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Chapter 434 - Office Worker

TL: LifeisaJourney

Cutting off the Crocodile’s neck didn’t stop the body from squirming. Even with its overwhelming strength, the Crocodile only lasted five to six minutes in the fight.

“Almighty Lord Liu!” The crowd of bystanders started cheering as they released breaths of relief.

If that was all the Crocodile could do, Liu Gan was slightly disappointed. Just from the looks of the creature, it had more strength than that. In terms of raw strength, the Crocodile was a tier stronger than the players. The biggest problem was that after it was beheaded, there were no black experience orbs that seeped into his body. Did that mean killing these creatures provided no experience? What bullshit was that?

No, there must be a problem...

The Crocodile head and body still remain intact; it hasn’t dissipated into black fog yet. Liu Gan searched through the body to see if he could find something of value, but there was nothing valuable. Since it didn’t drop any treasures, it wouldn’t be one of those rare types.

After finishing up the Crocodile, Liu Gan had the healers look at Sun Chao’s wounds. It was far too late for Sun Chao. The moment the Crocodile bit down on his neck, he had died swiftly.

The players were all saddened by the sudden turn of events. In [The Trembling World], there was a high turnover rate of companions. This group of volunteers were all scrambled together, so they weren’t too familiar with each other before this expedition, but they had to give a moment of silence for their fellow fallen companion.

“If it weren’t for Lord Liu, I would’ve been the one dead!” Ana was still in shock as she stared at Sun Chao. When Liu Gan had shoved her onto the ground, she didn’t realize that Liu Gan was saving her life.

“Ana, repay him with your body!” some person cracked a joke at Ana.

“That will depend on Lord Liu, if he wants to accept,” Ana teased right back.

Clearly, this player and Ana were trying to shift the depressed mood by talking about something else. However, their efforts were in vain, since the group was still depressed. Even if they weren’t familiar with Sun Chao, they had spent time together and that made them companions. It was inevitable that they would feel distressed.

“Lord Liu! Come here and look!” Star Yu was pointing at the Crocodile body.

Liu Gan turned to look at what was happening, just in time to see the black fog seeping out from the Crocodile. However, the fog was just floating right above the wound. It was reconnecting the head and the body of the Crocodile! Once reconnected, it was like the creature had not been harmed before. It stood up once again!

“Fuck!” Liu Gan cursed. Could it be an undying creature?

Forced to fight again, Liu Gan picked up his greataxe to open up a gash on the neck of the Crocodile once more. Then with his fist, he smashed at the wound. This time, his Mist Armor was further damaged. After another few minutes, the Crocodile flopped over on the ground .

After beheading the Crocodile the second time, Liu Gan threw the head far away, with several large boulders holding it down. Then Liu Gan returned back to the body to chop it into smaller pieces. Now, Liu Gan was going to watch for the changes.

After around a minute, the Crocodile’s head and body were floating under black orbs that forcibly glued the parts together. The head reattached to the body, and the other parts of the body were also glued back together. The Crocodile stood up, reincarnated.

“This creature can’t be killed!” the players were getting scared. They felt that the Crocodile’s power was overwhelming, since it had killed Sun Chao in one attack. If it could continuously revive, then they had no way of winning. This is just way too cruel!

Liu Gan cursed and rushed up to battle with the Crocodile for the third time. After another few minutes, Liu Gan was victorious. This time Liu Gan told the members to run as far as possible.

These type of rewardless killing of monsters that could revive was too vile! Liu Gan had no intentions of wasting his Mist Armor to do something so pointless.

Within one minute, everyone ran as fast as they could. After a thousand meters or so, they hid inside a nearby building by the lake.

“That Crocodile is an advanced creature. In terms of combat, it is below Lord Liu. However, it is much stronger than us. We have no chance fighting against it,” Cai Hao Chen spoke up first.

“If you can't kill it, then you can’t get the experience, either. Maybe we haven't found the right way to kill it,” Cai Hao Chen continued to guess.

“What happens if we kill it a few more times to see if it gives experience?” Ana voiced her opinion.

“I don’t want to waste my time just to play with that disgusting creature!” Liu Gan shook his head. He didn’t agree that the Crocodile was weaker than him. One thing was for sure, he didn’t think that killing it a few more times would change anything.

“Wan Er! Where are you?”

At this moment, outside of their hiding spot, they heard an unfamiliar voice and footsteps.

“That Crocodile wouldn’t chase after us like that, right?” Star Yu’s face was pale and voice was shaky.

“That sounds more like a human walking closer and a cry for help” Ana looked at Star Yu with a judgemental expression that said this guy is a wimp. Then Ana peeked out from the corner of a window.

There was a person walking closer. It was a young lady. Her clothes were clean and she wore a black suit, the type you would find on an office worker. The one peculiar thing was that her eyes were completely gray, as if she was blind. She was walking around aimlessly.

“Don’t bother her, that is definitely a ghost! Remember! Normal people can’t be here!” Star Yu whispered to Ana, as he tried to pull her away.

“Lord Liu, that is a weird person. How could they have shown up here?” Ana walked over to ask Liu Gan.

Liu Gan was watching the lady from a safe distance. He thought that it was strange, too. He had his suspicions that the lady had something to do with the instance mission. Perhaps, he would be able to get a clue. Ultimately, he decided to go outside and ask the lady for more information.

Ana wanted to follow Liu Gan, but she was held back by Cai Hao Chen. In this kind of place, the sudden appearance of a woman was just too strange.

“Hey you, who are you? Why are you here?” Liu Gan halted the lady.

“Lord Liu is valiant. Isn’t he afraid that it might transform into a ghost and eat him?” Whispers started floating around in the hiding spot.

“Rather than let her eat, he should just let sister Ana eat him…” Johnny Fei teased.

“Yeah, you are right!” most of the people chuckled loudly.

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