at this place…" The Feather Guard respectfully said.

Huan Qing Yan looked at her surroundings. This was a secluded street alley.

At the entrance of the alley were the large words: Spirit Master Alley!

Huan Qing Yan had some impression of this place. The reincarnated girl had visited this place in her previous life.

This could be said to be a specialized street within the Hanging Cloud Empire Capital, a place only Spirit Masters can enter to purchase goods, and ordinary people were unable to gain entry.

Just to enter the Spirit Master Alley, one would need to pay one spirit stone as fees.

"You are saying the Greater Demon had entered Spirit Master Alley?" Huan Qing Yan questioned.

The Feather Guard shook his head, "I do not know, it was extremely fast, and it was also very dark; I was unable to see anymore clues when

I reached here. As I am under orders to guard Madam Huan, I returned to the Huan Estate after a short investigation."

Huan Qing Yan was rather curious. Why would the Greater Demon come to Spirit Master Alley?

Was it unafraid to encounter spirit masters and be caught by them? Or was there special reasons?

"Ok then, you can return now, thank you." Huan Qing Yan thanked the Feather Guard and decided to check out the situation within Spirit Master Alley.

She wanted to see if she could encounter the Greater Demon as she had a strong urge to meet this Greater Demon once…

And her instincts were telling her that she was definitely someone having some relations with this Greater Demon.

The Feather Guard reminded her in concern, "Madam Huan, this Greater Demon is exceptionally powerful, if you are intending to look for it, please allow me to accompany you."

As their Young Master's personal guards, they had all noticed recently

recently that their Young Master extremely cared for this Lady Huan.

Offering to do this much was expected of him.

But Huan Qing Yan tactfully declined, "There's no need, you should quickly return to look after my mother. It is day time now, with so many people travelling within the alley, there will not be any problems."

The Feather Guard did not insist and departed as requested.

Huan Qing Yan took out a piece of spirit stone and tossed it into the spell formation of the alley entrance. Every spirit master that wish to enter must give this entrance fee.

A wave of spirit energy pulse was emitted as Huan Qing Yan's vision blurred for a moment, and the next instant, a bustling street appeared in front of her.

Huan Qing Yan did not have many spirit stones on her. A portion was obtained when she extorted from her kidnappers previously, another was leftovers from her procurement of food ingredients on behalf

on behalf of the Aged Consulate; in total, she only had less than three hundred pieces of spirit stones.


Yet, to shop in this street, it would require an entrance fee of one spirit stone, causing her to feel pain for her purse.

Looking at this situation, she must find a method to earn some money, as it does not feel good to live poorly.

Fortunately, her goal today was not to shop but to search for traces of the Greater Demon, and it was not something that required her to spend spirit stones.

Pedestrians filled the streets; all of them were spirit masters. The shops along both sides of the streets were also filled with all sorts of businesses: there's magic equipment stores, general goods shops, jade stone stores, cosmetic shops, food ingredient stores, but mostly, all sorts of restaurants that were selling a wide variety of different cuisines; there were also several roadside stalls that sold snacks containing spirit snacks containing spirit energy.

"One spirit stone for ten buns! It contains vegetable fillings, meat fillings, and all sorts or varieties… they are also sold for ten silvers a piece. Come buy while stocks last!"

"One bowl of glutinous rice balls for two spirit stones! Traditional and authentic flavor with succulent texture! Using our century old original recipe, for only two spirit stones and you can enjoy this delicacy…"

"Roasted sweet potatoes! Our stall's signature roast item! Our sweet potatoes are all fragrant, delicious and filled with spirit energy! 500 grams for only five spirit stones…"

Huan Qing Yan's interest was piqued.


The buns being sold only provided a small amount of spirit energy points ranging from single digits to over ten spirit energy, and it was sold for ten silvers or at the price of one spirit stone. Within her dimension, the buns she prepared possessed 50 spirit energy each; she wondered how much they could fetch for.

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