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Chapter 402 - Appetizer

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Right, no matter what, these small fries won’t amount to much. There must be a second or third wave coming. It is a test of ‘massacre’. There must be stronger zombies in the upcoming waves!” Zhao Meng added.

“No matter if this is real or fake, why must we stand here to face off against them? Lord Liu, shouldn’t we climb up to the highest platform. We would be up there, while the zombies would be down here. As long as we have the ladder, we can climb up and it can’t attack us if it can’t reach us,” QiuTao suggested to Liu Gan.

“Right! We should be on top of the platform!” other players chimed in as they agree with QiuTao. They viewed the platform as a protective screen, it would be easier to face off against waves of zombies. There shouldn’t be much danger associated with this theory.

“If we all remain at the top, the zombies might not be able to attack us, but what happens when waves upon waves of zombies come rushing at us? Ultimately, the entire room can be filled with zombies. At that point, when it is a zombie army, how do we kill them? How will we pass this trial of ‘massacre’?” Liu Gan glanced back at QiuTao.

“Yes! One chopstick is easy to break, but if a whole pile of chopsticks are bonded together then it is impossible to break!” Jiang JinYuan added.

“Lord Liu is right! I didn’t consider that at all!” QiuTao suddenly realized the dangers of what he had almost suggested. Other players seemed to finally understand, too. Liu Gan’s speculation was correct. It is a hard decision to make, to not go up on the platform. Killing each wave was the correct decision. Once these scattered zombies grouped up, it would be hard to kill them. At that point, it will be impossible to kill them all.

The second wave of zombies was also around a hundred zombies. This time there were ten Black-Spot Variants mixed in. These Black-Spot Zombies were the only threat to the level 5 players. However, Liu Gan sliced them down with his greataxe like regular zombies.

Liu Gan was like a reef in the ocean, fighting against the flow of the current. He stood in front against the oncoming waves of zombies. With his greataxe, he damaged the Black-Spot Variants, leaving the last kill to his teammates behind him, since these zombies didn’t give him any more experience.

Occasionally, when the players slipped up, NaNa would come in a timely manner to save them, thus dissipating any threats to the player.

“This is not an illusion! It is real! I’ve leveled up! I killed the Black-Spot Variant and leveled up to 6!” An originally level 5 player took the last kill on a heavily injured Black-Spot Variant. This player checked his wrist watch to verify, much to his surprise.

“Killing them really obtains experience? Wonderful news!” Other players started to cheer.

These oncoming waves of zombies weren’t that hard to handle! If there was experience involved, then with Lord Liu powerleveling them, they definitely wouldn’t let this opportunity go.

After killing the last zombie in the second wave, the third wave of zombies began. This time, among the wave there were a few more Black-Spot Variants added. There were at least 15 or 16 of them. This wave of zombies was a little hard to handle, but it didn’t matter to Liu Gan. He was chopping them down like vegetables. Once again, after heavily injuring the variants, he gave the kills to other players.

Then it was the fourth wave. Then the fifth wave. After every successive wave, there were more Black-Spot Variants added. Liu Gan wasn’t fazed by this type of pressure, but some of the players couldn’t handle the pressure. They climbed onto the platform to avoid the attacks of Black-Spot Variants that got past the battle formation.

Even though the battle formation was scrambled, it was only for a moment. Soon, Liu Gan cleared out the remaining wandering zombies. He even got the Black-Spot Variants that were trying to climb onto the platforms. Like usual, the players took in the experience from killing the Black-Spot Variants.

A total of twenty waves of zombies. The last wave was all Black-Spot Variants. However, with Liu Gan standing at the front, none of them were a threat, especially when Liu Gan had his fury counter charged up to max. One [Enhanced Crescent Blade] was able to cut dozens of Black-Spot Variants in half. Severed from the waist down, their bodies flopped onto the floor. The guts and organs spilled onto the floor, but they were still moving around. The remaining players took the last kills themselves. The corpses of these zombies dissipated as black orbs into the surroundings.

If these zombie bodies didn’t dissipate by themselves, then there would have been a mountain of corpses. Two thousand zombies wasn’t a small amount of body count.


After twenty waves of zombies were cleared, there was a long moment of silence. Seems like there wasn’t another wave of zombies appearing…?

“So it was like that? What kind of trial is this? It is like an appetizer!” QiuTao shouted from the top of the platform.

“What do you mean appetizer? If it weren’t for Lord Liu and only us, we wouldn’t have been able to survive!” Zhao Meng didn’t agree with QiuTao.

“It hasn’t ended yet. If you say it is an appetizer, then you have jumped to conclusion again!” Jiang JinYuan shouted back.

“I meant… With Lord Liu leading us, this ‘massacre’ trial is just an appetizer. Please don’t misunderstand. If we were alone, we would’ve been dead a long time ago,” QiuTao added hurriedly.

“Quickly, jump back down!” Liu Gan saw something at the corner of his eye, and shouted to QiuTao.

However, it was too late. The moment QiuTao reacted, a shadow dropped from the ceiling and landed where QiuTao was standing. QiuTao didn’t even make any sound, his primitive [Mist Armor] shattered upon impact. His body was squashed like paste. Even the platform he stood on collapsed. The crushed concrete of the platform caused several nearby players to suffer collateral damage.

After the shadow was confirmed, Liu Gan starred at the target. It was another Kingler!

Without any presence, it came dropping in from the ceiling. With its immense weight, it crushed QiuTao and the concrete platform it landed on!

“Quickly, run as far away as you can!” Liu Gan shouted to the players. Then he picked up his greataxe and charged at the Kingler.

After reaching level 10, Liu Gan had not had a chance to fight against an Advanced monster. This was a good opportunity to measure how much he had grown since last time. Also, killing this Kingler could finally earn him some experience, so this was a chance that he couldn’t miss!

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