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Her words were true; when Huan Bei Ming was alive, his treatment towards Huan Qing Yan was always much better than Huan Xing Han.

"It is Bei Ming being confused; now that he is gone, the Huan Family's rules must also be corrected. Dong Hai, you mentioned about the foster sons for Bei Ming, do you have any good candidates?"

Huan Dong Hai coughed and replied, "I do, Old Ancestor. Huan Jin Jian, Huan Ying Hu, Huan Zi Mu…"

Five young men with an average of eighteen years of age stood out when their names were called.

They were all well-groomed and good looking.

These young men were all candidates selected from the various branch families; the first, Huan Jin Juan was also Huan Dong Hai's youngest son.

"We pay our respects to Old Ancestor!" The group of men greeted their Old Ancestor in sync.

< < 24. <<<<

Huan Li An was looking slightly shocked, "Isn't there too many? Just one or two will be enough, since we are just waiting for Xing Han to grow up…"

Huan Dong Hai did not speak but the clan relatives all began to speak up one after the other.

"Old Ancestor, Bei Ming's family do need that many candidates. Brother Bei Ming has left behind quite a substantial amount of assets; just the amount of shops is already an unknown number. how can it be manageable if there is only one or two candidates?"

"That's right, Old Ancestor. These children are all skilled in managing businesses; some of them are also spirit masters, they could inherit Bei Ming's skills while some are skilled with words, so they could establish relations with the nobles… Each of them have their strong points."

Huan Li An did not suspect anything and felt that their words were logical so he said to Madam Huan, "Zhang Clan, this old man thinks that these children here are all pretty good, you should return to your estate and make preparations to receive them. You can assign them the title of Young Master and rank them according to age; as for Xing Han, he is still young, so give him the title of Little Young Master instead of First Young Master. When Xing Han grows up in the future, he would have a few elder brothers to take care of him."

"Humph!" Although Huan Xing Han was young, but he could sense that something was not right, he pointed at Huan Li An angrily and said, "I do not want elder brothers! All of you are bad people!"

Madam Huan felt proud at her son's actions but as she was worried the rest would make things difficult for him, she swiftly moved forward on her knees while maintaining a kneeling position, till she was in front of Huan Bei Ming's tablet and cried sorrowfully, "Husband, my husband. Why did you not bring me along, my life without you is getting too hard. If not for Xing Han being so young, this wife would have died along with you…"

The situation was getting out of hand as a tsunami of ugly words were thrown towards the mother and son duo.

>> >>

Huan Li An stood up from his chair with rough breaths, "Zhang Clan, look at how you are teaching your son, causing a scene in front of the ancestral tablets. Where has all the respect for the esteemed ancestors gone to! These young men here, whether you want it or not, you must bring them back with you; you will assign them a portion of your estate's assets to them. The Huan Clan's inheritance will not end in the hands of a woman like you!"

At that instant, a clear voice came from outside the ancestral hall.

"Who dares to bully a widow and an orphan in front of my father's tablet, did anyone of you show any respect to him?"

As the voice reached their ears, everyone saw a beautiful young girl in white robes entering the hall.


< >>>> >

Huan Xing Han shouted as he ran towards Huan Qing Yan.

Everyone paused when Huan Qing Yan arrived; amongst them, those who had experienced her methods first hand began to cowardly hide themselves.

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