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Chapter 373 - Egotistical

TL: xDh20, Lifeisajourney

LuLu had the same thought as the rest of the audience. Both thought that Liu Gan was at the mercy of Qiu Zi. She thought that based on her knowledge of Liu Gan’s personality, he couldn’t handle the shock of failure. Especially if he had lost, he would have to kneel on stage for three days and three nights; that kind of embarrassment would be too much for him to handle. That was only part of the reason. The second part of the reason was that she loathed interacting with Qiu Zi. She was worried one day she would become a victim if he became aggressive with her. To finally rid herself of the nightmare, she chose to poison Qiu Zi.

She knew her actions were extremely violent, so she didn't expect anyone to let her go. Her only wish was for Liu Gan to understand her intention, but it seemed like it was all unnecessary. Her assistance was more problematic than helpful.

She felt that her existence was as Liu Gan had said. She was stupid like a pig. There was nothing she had done so far that Liu Gan had praised her for. All this led to her losing hope again, with the intention of giving up. The only thing she couldn't let go and was also her biggest regret was not being able to meet her dad. She really wanted to apologize to him.

The violent players on stage attempting to subjugate LuLu suddenly quieted down. Their expression of anger changed to sadness. In fact, some of these players couldn't keep their emotions in check and started crying.

Seems like while LuLu was singing, she unknowingly activated her [Bewitch] ability. She spread her emotions to share with players in her surrounding. The closest players were most affected by the [Bewitch] ability. They couldn't control their emotions and started tearing up.

“You! Stop that!” Third Elder felt that the situation took an odd turn! He charged at LuLu with a machete.


LingLing rushes forth from behind LuLu to confront the enemy Third Elder. LingLing had a monstrous look with her tongue sticking out.

“LingLing, fall back!” LuLu ordered LingLing. LuLu closed her eyes and tilted her head up to show she had given up. This lowest point in her life, she had lost all hope and even the courage to continue living.

Perhaps with this exit, she could leave this death game and return back to her father? If God gave her a chance to return to the real world, she would only do one thing and that was to apologize to her father.

She didn’t think she had chosen wrong, but when weighed against the relationship with her father, the relationship would tip the scale. In life, there were a lot of valuable things. Only after you lost them would you understand their true worth.

“Kill that girl!”

“She even bewitched us!”

The singing had stopped but the pandemonium in the plaza didn’t stop. These players couldn’t handle this type of betrayal. Especially the closest players on stage, they felt humiliated and started chanting for justice.

After LingLing retreated back behind LuLu, Third Elder readied his machete to chop down on LuLu’s neck. There was no hesitation in his eyes as he swung downward. LingLing was on the floor like an injured animal that kept clawing the floor and shrieking. Since LuLu didn’t order her, LingLing couldn’t do anything other than watch.


It was the sound of Third Elder’s machete clashing with Liu Gan’s axe. Liu Gan easily blocked the attack.

“Even if you want to kill her, did you ask for my permission?” Liu Gan smashed the floor with his axe to show his authority.

These players didn’t understand the concept that the strongest player would have the final word. Lately Liu Gan had been feeling very kind. Perhaps these villagers mistook his kindness for weakness, that was why they didn’t respect him?

“Do you want to interrupt our internal affairs?” Third Elder retreated. His original plan was to gain the favor of the people by killing LuLu, but he was foiled with the interruption.

Watching LuLu and Liu Gan argue fiercely, Third Elder thought there wouldn’t be any more interruptions even if LuLu was killed. The chance to kill in the name of justice was gone.

“What do you mean, internal affairs? Even though she is stupid like a pig, she is a pig that I raised. Don’t you know that even if you beat a dog, you have to see who the owner is?” Liu Gan coldly replied. Once NaNa heard that, she quickly barked at Third Elder to show that she existed.

LuLu’s actions were quite infuriating to Liu Gan. He even had thoughts of beating her, but he also understood LuLu’s reasoning. A big factor had to do with how she felt for him. If he let her get killed because of that reason, then wouldn’t he lose face? Someone helping him out of good intentions, but ending up dying for it, it would leave a bad reputation for future incidents when others wanted to help him.

Aside from that, Liu Gan really needed LuLu to find the whereabouts of DongDong. If LuLu was killed, then he would have to start the search all over again, and without any hints. So no matter what angle he justified it with, he couldn’t let anyone make a move on LuLu.

“Are you prepared to make an enemy out of all of us? Do you really think you are invincible? Stop dreaming!” Third Elder shouted at Liu Gan, while slowly retreating back to Second Elder’s side.

“An enemy out of all of you? Haha… you really look up to yourself! Even if I have to make an enemy out of everyone in the whole world, so what? I, Liu Gan, have always been like this! Do you feel that is unjust? If I said she is mine, then she is mine. I dare you to make a move on her, I will kill you instantly! There would be no trades of you left when I'm done!” Liu Gan swung his axe on the stage, while releasing [Crescent Blade] from the blades of the axe. The ability destroyed a large chunk of the cement from the stage.

Third Elder was frightened by that surprising attack. Unconsciously, Third Elder stumbled backward, and fell off the stage. Lucky for him, his lackeys caught him midfall so he didn't look so clumsy.

“Everyone attack! Kill the scoundrels!” Fourth Elder started yelling to the crowd. Even though the two high ranking Elders were preaching for revenge, they didn't move closer to take action.

“Avenge the leader! Kill him!’

The players off-stage were overwhelmed by feelings of rage. With waves of angry emotion they were easily persuaded by Third and Fourth Elder. Up until now, the Third and Fourth Elders were on stage, but Second Elder hadn’t even moved from his initial spot. While shouting, Third and Fourth Elder would constantly look at Second Elder for approval. No one was stupid enough to charge up on stage to challenge the intruder. It was a one way ticket to Hell!

Liu Gan stared at the audience. Suddenly, he chuckled loudly. He realized that even though everyone was shouting for revenge, no one actually took action. These people only know how to use others as sacrifices so they could reap the benefits of being a survivor.

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