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Chapter 93: To Justify

“Who are you? Why are you trapped in this room?” Liu Gan shouted his question in the direction of the laboratory room.

“Save me…” the voice replied as the sound echoed throughout the room.

Yin He stood by the door near the wall where Liu Gan was standing and used a hand signal to indicate she would push open the door. Liu Gan nodded in approval. Next, Yin He abruptly pushed the door open and shined the flashlight around the laboratory room.

Although she could turn on her night vision mode, Liu Gan couldn’t have her seen with red eyes with Zhang ShengLi and the others nearby. So, she could only rely on the flashlight as a light source.

After looking inside, Yin He’s facial expression revealed a baffled expression. Liu Gan knew that Yin He’s emotional processing was very similar to a human’s, so her facial expression showed everything. Judging from her facial expression, it was easy to guess that she must have seen something strange, perhaps it was something unimaginable.

So, Liu Gan also took his turn to peer inside the laboratory to take a look.

There wasn’t a strange zombie within the laboratory, but it was actually a male child within.

Right now, he was trapped within a metal cage. Perhaps the material for the cage was created from alloy metal. The alloy metal cage had very thick railings that were as thick as an arm. It seemed very sturdy and quite dense. It seemed as if it was to prevent anything inside from escaping.

The flashlight illuminated more of the laboratory, and besides the alloy metal cage, there were a lot of workstations. There was a whole variety of instruments on top of every workstation.

“Save me…” said the young child trapped within the alloy metal cage as he saw Yin He push open the door. It quickly called for her help.

Yin He quickly searched around a bit. After confirming this room didn’t have any hidden dangers, she gave a hand signal to Liu Gan. Then, they all walked in.

“Who are you? Why are you trapped here?” Liu Gan said as he walked over to the alloy metal cage.

“My mom works in the laboratory, later on… The laboratory had a strange monster… Mom trapped me within this cage. Then, she never came back.” The young boy cried as he said it. This child was very adorable, regardless of whether it was crying or talking, his tone was very cute. He was the type that everyone would like once they saw him.

“Very adorable child…” Zhang ShengNan said as she approached the alloy metal cage. Once she saw this cute child, her heart melted.

“Auntie, can you rescue me? I am very thirsty, hungry, and tired…” The small child reached his hand out from the cage towards Zhang ShengNan asking for help.

“Oh, don’t cry, don’t cry. What do I need to do to rescue you?” Zhang ShengNan said to the small child as she held his pinky. Her heart melted from the kid’s pleas.

“All you need to do is open up the cage’s lock, and I can come out.” The young boy said to Zhang ShengNan.

“What must I do to open the cage’s lock?” Zhang ShengNan asked the young boy.

“The room next door has a few backup power sources. It is a square shaped. Move one over here, and then place it by the wall. Replace the battery that is depleted. Then, go to the workstation terminal, and enter a series of passwords to open this cage’s lock.” The young boy said the instructions clearly for Zhang ShengNan.

“Okay, I will go find the reserve backup power source and rescue you.” Zhang ShengNan said as she left the side of the alloy metal cage and headed towards the nearby room. However, she was stopped by Liu Gan.

“Let me ask him a few questions first.” Liu Gan coldly stared at the alloy metal cage trapping the young boy. He knew that the young boy was definitely lying. It was very possible that the young boy was lying and was the variant zombie that was previously detected. He was unsure of what methods the variant zombie used to change its physical features, so it could pretend to be human, It could trick Zhang ShengNan and others, but it couldn’t trick Liu Gan.

“Let’s first release him, give him some food, and ask him afterwards?” Zhang ShengNan didn’t quite agree with Liu Gan’s methods.

“After we release him, he won’t be honest.” Liu Gan walked over to the alloy metal cage as he was glaring at the young boy’s eyes.

“Let’s just listen to Brother Liu, since he has experienced a lot more than us.” Zhang ShengLi tried to convince his sister, Zhang ShengNan otherwise.

“It’s only a sad little child. Why are you so concerned?” Zhang ShengNan didn’t proceed to search for the reserve power source. She didn’t understand Liu Gan’s actions, and she had an expression that matched her attitude.

“What is your name? How old are you?” Liu Gan asked the little child.

“My name is DuDu, I am six years old.” said the young boy.

“Tell me, why should I rescue you? If I rescue you, what benefits will there be for me?” Liu Gan asked DuDu.

“Please, I beg you…” DuDu started crying and begging while looking in the direction of Zhang ShengNan.

“Brother Liu, don’t be like that. Just release him first.” Zhang ShengNan couldn’t continue watching Liu Gan’s actions. Especially, asking a six-year-old boy for benefits! What kind of logic is this? She slightly nudged her boyfriend, Hu Rong next to her. She hoped he would be on her side.

“Once you save a life, you will be able to reach higher satisfaction, Brother Liu, you should just rescue him.” Hu Rong said after Zhang ShengNan nudged him.

“Don’t you guys find it strange that a small boy appeared here?” Liu Gan stood up as he explained to Zhang ShengNan and Hu Rong. He had intentions to foster the others into being his loyal followers, so he was very patient with them. However, judging from this incident alone, he wasn’t very satisfied with their performance.

“He just said that he was trapped here by his mother the moment the disaster occurred. Wouldn’t that be more than sufficient?” Zhang ShengNan explained to Liu Gan. She had a very stubborn temper. Once she firmly believed something, she would maintain it to the end.

“How long ago was the disaster? He didn’t eat and drink while within this cage. Yet, still has enough strength to cry and beg us for help. Do you think that is normal?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengNan.

“His name is DuDu. He was probably very fat and a children’s body doesn’t take a lot to sustain itself. So, his survivability was a lot stronger than an adult. It was only a few days time, so he couldn’t have starved to death?” Zhang ShengNan continued trying to find an explanation to Liu Gan.


“Mommy left behind for me bread and drinks…” said DuDu after overhearing Liu Gan and Zhang ShengNan argue.

“Bread and drinks? Where is the bottle container?” Liu Gan asked DuDu, returning to the alloy metal cage.

“It was a drink carton. I got so hungry that I ate it…” said DuDu fearfully replying to Liu Gan.

“That’s so sad…” Zhang ShengNan said after hearing DuDu say that. Her eyes started turning red.

[ED: what… so dumb >.>]

“A six-year-old child knows the procedures to unlock the cage’s lock with step-by-step instructions. Such clear processing and reasoning ability, do you still think that is possible?” Liu Gan said while shaking his head.

“This is what my mom repeatedly told me, so I memorized it…” DuDu said to Liu Gan.

“My relatives’ six-year-old child already understands a lot, and he can memorize clearly. So why is this so strange? You better let him out!” Zhang ShengNan said unhappily. She was starting to wonder if Liu Gan was psychologically perverted, trying to torment DuDu.

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