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Chapter 173

Ji Mo Ya faced towards the blocked passageway, with a flick of his wrist, a brush appeared on his hand. The brush was a lustrous black and engraved with complex patterns on its body, its tip looked exceptionally soft and tidy while giving off a shine.

It was the Cosmos Brush that he often used!

With his status, this brush was naturally not a simple tool.

When he held the brush on his hand, Ji Mo Ya’s aura also changed, his originally graceful and gentle demeanor had transformed into an unsheathed treasure sword, becoming exceptionally sharp and deep. Such a complete transformation was not something anyone could do, yet he had displayed it.

Ji Mo Ya slowly raised his brush and slowly sent three strokes towards the front.

These three simple actions was done slowly and heavily, as though he was performing them while carrying an extremely heavy burden on him.

Three sets of energy began to gather from different directions, they combined into a concentrated form and headed

towards the blockage.

“Bang!” a huge sound resounded, their surroundings trembled as small pieces of rock fell from the ceiling.

Before the energy dissipates, Ji Mo Ya waved his sleeve. The white dragon flew up and used its tail to land any heavy blow onto the pile of rocks.

Another huge sound was created, the pile of rocks shook even stronger while the whole cave seemed to be shaking along with it.

However, it was still not enough, Ji Mo Ya once again brought up his brush.

After repeating the process of combine attacks from him and his white dragon for multiple times, the pile of rocks that were blocking the passage had also been pushed back for quite a distance.


Ji Mo Ya’s brow was currently covered in large beads of sweat, the divine dragon was also releasing a much weaker aura than before.

Huan Qing Yan tore the corner of her sleeve and ran over to him to wipe off the sweat, “Young Master Ya, will we be able

able to leave?”

Ji Mo Ya gave Huan Qing Yan the rare chance of allowing her to touch him without sending her flying, he lightly knocked on a piece of rock stalactite and inspected it, “So it contains Wintry Sponge Stone!”

“Wintry Sponge Stone?”

“Wintry Sponge Stone is a type of soft stone that possess powerful endurance. Especially in cold environments, it will become softer which in turn enhances its ability to absorb impact.”

“Ah! So does that mean that we are unable to leave this place?” a shred of strange excitement could be found in Huan Qing Yan’s voice.

If they cannot escape, then she would be able to live to a ripe old age with this handsome man god.

Oh kekekeke…

“Only if the passage was excavated from the outside, else we will not be able to leave this place temporarily.”

Ji Mo Ya never expected that there would be Winter Sponge Stone existing in this place.

As a True Spirit Master, his divine dragon spirit treasure was only in a semi-physical

a semi-physical state.

He was confident that he could escape if it was only ordinary mountain rock but now, it would rather difficult.

“No matter, I brought a lot of fruits with me, there’s no need to worry about going hungry. I am sure someone will come and save us after a few days…”

Ji Mo Ya did not speak, there was no other way for now.

Little Xing Han was fine with being stuck here, he has family, ample food, water supply and most importantly, the divine dragon and pig spirit treasure to accompany him, therefore he shouted, “Sis, release your piglet to play with me.”

The pig spirit grunted a couple of times as it came out and continuing a staring contest with the divine dragon once again.

The divine dragon spirit treasure was exceptionally lofty, it gives off a sense of arrogance when it faced the pig spirit treasure, however, the pig spirit treasure did not allow itself to be outdone also. Little Xing Han just clapped his hands clapped his hands in joy at their display.

Huan Qing Yan and Ji Mo Ya on the other hand occasionally chatted a couple of words with each other, though most of the time it was Huan Qing Yan who started the conversation while Ji Mo Ya occasionally nonchalantly replied.

However, when Huan Qing Yan slowly reduced the distance between them and once again began to sniff his body, Ji Mo Ya immediately flew to the top of a five-meter-high stalactite and started meditating there.

Huan Qing Yan was unable to climb up to that spot, so she could only dryly look at him for a while. She tried to agitate Ji Mo Ya but no matter what she did, he was not willing to come down. So in the end, she decided to spend her time to cultivate.

When meal time approaches, Little Xing Han would shake her and ask for food.

The day went by in a flash in this manner.

There were still no signs of people searching for them…

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