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Chapter 469 - Scepter

TL: Lifeisajourney


There was a loud bang. The King Crocodile's cranium was split apart, and the brain matter revealed itself like a treasure chest.

Under Liu Gan's heavy-handed assault and the persistent damage from the wall of malice, the King Crocodile died for the 81st time!

If it revived even after this, then Liu Gan would lose his mind.

The last hit was from Liu Gan's fist as he struck deep into its brain matter. The confirmation of the kill were the dense black experience orbs that floated into Liu Gan's body.

The painful scorching sensation of every cell burning rendered Liu Gan immobile. Whether it was the pain or the exhaustion, Liu Gan nearly fell unconscious once he had confirmed that he obtained the experience points!

The painful burning sensation increased with every level up. Liu Gan had leveled up from 12 to 14. With two levels skipped, his Mist Armor is at least five or six centimeters thick and it hovered right above his skin.

To produce the same side effect as his Mist Armor, other players would have to be level 17. Due to Liu Gan's passive ability, he could enjoy the same benefits as those level 17 players.

Liu Gan realized that his rewards didn't end there. He noticed that he could now control and divert the Mist Armor back into his body. That way, no one could tell that he was a threat. Only when he is in combat would he use it to shroud his body from harm. Since he had the ability to manipulate his own Mist Armor, it didn't take long for him to figure out that he could shift the coverage areas of the Mist Armor.

That meant he could control his Mist Armor to only protect his important body parts like organs and head. There was no need to protect his alloy limbs. The Mist Armor diverted away from his limbs was added to other areas, which increased its thickness by a centimeter. This meant that his defense was almost impenetrable to peers at his level.

Even now, Liu Gan couldn't find any information about what could damage his alloy limbs, so there was no need for him to waste the Mist Armor on them. After practicing manipulating the Mist Armor a few times, Liu Gan's protective shield could be on par with a level 18 player.

A few seconds later, the King Crocodile's body started to dissipate in the form of orbs. At the same time as the body was disintegrating, it dropped several items of various sizes. They were shining vibrantly, like it was a BOSS drop.

"The drops fell behind the wall of malice. I don't want to die, trying to find out what it does," Liu Gan sighed hopelessly at the items. If he stuck out his hand to grab it, he would be glued onto the wall of malice just like the King Crocodile.

Was there a way to brute force his way in...?

After a while of Liu Gan cursing his bad luck, the wall of malice started to recede deeper into the ocean. The drops were all on the beach, ready for the picking. Slowly, the wall of malice disappeared from view. It seemed to symbolize that this dungeon instance was beaten, and it would remain that way forever.

Unable to contain his excitement, Liu Gan rushed over to his drops. He had to examine every treasure item.

There were three items of different sizes. The smallest item was a dark ring. It was black, like it was made from vantablack material. The material was similar to the Spatial Transfer Gate in the way that light was absorbed and not reflected.

The medium-sized item was a scepter half a meter long, emitting a dark gray glow. On the surface of the scepter, strange runes were circulating nonstop. They were characters that Liu Gan had never seen before.

Aside from the ring and the scepter, there was also a pair of black-colored claws. Those looked like an equippable weapon! The weapon shape was modeled after the King Crocodile's claws and paws, but proportioned down to fit a human hand.

Right after initial contact with the items, Liu Gan realized that he could stash the items within the dimensional space. These items were now bound to him, so he was able to assess the item properties and descriptions.

The vantablack ring had an even larger dimensional space than his existing ring's dimensional space. Surprisingly, the dimensional space was holding an undamaged Spatial Transfer Gate! When Liu Gan focused his conscious on this special Spatial Transfer Gate, he got the information he needed. Once activated, the Gate would remain open for ten minutes. Any lifeforms that went through the Gate would appear at a randomly chosen Gate somewhere else.

On top of that, after three months time, the lifeforms that had been transferred over would be automatically transferred back to their original location, as long as they were still alive. Due to the technology behind transferring lifeforms, it would temporarily reset the player's stats and skills. It would take from ten days or up to a month, before the Stats would be recovered.

From a first glimpse at this description, Liu Gan was hesitant. With the dangers of not knowing where the Gate might lead, would it be worth the risk? To top it off, his Stats and skills wouldn't be available immediately. So if he encountered danger the moment he crossed through the Gate, it would mean imminent death.

This… was such nonsense.

Time to check on the other two items. Liu Gan could only hope that it didn't have a deceptive description like the Spatial Transfer Gate.

Liu Gan held the scepter in his hand. He was able to see the instructions for the scepter in his mind.

"Congratulations, you have conquered Nin Jing City's final mission. You have obtained the Scepter to Nin Jing City, the key to ruling this island. You can store the Scepter away in your wrist watch, or you can wield it. With the Scepter in your care, you will receive bonuses. The Scepter's power will grant you a level higher than your existing level. When your level has a single digit ending with 4 or 9, like level 14 or 19, the scepter will only grant half the level power up.

"Using this Scepter, you can disperse the tumultuous clouds right above Nin Jing City. This should revive the sunshine and clear weather for the island, so extreme weather conditions will be a thing of the past.

"With the Nin Jing City Scepter, you can enter into certain dungeon instances that other players aren't allowed inside.

"With the authority given by the Scepter, you can keep the Stats on your wrist watch hidden. Only those that you want to be able to see your Stats will be able to see them.

Through the Scepter, you can use very basic magic spells. However, if you want to use the ability, the precondition is that you have to have certain parts of your brain domain activate. This is only possible through operations in a Neuroscience Research Facility. The activated domain will be able to store specific elemental energy…

"Damn! This is what I was longing for! This is a god-tier weapon!" Liu Gan shouted loudly in astonishment. 

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