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Chapter 374 – Thanatos (4)

Thanatos was quite different from my expectations.

When I first learned about Thanatos after reading the quest window, I thought of a swampy area full of poison.

You could fall in a swamp while walking around the town, die of poison while drinking water, and die from hail that flew through the roof while sleeping.

Well, it was reminiscent of such a neighborhood.

A world where death is closer than anywhere else.

However, Thanatos was a very normal neighborhood.

It is questionable whether the world ruled by the nobles who have undergone surgery to have the head of a jellyfish octopus could be called normal.

Compared to my expectations, it was.

To put one more characteristic, there was very advanced technology.

From the standpoint of eagerly exploring different worlds, it is rare for a world to have more or equal technological prowess compared to Earth.

The same was true of civilizations developed through magic, not science.

Probably because of the circumstances of the gods.

As civilization progresses, people become less dependent on God.

More problems are solved through technology, and values ​​also changed pessimistically.

For the gods, the civilization of their believers are moderately barbaric, and at the same time, they are most appropriate to maintain a sufficient population.

But Thanatos was not.

Dosifer’s passionate speech helped me understand the concept of death here in Thanatos.

The promised end.

Because of the finality of death, it was a world that believed that it is right to be more immersed in the present and live passionately.

Therefore, it would have been possible to possess such technology.

The tablet that Dosifier dropped was still lighting up in the city that had become ashes.

It was a worthless death.

They believe that death is the last salvation, and in the light of that death they were living a brighter life.

It wasn’t assumed that they could feel any value in that vain death.

So I asked.

To the God of Death.

I wondered if that sight was really meant to be?

[The God of Death affirms your question.]

If so, that would be what you wanted me to do.

The goal was not to find and eliminate the nobles, but to annihilate the apostles even by sweeping the planet’s surface right away.

Maybe ordinary people who were influenced by the nobles were also targeted for annihilation.

“This is too futile.”

Dosifer, who called death the absolute good, and other believers.

[That is death.]

It was the voice of the God of Death.

It was a familiar energy.

It was because I had long used the powers I received from the God of Death.

“Oh, now we’re talking directly. You should have done so earlier.”

As in the days of the Tutorial, it was annoying to check intentions by only looking at the message window.

[Because I am ready to step up.]

It may be because of the war.

The war has just begun.

There was still a series of binge watching.

The war between the Pantheon and the Hundred Gods Temple began with the first strike of the God of Sacrifice.

[I hoped that using your skills, you would quickly solve the problem. At least so that this war would start elsewhere.]

As expected, as soon as I came, I guess he wished that I would shoot a single Zit-Pop.

[But it doesn’t always work out the way you want. Death is embarrassing and futile for the maintenance of life, but it must exist as a result.]

For these gods, this is the problem.

They’ll start with a lecture on their concept as soon as they appear.

I’m not curious.

“Like when you tried hard, spreading some of your power, but I wasn’t interested in your apostleship, so I roughly refused it? Oh, is that analogy a little weird?”

The God of Death was a god who gave exceptionally many powers.

Of course, there was a limit to the powers that he could formally present, but the God of Death gave me powers even while concealing himself.

However, compared to the powers presented by the God of Adventure or the God of Slowness, they were not of great use.

[The problem will be solved anyway, so I will make the mission that was given to you a success.]

I had doubts.

It’s so easy to complete the quest.

Not only the God of Death, but also other gods.

Kirikiri explained that this was the judgment of the gods who were reluctant to engage with me, but I was not easily convinced.

Rather, I felt that I had to roughly complete it whenever there was an excuse.

It’s like the Hundred Gods Temple think I have to complete my quests as quickly as possible.

There would be no reason for me to do that at all.

[Go back now.]

Said the God of Death.

That said, he made a sudden big impression.

“Bullshit. Why am I going back.”

[Here, you are no longer…….]

I blocked the voice of the God of Death.

Why are you telling me to do this and that?

“Hey hey hey.”

“Ugh… … .”

I kicked Dosifer down on the floor with my feet.

Dosifer was still groaning and had yet to become conscious.

I made him drink a potion, but there was no difference.

It seemed unlikely to work for some time.

I can’t deal with this.

I roughly threw Dosifer in the subspace.

Lee Jun-seok will take care of it.

Dosifer himself may prefer to die as he is, but I still need him.

Bang bang!

Rather than sounds of war, it seemed like the sound of the final collapse of the world was constantly ringing.

The gods of the Pantheon and the God of Sacrifice were fighting high in the sky, but the aftermath fell to the ground.

A barrier was laid under the battle area to protect the planet’s ground.

It wasn’t very strong because it was roughly covered in a hurry.

If numerous gods gathered in Thanatos attempting to attack, Thanatos would be destroyed in no time.

It didn’t matter.

The barrier was an expression of opinion.

Don’t touch anything below this.

Any god who felt my strength in the barrier would have understood it.

As the barriers were laid, I could feel the eyes of various gods focusing on where I was.


It was burdensome for me too.

Too many gods were gathered to exist in one space.

