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Luo Shuang was hesitant, "Are you telling the truth, Young Mistress?"

"Yes, if you reveal the clan members who have been controlled or bribed, this Young Mistress will be true to her words and let you off."

Huan Qing Yan was not a holy maiden, taking her life just like that would be letting her off too easily.

"Young Mistress, these type of people only deserve to be tortured into a thousand pieces. Why are you being so kind…" Luo Qiao was unable to hold herself back from speaking.

Madam Huan also disagreed, "Even if we do not kill her, we must at least send her to the officials to be punished."

Only Ji Mo Ya was revealing an interested expression while looking at Huan Qing Yan while drinking tea.

Huan Qing Yan pushed away their attempts at convincing her, "Luo Shuang had served me for many years; if she is willing to repent, I will also do a good deed. Do not speak any further, let's see what is Luo Shuang's choice first."

Luo Shuang believed her and said happily, "Young Mistress, Luo Shuang is willing to tell you everything I know."

< < 24. <<<<

"Good. Who is that person called Huan Ying Hu? What is your relationship with him?" Huan Qing Yan slowly approached her.

"Huan Ying Hu is the eldest grandson of Huan Lao San. He promised to marry this servant as his concubine; thus, this servant was tricked by him and stepped on this boat of no return. Huan Lao San was also a Four-Star spirit master and had certain control over the Huan Clan… Huan Ying Hu said that he only wanted Young Mistress's body; after we recorded the act, the large amount of assets owned by the Huan Family would be his. When that happened, he would raise my status to be his main wife and will obtain the same status as Young Mistress…"

Madam Huan was fuming mad.

Luo Qiao and the others were also flushed with anger and wanted to beat up Luo Shuang.

Even the calm and casual looking Ji Mo Ya slightly frowned, and a cold glint flashed through his eyes.

Only Huan Qing Yan, the victim involved, was calm, "Huan Lao San's branch? Is anyone else involved?"

Luo Shuang looked at her surroundings before she continued, "There are also some people currently within the Huan Estate who is the same as this servant. Young Mistress, can you give me brush and paper? This servant does not dare to speak their names out loud, so let me write down their names instead."

Without Huan Qing Yan issuing an order, Luo Qiao already went to ask a Feather Guard for the stationery.

Very quickly, the things requested were brought and Luo Shuang began to write.

A short while later, Luo Shuang finished the list and passed it to Huan Qing Yan to look. There were quite a number of people on the list, some names were familiar while some were not…


"Did not miss out anything?"

"This servant has written everything that she knows. Please have mercy on me Young Mistress, this servant is willing to return to the countryside and will never take another step within the capital."

Huan Qing Yan smiled and said, "This Young Mistress did say that I will let you off, but I did not say I would allow you to return home to the countryside."

"Young Mistress, what are you planning to do…" Luo Shuang was panicking.

"Right. I will not make things difficult, I will just return the favor. Luo Shuang, what is the drug that you made me eat? That box of pineapple pastries must have some left; Luo Qiao, feed her a few pieces before throwing her into the beggar's den located within the the northern part of the capital. If she survives the next morning, sell her off to the dirtiest prostitute house you can find…"

Luo Shuang was in despair, "Young Mistress, how could you do this, Young Mistress… this servant knows I have done wrong!"

Luo Qiao was a lady with a strong character, although her face was red from the words she heard, she did not hesitate to carry out the orders. This was the just desserts of traitors, so she loudly replied, "Yes, Young Mistress!"


As she spoke, she summoned the other serving girls and dragged Luo Shuang out of the building.

Madam Huan was dumbstruck, she softly asked Huan Qing Yan, "Little Yan, Young Master Ya is around, aren't your orders too shrewish? You might leave the wrong impression on Young Master Ya…"

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