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Chapter 82: Initialization

The unknown creature’s tentacle attack had been blocked by Liu Gan’s Mist Armor and then sliced off by the axe in his hand. However, its other tentacle pierced a hole directly through Jiang JinYuan’s chest and then wrapped itself around his body to pull him into the darkness.

In this life or death moment, Liu Gan charged over and grabbed Jiang JinYuan’s body. With all his strength, he used his axe to slice off the tentacle around Jiang JinYuan’s body, rescuing him.

Having had two of its tentacles sliced off by Liu Gan, the creature gave out a monstrous cry and fled back into the darkness.

“I can’t make it…” Jiang JinYuan said to Liu Gan with his mouth full of blood. The ambush just now had been too sudden. He hadn’t expected it at all and hadn’t reacted in time.

After examining Jiang JinYuan’s wound, Liu Gan couldn’t help but frown. The creature’s tentacle bore a hole completely through Jian JinYuan’s chest, and the hole was right next to his heart. Even if his heart hadn’t been pierced through, his arteries, veins, and whatnot had probably already been damaged or even completely ruptured into pieces.

“I beg you to please help me finish the mission on my behalf…” Jiang JinYuan begged Liu Gan.

“Alright, I promise you. However, you have to give me authorization to your PDA. Otherwise, even if I come up with a way to rush over to the main city laboratory, I won’t have any way of helping you complete the mission follow-up.” Liu Gan replied.

This PDA had a probing device installed, and it could scan the environment for zombie locations within a few hundred meters of him. It could also help operate the robot Yin He. It was undoubtedly something good, a BUG-like existence in this game. If Jiang JinYuan died like this without giving authorization to the PDA to Liu Gan, Liu Gan wouldn’t be able to operate it, which was equivalent to letting it go to waste.

“The PDA… has an encrypted data packet…I don’t know…what it contains… my mission…is to take that data packet…and hand it to the main city laboratory…handing it over…counts as…completing the mission…” Jiang JinYuan hurriedly relayed his mission to Liu Gan.

Before Pan Hua had died, he’d asked Liu Gan to let him bring LuLu, and Liu Gan had rejected this. But later on, he’d suggested Liu Gan teach LuLu how to kill zombies, and Liu Gan had promised Pan Hua that he’d teach Lulu for an hour. In the end, he’d ended up teaching Lulu for three hours before stopping. This made Jiang JinYuan feel that Liu Gan was a person that abided by his promises. He wouldn’t promise things he couldn’t guarantee, and if he did promise, he’d definitely do it.

“Alright, I know what the mission is now. Hurry up and give me the authorization to your PDA, or else I won’t be able to help you.” Liu Guan urged Jiang JinYuan again.

“After the initialization…you can…re-authorize…the procedures are…press the power key ten times in a row…enter the operations…set-up screen…. Apply procedures… open… initialization… passcode J9… X4Y6, then you still need my…” Jiang Jin Yuan hurriedly told Liu Gan the authorization method. But before he’d finished speaking, another torrent of blood gushed out of his mouth, and his eyes became empty holes.

Before, Liu Gan hadn’t known any method to operate the PDA. He’d placed his fingers on top of it, but it hadn’t given any response. Now, after hearing Jiang JinYuan’s procedure, he hurriedly pressed the power button 10 times in a row, displaying the set-up screen. Moreover, it now responded to his fingers’ touch.

Program, open, initialization, passcode J9X4Y6…Liu Gan hurriedly followed the procedure that Jiang JinYuan had described to advance the initialization process on the PDA. After entering the passcode, the PDA requested for Jiang JinYuan’s fingerprints and retina scan. It also popped out an extremely thin syringe that needed to test his DNA.

Jiang JinYuan’s corpse hadn’t turned cold yet, so these steps were smoothly executed. However, the following step needed to continue the computer’s initialization process unexpectedly required the answers to security questions!

The first security question was: what is was my wife’s previous job? The the second security question was: what is my daughter’s name? The third security question was: what day was my daughter born? The space given for the answer was 0001-01-01. It looked like he needed a specific year, month, and day to pass.


Liu Gan was a bit dumbfounded. Before Jiang JinYuan had died,, he’d indeed intended to pass the computer authorization to Liu Gan for the sake of completing the mission. However, his injuries had been too serious, and before he’d gotten the chance to finish relaying the latter steps, he’d passed away.

Liu Gan diligently thought back. He seemed to remember that when he and Jiang JinYuan had left Lucky Garden District, had Jiang JinYuan talked about his family background before?

That’s right, he had a picture of his daughter in his wallet!

Liu Gan hurriedly fished out the wallet on Jiang JinYuan’s body and found that picture inside. However, the daughter’s name and birthdate weren’t actually written on the back.

Seeing how old the girl was in the picture, Liu Gan vaguely recalled that Jiang JinYuan said that his daughter was six years old now. That meant, if he rewound the time, Jiang JinYuan’s daughter would’ve been born in the year 2009.

Aside from that, he also seemed to recall that Jiang JinYuan seemed to have mentioned what his wife had been doing before?

Back then, Liu Gan hadn’t really listened carefully, so recalling the memories was pretty difficult.

Liu Gan continued searching through Jiang JinYuan’s wallet and the rest of his body’s possessions. He wanted to find some clues, but unfortunately, even after searching Jiang JinYuan’s entire body multiple times, he couldn’t find any valuable clues.

So frustrating! If only he’d carefully listened back when Jiang JinYuan had been talking about his family situation, who knew that it would be useful now?!

As expected, when playing a game, any conversation with an NPC could be critical directions for the next step! If he didn’t carefully look or record it, it’d be too late for him to have regrets, especially in a game like this that couldn’t be saved.

[TL: Author is referencing NPC as an example. He isn’t saying Jiang JinYuan is a NPC.]

Liu Gan looked at the picture in his hand, and at some moment, remembered something. He couldn’t recall what he’d been talking about with Jiang JinYuan, but Liu Gan remembered one sentence that he’d replied with. It seemed that he was praising Jiang JinYuan’s daughter for her beauty or something.

Then…Jiang JinYue had responded with saying that his daughter’s beauty was because her mother had once done something before?


That’s right, she had been a model!

Liu Gan hurriedly filled this in the first security question’s blank.

A green check appeared next to the security question’s answer, indicating that Liu Gan had answered correctly.

However, there were still two more security questions!

The second question was about the name of Jiang JinYuan’s daughter….this picture didn’t have it at all. As for the third question, Liu Gan knew that Jiang JinYuan’s daughter was six years old this year, so she had been born in the year 2009. However, he had no idea what the exact month and day of her birth was. There were 365 possibilities!

This was a huge problem! Would he really have to just helplessly watch as this game-cheating legendary weapon just brushed past him?

Regardless of whether it was its probing function or its ability to modify and control Yin He’s program, it was extremely useful. Thinking about it, there were definitely some greater hidden functions inside the machine that Liu Gan didn’t know about it.

The following two security questions can be derived from the story with clear hints. Can you guys figure out the answer?



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