Anyway, even in the midst of the battle, the gods recognized my existence, who had a barrier.

Unless you’re a moron wanting to add an enemy for no reason in the midst of war, you won’t be rushing to destroy the barriers.


[If there’s a flaw in the barrier, are you going to use it as an excuse? Can I just rush towards the barrier?]

Seregia, who was watching over, asked.

Well, is there such a self-injury blackmail operation?

“No, it’s just a straightforward plan.”

[As far as I know, there was an agreement made between the Hundred Gods Temple and Warrior.]

The agreement has already been broken.

“My stiff friend is hurt.”

Dosifer is my friend.

Although we have not known each other for long, we have a deep connection and share friendship and trust.

I was convinced that Dosifer would also consider me a close friend.

I was outraged by the injuries suffered by such a friend, and I will inflict retribution on the gods for causing this damn explosion.

[That is perfect logic.]

“Are you sure?”

The battle of the gods continued.

They were fighting very hard without even paying attention as if both sides had agreed not to care about the barriers.

Maybe there is no time for that.

It was truly spectacular to see thousands of gods of the Pantheon filling the sky.

Among them, there was also the figure of the God of Flexibility who had been seen before.

The God of Hope explained that the God of Flexibility was one of the best in the battle and he explained that he would not be pushed even compared to other gods of the Hundred Gods Temple

That’s what it looked like to me.

Even in the Pantheon, there were a few gods that could be mixed with the God of Flexibility.

It was a force of an overwhelming scale.

It wasn’t that the God of Hope only praised the world’s real heavyweights.

The battle was going in a one-sided fashion.

It would be normal for the large numbered side of the Pantheon to dominate, but surprisingly, the sole God of Sacrifice was overwhelming all of the Pantheon gods.

The God of Sacrifice was pouring out an enormous amount of power as if there was really no limit to its power.

The Hundred Gods Temple was focused on preventing attacks without damage as much as possible against the God of Sacrifice.

Rather than reducing damage and attempting counterattacks, they seemed to aim to drain the God of Sacrifice’s power.

It seemed to me that it wouldn’t last long.

The output that the God of Sacrifice is showing is definitely over the line.

It wouldn’t be strange even if it disappeared right now as a result of the immense power it is using.

Rather, it is strange that the attack is continuing.

However, the God of Sacrifice just calmly continued the attack.

“Good timing.”

In any case, both sides are in balance and are in tight confrontation.

Either way, just before the counterweight collapses.

It will be just the right time to turn the table over.

Hundreds of red dots were created at the same time on the gods fighting excitedly.

This reminds me of the old days.

In the past, when the Spirit King and the Rulers were struck at the back of their head in the same way.

“Zit, Pop.”

Hundreds of red dots exploded at the same time.

The Pantheon gods, who were distracted in battle, could not respond to the sudden explosion.

Light and heat waves swept the gods in a flash.

Zit Pop is certainly a powerful skill, but it wasn’t a skill that could defeat a godhood by itself.


Although it can cause damage to some extent, the main use of the method was to limit the other’s response by spatial expansion of divine power and to disturb it through light and heat.

In the meantime, in the vortex of flames containing my divine power, giants with perfect immunity charge and end the gods in close combat.

In other words, the god killing power was slightly lowered, but the role of causing confusion could be carried out perfectly.

“Seregia, how’s everything going?”

[Good, of course.]

Oh, it wouldn’t have been easy.

[I placed a condition that I would allow him to walk in a human state.]

It was an overly cruel condition.

A little harsh.

[He hates being sealed still. I threatened to imprison him for about a thousand years using time warping.]

Of course he hates being sealed.

He was originally a sword that had been sealed for hundreds of years in the basement of the imperial palace.

Maybe that squirm-inducing chatter is a side effect of prolonged sealing.


A space opened with Seregia’s words.

Today alone, thousands of gods were in Thanatos, twisting the space.

The twisting of space here was no longer strange.

However, what appeared in the newly opened space was not a deity, but two swords.

It was Seregia and Ahbooboo.

[The main character Aubutz has appeared!]

As soon as Ahbooboo crossed the gap in the space, he cried out.

And the virtual world unfolded.

“Looking back, it’s a scam, this.”

He said, scratching the dirt floor of the wasteland with his feet.

Just before, he was in Thanatos, but for a moment he was summoned into a virtual world created by the God of the Sky.

It wasn’t just me.

The gods of the Pantheon and the God of Sacrifice were also summoned.

[I am so great, warrior.]

Through the voice of Ahbooboo, who was struggling, a shout of embarrassment and horror resounded here and there.

This virtual world created by the God of the Sky using Ahbooboo as a medium with my research was amazing.

It was to return the summoned target to the state they were in before acquiring their divinity.



“Look at the things that you haven’t learned, it’s noisy.”

The gods of the Pantheon were going berserk in madness.

Those who had been devouring and devouring, became deified, and became gods.

When they lost their divinity, they returned to their original form, the monsters of their roots, possessed by the desires of the past.

It has been a long time since I last saw them.

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