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Chapter 430 - Wild Deer

TL: LifeisaJourney

“What is it?” Ana slowed down as she stared down at Star Yu.

“Whether you believe it or not, but if it happens then I regret not warning you about it. If we sleep in this haunted house, something might occur like what had happened to my friend. The mysterious disappearance will take place again. I have a strong premonition that someone will disappear tonight,” Star Yu continued to whisper to Ana.

“If you are scared, then take the issue up with Lord Liu,” Ana suggested. She was annoyed by his cowardice.

Ana Lucia led her group back out the way she came in. There was no phenomenon like Star Yu had described about being trapped in a loop, like the previous haunted house. Ana Lucia, Star Yu, and two other players walked out unharmed. Both groups were supposed to meet up with each other and discuss the plans for dinner.

During this whole time, Cai Hao Chen and his group had built up a small hill of woodfire. They delegated the task efficiently among their six members. Two members were chopping the trees and firewood into thinner pieces. The other four members were stockpiling the chopped up wood in preparation for a big bonfire. Once the fire was started, the warmth of the fire attracted the nearby players to crowd around.

The sun had set, and dusk was upon them. It was a starless and moonless sky, making it seem as if the darkness had swallowed them all… truly an instance domain. This type of darkness made it hard for people to see past their fingers. Luckily for the players, they had prepared various tools to light up their surroundings. To top it off, the big bonfire had plenty of firewood to feed into it; for now, illumination wasn’t going to be the problem.

Everyone had their own bags, filled up with food. Mainly they had dried meat cakes or crackers; non-perishable products that can help stave off hunger. Their ideal meal would be something that could be heated over a fire. For now, this would be their dinner.

They had five days worth of food, which was the maximum amount that they can carry on their backs. According to Liu Gan’s estimation, two days worth of rations would be for the journey there, while the remaining three days would be for accomplishing the mission. One major factor why they didn’t pack more was the location of Moonlight Gulf. It was located near a forest and bordered the sea. There were animals that hadn’t been infected in the mountains and forest, and non-infected fish in the sea. So even if they ran out of food, the natural resources could supplement their supplies.

“This type of dried meat cake is so nasty to eat! It is hard like a brick and bland like rubber. We’ve eaten this for two days already. I wish we could eat some fresh meat,” Ana complained as she chewed on her meat cake.

 An eighteen-year old looking player started flirting with Ana. “Hey, hey! Sister Ana, we do have a lot of fresh meat here. You can choose any of us to try!”

“Yeah! He’s right!” Other players started chuckling pervertedly.

“Get away! Big sister here has no interest in boys. I prefer my men like Lord Liu. Mature and bold!” Ana waved her hands like she was brushing away their ideas.

“Lord Liu’s hands are thicker than the dried-up meat cake in your hand. Even if you take your time to gnaw at them, they wouldn’t soften. You should reconsider fresh meat like us, we are very flavorful. You shouldn’t be so picky, sister Ana. Hahaha…” the players continued to chime their opinions in one by one.

“No matter how thick he is, big sister can withstand it! Now what do you have to say?” Ana threw away her meat cake as a statement to them. She shifted her posture with both arms holding up her back.

“Wow sister Ana, you are so wonderful…”

“Little Brother will never question you again…”

“Hahaha… Sister Ana challenging Lord Liu up to three hundred rounds, it will be a spectacular fight…”

Nine men and one woman surrounding a bonfire without any other form of entertainment could only discuss those lewd topics.

“Stop messing around. By the way, does anyone know where Lord Liu went? How come he still hasn’t returned yet?” Star Yu asked everyone around him in a worried tone.

Every one of the volunteers there was weak, and they knew it. None of them had reached level 10. So aside from Liu Gan, no one could protect them from harm. Without his presence, the combat strength of these volunteers could be said to be negligible when going against a formidable enemy. At least before they had entered the theme park, there was Yin He and NaNa by their sides, so they felt safer. Without any bodyguards, they felt vulnerable. For them, Liu Gan had been missing for a while. Star Yu started to panic deep down.

Bang! The sound echoed in the room. A gutted-out wild deer had been tossed over to the bonfire. That startled everyone and they jumped a little. They turned to look at where it came from. From the darkness, Liu Gan walked out. Clearly, this deer had been caught and gutted by him.

“Lord Liu!”

Cai Hao Chen, Ana, Star Yu, and the others walked over to greet Liu Gan.

“The meat cakes aren’t tasty. Cut this deer into pieces and grill it on the fire,” Liu Gan instructed them. Naturally, he assumed a seat by the bonfire.

“Hey! Don’t just stand there. You guys over there, move it! Didn’t you hear Lord Liu! Cut up the deer meat and set up a barbeque rack. Get a sturdy stick and pierce it through so we can roast it!” Ana started ordering the others around.

“Lord Liu, did you return before us?” Cai Hao Chen trying to start up a conversation, as he snuck a glimpse at Ana.

“I… just returned,” Liu Gan hesitated before answering.

Every member glanced at Ana, while smirking as they worked. Even on a normal day, Liu Gan didn’t speak much. He was a stern man of few words. Otherwise, there would be players who would try to coax Liu Gan and Ana Lucia together as a couple.

“Lord Liu, how did you manage to find a wild deer here?” Ana moved in closer to Liu Gan’s side. She blushed and her heart was racing.

“When I was looking around, a dark shadow fled in front of me. I chased after it. I didn’t expect it to be a deer. It hasn’t been infected yet. I don’t know how long we will stay in this instance, so we will have to rely on the resources supplied by the instance.” Liu Gan was deep in thought as he stared at the deer.

“Ah, with plenty of food and water, and a handsome protector, I’m so happy I can die!” Ana clapped her hands excitedly.

Liu Gan looked at Ana strangely, and she immediately stopped. She could be as outspoken and witty as she wanted in front of others, but she subconsciously showed a different side of herself to Liu Gan. It might be a little too early to show that to her potential lover.

Other players just chuckled at her foolishness.

“So what is the situation in the haunted house?” Liu Gan changed the topic on Ana.

“The haunted house has been investigated, there’s nothing suspicious inside. There are two exits. One is the front entrance, the other is an emergency exit. The emergency exit door can be sealed up shut from the inside. We can have someone stationed at the back door for safety precautions. There is no problem camping here tonight,” Ana said in a serious tone.

“Are both team’s members present and accounted for?” Liu Gan looked around and asked the group leaders.

“Present!” both leaders responded.

“Wait, why are there only nine others, excluding me? I thought I brought along ten people?” Liu Gan frowned as he counted.

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