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Her words may sound warm, but it also contained the intention to distance.

Ji Mo Ya was an exceptionally sharp person, so he naturally sensed it.

'Oh? Why did this girl reject him? Is she playing hard to get? Or is it due to something else?'

His eyes lost its shine as he kept a safe distance from her, "There's no need to face unforeseeable dangers; just keeping the matter about you drinking my blood a secret will do, can you do that?"

"Yes!" As long as it was not killing her off to silence her, Huan Qing Yan would accept any condition.

With that, she asked curiously, "Young Master Ya, what is the form of your second spirit treasure?"

Ji Mo Ya replied with a slightly emotionless voice, "Nothing good will come out from you knowing too much, just treat it as if nothing happened at all today."

Huan Qing Yan pouted her lips; so be it.

Fine then, Young Master Ya definitely held a lot of secrets. It was true that nothing good would come out it if a small character like her knew too much.

< < 24. <<<<

She should focus on building up her self-preservation abilities first.

She swiftly wore her clothes and cutely said, "Young Master Ya, let's go attract a star."

At that moment, Mo Si's voice came from outside the building, "Young Master, the matters within the Huan Estate has been settled. The related parties have all been brought into the Aged Consulate and are awaiting Young Master's or Lady Huan's decision. Madam Huan was also anxious to meet Lady Huan, is it ok?"

Ji Mo Ya glanced at Huan Qing Yan, and she replied by nodding her head. She was also very worried about her mother. She was every curious about how tonight's incident happened. Who was the one that gave them the guts to use such underhand methods? If she did not whip the corpse of the person, it would not match her character; attracting the star can wait for now.

Therefore, Ji Mo Ya replied, "Meet."

It was already deep into the night.

Within the guest hall of the Aged Consulate, Madam Huan was anxiously pacing about.

Two Feather Guards who were standing on the side were currently having an injured 'Madam Huan' between them, the bleeding on her thigh had stopped but she was covered in various injuries all over her body; it seemed to be from struggling and being beaten up.

Luo Qiao and a few of the experienced serving girls were looking at her. She would occasionally raise a leg and kick her, "How dare you harm our Young Mistress, how dare you…"

She focused on attacking her wounds; 'Madam Huan' cried painfully yet she never asked for mercy.

Madam Huan had already paced an unknown number of circles within the hall; unable to hold back any longer, she asked the Feather Guards with tears in her eyes, "I beg you, please let me see my daughter. I need to know that she is fine…"


At that moment, an energetic voice came from outside the building.

"I am fine, Mama must have been worried."

It was Huan Qing Yan, and beside her was the charming celestial-like Ji Mo Ya.

Both of them entered together, but as Ji Mo Ya possessed the halo effect, when he entered the scene, it looked like the main character of the show has arrived while Huan Qing Yan turned into a side character.

Everyone quickly greeted, "Greetings Young Master Ya."

Ji Mo Ya entered the building and sat in the position of the master; he lifted the cup of tea beside him, showing his attitude to be a pure observer.

"Just go ahead with what you need to do. There's no need to bother about this Young Master."

Only then did everyone relax.


Lou Qiao and the other serving girls all kneeled in front of Huan Qing Yan, "Young Mistress, we servants have neglected our duty; we should not have left the building, thus allowing these villains to obtain the opportunity to strike. Please punish us, Young Mistress."

"None of you is to blame, even I myself also did not expect this to happen," Huan Qing Yan told them to stand.

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