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Chapter 389 - Steamed Meat Bun

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Due to the Black-Spot corpse tide, Zhang ShengLi had reached level 7. Wang DeCheng, Xue Jian, Treadmill had all reached level 6. Even the normal players within the prison compound were all level 5. Overall, the average combat strength of the prison compound had increased significantly.

“Elder Liu, seems like some big event must have happened. Would it be a second catastrophe? How is the situation in the northern region?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan over the radio.

“The northern region also had Black-Spot Variant Zombies. Seems like something must have triggered that happening,” Liu Gan replied.

“I will send someone to investigate, and see if I can find any clues.”

“Okay, you have to be careful. Don’t take risks, be aware of the safety of the prison compound.”

“I will. Oh right, Elder Liu how is the situation in the Northern region? There should be a lot of powerful influences there, right? With Elder Liu’s brilliance, I don’t think it will take more than half a month before you can take it all as your own!” Zhang ShengLi changed the topic.

“I already have it under control.”

“Huh?” Zhang ShengLi was shocked.

“This side was already unified when I arrived, their leader was dead, so…” Liu Gan didn’t get too specific that LuLu had poisoned Qiu Zi, as it wasn’t a glorious thing to speak about.

“Elder Liu, you are really funny, hahaha…!” Zhang ShengLi didn’t believe that the new leader could just die so suddenly. He must have been killed by Elder Liu!

“Elder Liu, does that base have a lot of players? Are there a lot of females?” Treadmill rushed over to ask Liu Gan on the microphone.

“Yes! There are a lot! Over a thousand players. There are also over two thousand survivors, so they tally up to four thousand people. Do you want to court them? Then you need to think of a way to run over here,” Liu Gan replied.

“Not to court… Elder Liu do you remember the bearded man called Lin Feng? He came back a few days ago,” Treadmill continued to explain.

“Oh?” Liu Gan suddenly remembered there was a person that he had met once by the seaside base who was searching for his daughter.

“He hasn't found his daughter yet. However, this old man is quite strong. He was able to reach level 6 by himself! With this many players at your side, if Elder Liu is free can you inquire about the whereabouts of his daughter? He is really pitiful!” Treadmill asked Liu Gan. Treadmill had been entrusted with this duty by Lin Feng.

“What is his daughter’s name? How old?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill. He had nearly forgotten about this matter.

“His daughter’s name is Lin ShiYa, she is 20 years old. I gave you the old man’s picture before. If you can’t find it, squad leader Han should have one on him,” Treadmill replied to Liu Gan.

“Han GuangMing, come over here…” Liu Gan didn’t have time to handle trivial duties like this. It was best if Han GuangMing oversaw this search for Treadmill.

Han GuangMing promised Treadmill that he would post up a announcement in the village, and lead an investigation. However, since it was already night, it was too late to do anything. He could do it first thing in the morning.

Once updates were finished with the prison compound, Jiang JinYuan changed the channel frequency to the public channel used by Brave airship earlier. Hopefully, they could get in contact.

“Brave airship! Brave airship! I found one of your people of interest! Please respond!” Jiang JinYuan hailed across the channel.

However the airship Brave didn’t respond.

Jiang JinYuan, the communications tech, changed to several different broadcast frequencies to hail the airship again. Once again, there was no response.

Liu Gan felt disheartened. Could it be possible that something happened to the airship already? Did someone beat him to his plan? Did they take over the Brave, or did they destroy it? He couldn’t have this much bad luck, right? He needed that airship… and the crew onboard. Otherwise, even with a huge airship, with no one to pilot it, he wouldn’t be able to go anywhere.


Liu Gan’s dinner meal was eaten at LuLu’s residence, since the two were neighbors it was very convenient. The main factor was that Cheng Qi’s cooking skills were top notch. Yesterday night, Cheng Qi went to the warehouse to obtain yeast powder to ferment overnight. By dinner time it was ready to be used. Cheng Qi created a basket of steamed meat buns and another specialty dish.

This College of Agriculture had many acres of experimental fields and the school had stored many types of seeds. These plots of experimental fields received up to two hours of sunlight, and coupled with greenhouse technology, the vegetables grew rapidly. When they were ripe for harvesting, the vegetables were first served to Liu Gan.

Yin He didn’t sit down to eat, so other people didn’t feel right sitting together. As a result, only Liu Gan and LuLu ate together.

“What are you laughing about?” Liu Gan realized that LuLu wasn’t eating, but she was giggling.

“Just watching Brother Liu eat,” LuLu replied.

“What is there good to look at? Just eat your own food! If I’m just eating alone, then I might as well eat somewhere else!” Liu Gan said to LuLu.

“Okay, I’ll eat too!” LuLu quickly put some food in her mouth.

Cheng Qi’s chef skills were on point. In the steamed meat bun, there was broth that filled up the mouth with every bite. The soft crust of the bun with the umami flavor overflowing from the meat made the eater want to take another bite. In just one minute, Liu Gan ate five steamed meat buns. He was satisfied to be able to experience this sensation once again. To be able to eat this delicious bun once again hadn’t been easy at all.

“Brother Liu, do you know what my real name is?” LuLu spoke up after a period of silence.

“LuLu?” Liu Gan was curious as to why LuLu asked.

“That is my stage name, okay? Everyone else wants to know what my real name is, but I’ve never told anyone. If you want to know what it is, I can tell you,” LuLu was looking forward to Liu Gan’s answer.

“Tell me,” Liu Gan’s tone wasn’t very interested.

“My surname is Lin, full name is Lin ShiYa. I sit in front of the computer webcam to broadcast my channel. I use heavy makeup to cover up myself so people can’t recognize me. That’s why I also switched my name to the stage name LuLu,” LuLu… no, Lin ShiYa continued to explain to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan wasn’t interested in her at all, so he had never asked about her real name this whole time. Meanwhile, all the other guys wanted to get closer to her so they really wanted to know what her real name was. She never had any intentions of telling anyone else. This was the first time she had voluntarily told someone.

“Lin… ShiYa? Your name is Lin ShiYa?” Liu Gan raised his brow. He seems like he had heard this name before.

“What is it?” Lin ShiYa looked at Liu Gan with a strange expression.

“I’ve heard this name before… I’m definitely sure I’ve heard that name… When was it…” Liu Gan tried to recall where. Where did he hear that name? He was definitely sure he had heard it. It was not in the real world, it was something more recent in The Trembling World.

His conversation with Treadmill, he wasn’t focused on the details. So whatever Treadmill had said, he wasn’t paying attention, and this was the result.

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