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Chapter 435 - Jigsaw Puzzle

TL: LifeisaJourney

"You guys… Quiet down!" Cai Hao Chen whispered to the other members to quiet down. How could they possibly laugh in a dire situation like this? Hao Chen was shocked by their lack of a sense of danger.

The young lady heard Liu Gan speak, she lifted up her head to look at Liu Gan. Her eyes were completely gray, as if it didn't have a soul. However, she didn't answer Liu Gan's question.

Liu Gan looked around to check for any potential dangers and then asked the young lady once more. "Who are you? And why are you here?".

It was a huge risk to reveal himself in an open space. If Liu Gan didn't have the strength to back himself up, he wouldn't have engaged in such a risky behavior. No one knew who the lady was, so it was hard to say that it was not a trap. If it were any other person, they might fall victim to an ambushing Crocodile.

"I'm looking for my daughter. Her name is Wan'er. Have you seen her?" the lady asked Liu Gan.

"How old is she? what does she look like?" Liu Gan quickly rushed his questions. This situation felt similar to inquiring about a quest in an instance dungeon. You locate a key NPC to finish it. Once the quest was over, you could obtain the reward. Perhaps there was another way to go about killing this Crocodile abomination.

Another possibility was that this was a useful clue to solving the mission for the instance.

"She's five years old. She has two space buns, she is wearing a red shirt with a white embroidered dress. Do you know where she is?" the young lady asked Liu Gan.

"If I find her, what benefit do I get in return?" Liu Gan asked the lady.

"I… I can give you this," the young lady pulled out a box from the handbag around her shoulders. On the box, it seems to be a map, like the jigsaw puzzle types.

If the jigsaw puzzle is complete, would it lead to a new clue? Since that the lady had shown him the puzzle box, Liu Gan tried to snatch it out from her hands by force.

In any modern-day online game or RPG, there are side quests that would offer a required item to complete the main quest. Liu Gan decided he would take on the role of stealing from the NPC instead of following the rules. If he could kill this NPC, then the items belonged to him. At least, that was what he wanted to have happened. If the game was fair and just, in its own way, it wouldn't allow Liu Gan to kill the NPC.

Even if it was just an attempt, Liu Gan still had to try so he would know for next time.

When Liu Gan reached out… he grabbed ahold of nothing. It was as if he was touching air. Liu Gan also tried to grab the young lady's arm. He was definitely passing through her body like a ghost!

The results were the same as if this was a game. Killing the NPC for the reward was impossible! Liu Gan couldn't control his anger with this type of gameplay.

"What else can you tell me?" Liu Gan asked for more information, since he couldn't take the prize from the NPC.

"Wan'er!" the young lady continued to yell without caring for Liu Gan. She placed the puzzle box back in her bag and continued zigzagging forward. Seems like her preprogrammed script was over. If Liu Gan didn't find her daughter Wan'er, the mother won't reveal anything more.

"Lord Liu, what is the situation?" Ana slipped out from the hiding spot as she moved in closer to Liu Gan.

"I've received a quest. That lady wants to find her daughter. The daughter's name is Wan'er. So when we find that girl, we will be able to get the puzzle box that contains our next clue," Liu Gan replied to Ana.

"Then we should hurry to find her daughter!" Ana was eager to demonstrate her skills.

"We will need to split up our group. One set of people will look for her daughter. Two people will have to tail the mother and leave behind marks on the road. This way, even if we find the daughter, it will be useless if we can't find the mother to get the puzzle box." Liu Gan went back to the hiding spot to divide up the workload.

Every person there was scared and terrified. If they split off from Liu Gan now, then who would protect them in times of danger? Besides, only Liu Gan could fight on equal terms with the Crocodile. If they were ambushed by the Crocodile, wouldn't that be a quick way to die?

"When you are tailing her or when you are searching for the daughter, be sure to pay attention to your surroundings for the Crocodile," Liu Gan continued.

"The main thing you have to focus on is running away when you encounter the Crocodile. The trick is to not run in a straight line. You have to learn to sidestep and zigzag as you run. The Crocodile has a heavier upper body than lower body, which makes creates an imbalance. So when it is forced to abruptly change directions sharply, it will definitely fall.

"That is the information that I gained from fighting against it so many times. The Crocodile is most formidable when it is a close quarter attack. It can extend its neck out to attack quickly; it is a deadly attack.

"So no matter what, don't try to fight it. Collect your thoughts and maintain a calm demeanor. If you focus solely on running, it won't be able to move as well as you can," Liu Gan explained the Crocodile's weakness.

This weakness was something Liu Gan had discovered after fighting against it three times. He noticed that whenever he sidestepped in a fight or changed direction running, the Crocodile would always fall to the ground. Even if it got up off the floor quickly, there was still a one or two second delay. To these players, that was enough time to escape from view.

"Talk is cheap, it might sound easy now, but actually doing it will be difficult…" Star Yu sighed. If he encountered the Crocodile alone, he would be so scared that he wouldn't remember any of the techniques mentioned by Liu Gan; he would probably just run straight instead of zigzagging.

"The Crocodile creature is coming!" Johnny Fei shouted while pointing from a particular direction. Popping out from the tree line was the Crocodile, rushing toward the group.

"Then watch how I tease it. I will try to mimic your speed to show that you can do it, too," Liu Gan shouted as he charged toward the Crocodile.

After attracting the Crocodile's attention, when there was only a few meters left between it and liu Gan, Liu Gan demonstrated its key weaknesses. Liu Gan ran in another direction instead of engaging in a fight. He had suppressed his speed so that it was even slower than their lowest level member's speed.

Originally, the Crocodile was in a position to attack, but it had to turn awkwardly to chase after Liu Gan, which resulted in an imbalanced weight distribution. As Liu Gan had said earlier, the Crocodile had a heavier upper body frame, so it would fall flat to the ground.

By this time, Liu Gan was over ten meters away. He stood still, waiting for the Crocodile to regain its footing, then ran in a new direction.

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