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Chapter 405 - Ungrateful

TL: Lifeisajourney

“This is out of our expectations!”

“It’s like the Heaven’s gift!”

“If we reach level 10, then by the time we return to the village, won’t we be well-respected?”

“Mainframe! Is everyone’s reward going to be as generous as this player? In one go, this player went from level 5 to level 10. Since I’m level 6, does that mean I will reach level 11?” an impatient player suddenly shouted loudly to the mainframe.

“The reward isn’t a lot, it is just that you feel like it is because your levels are too low! These three trials are for level 10 players. Under normal circumstances, none of you should’ve been able to pass the trials. So a simple reward had an amplified effect when you weak players receive it,” the mainframe loudly and bluntly.

“That would make sense, especially if these rewards were meant for level 10 players. We were able to skip to level 10 from our original levels of 5 or 6. The earned rewards were meant for level 10 players, so that goes to show how hard it will be to raise a level later on. Is that thinking correct?” The player summarized what he had understood and explained to others.

The situation was like a high level player carrying his team of noobs to kill a BOSS. When the experience points were equally distributed, then the high-level players might only gain a level or half a level, while the lower-level players would have more to show for with the same amount of experience. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see single-digit level reach double-digits in level.

“Does that mean post-level 10 players wouldn’t be able to gain several levels?” Jiang JinYuan asked mainframe, on behalf of Liu Gan.

“Post-level 10 players won't be affected as drastically after they claim their rewards. At most the post-level 10 players would gain a level or two. However, level 12 or 13 players might not level up at all. Raising even fifty percent of their experience bar is considered quite generous.

“There are also other factors that come into play aside from levels. Their innate body properties and mental determination players can help these level 10 players gain up to five levels. But the chance of that happening isn't very high.

“Passing the three trials will provide every participating player with the same amount of experience points. As for the lower-level players, they will see more of a jump. The effects on higher-level players will see a gradual increase. For the new level 10 players, they might be able to obtain an additional ability. As for what other ability it is, that will rely on that person’s luck. Normally, it is more favorable for players with a strong willpower and psychological fortitude to be able to obtain stronger abilities,” the mainframe responded to Jiang JinYuan’s inquiry.

This was the moment when the unnamed player was released from the reward capsule. The helmet, wrist, and ankle shackles were released from the player. As the first volunteer, he stood up and walked around as he checked out his stats on the alloy watch.

“Damn! This is good! I feel my body is filled with energy!” The unnamed player looked like he was rejuvenated, with higher spirits than before.

“Are you really at level 10 now?” The bystanding players surrounded the unnamed player, all wanted a glimpse at his wrist watch.

The unnamed player displayed his alloy watch proudly for others to see. There was one specific number that the players were looking for, it was the number that showed “10”. When the players saw the number, they were all shocked.

“Were you able to activate another ability?” a player suddenly asked.

“Yes! You are right!” the player responded. Unable to resist the urge, the player lifted up his fist to punch the air. His duo fists were wrapped in a layer of blue flames; it looks as if he was playing with two fireballs!

Clearly, this was an ability that could be awakened by level 10 players! What a strong ability!

“So cool! I don’t care anymore! I will also go claim my reward!” Several players rushed toward the reward capsules. They can’t wait any longer to obtain their reward.

“Hey! What is wrong with you people? Let Lord Liu go first!” Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng blocked the players that tried to rush into the capsule. Four players rushed into the reward capsule and sealed it off.

“No need to fight over it. If they want to claim their reward first, then let them go first,” Liu Gan told Jiang JinYuan and Zhao Meng. Liu Gan was sitting on his chair without any intentions of moving or claiming the reward.

“Ugh, these people are ungrateful. They don’t know how to give thanks!” Zhao Meng said in a bad mood. He felt that these people, who had received Liu Gan’s kindness so eagerly, forgot to repay the favor.

“Yeah! If only Squad Leader Han GuangMing was here, he would make sure that this reward process would be upheld fairly,” Jiang JinYuan said in a depressed mood.

Hearing Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan’s concern, Liu Gan’s expression didn’t change; he continued to pet NaNa on the head without a care in the world.

The remaining bystanding players didn’t react fast enough, so they could only surround the player who came out of the capsule. They kept asking about related issues; they were worried that they would screw up the procedure somehow and be unable to obtain the reward.

According to what the player had said, after he had entered the capsule, the helmet was giving directions on what to do and what not to do. When he leveled up, the feeling was similar to the feeling of killing zombies to level up. His body would experience a burning sensation and along with it, the stats to show the level up. After every level-up, the burning feeling of improving was very distinct. It was as if the stats were burned into his body.

“No need to be afraid, just lay down and don’t move. It is very easy to obtain your reward. Just rest like you are sleeping and by the time you wake up, you will become as powerful as me!” the player encouraged his weaker mates.

After reaching level 10, people’s attitude changed. To suddenly change their status from a weak player to that of a strong player would boost a player’s confidence. Especially when talking to players lower level than they are, an arrogant expression would come to surface.

If there was a real world situation to describe it, it would be with college classmates. Even though they were considered equal in status, when one of them gained a better status through wealth or fame, they might flaunt it around other classmates. The sudden change in status would change people. So naturally, the unnamed player spoke arrogantly.

Over two hours of waiting, the four players obtained their reward. No matter whether they were level 5 or 6, they were all raised to level 10. The unnamed player was the first player to enter into the capsule and no abnormalities had appeared, so people believed that there were no adverse side effects from leveling this way.

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