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Chapter 372 - Clear Conscience

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“I did everything for you. I know that no matter what I do for you, you won’t be satisfied! You are stubborn just like my father! Conceited and unreasonable!” LuLu started crying loudly again.

“Bad man! Bad man!” LingLing cursed at Liu Gan, while she hid behind LuLu.

“You…” Liu Gan cracked his knuckles loudly. Liu Gan lifted his fist with the intention of hitting LuLu on the head.

“Kill me then! I didn’t know you were training. I did it because I thought you were afraid of losing face if you couldn’t beat him! So to prove to you that I am no longer a weak female broadcaster, I did what I had to do!” LuLu lifted up her head as she stared Liu Gan.

“Forget it. I don’t have anything worthwhile to say to you,” Liu Gan shook his head. There was something more urgent that he had to do.

“Kill her!”

“Hang her!”

“Sacrifice her!”

“Avenge Elder Qiu Zi!”


Once again the crowd of players were getting rowdy. They felt nothing but hatred toward the invader. This nice living environment was created by their Elder Leader. Then, LuLu backstabbed their leader for her lover. This betrayal was not something they could forgive. Even the majority of LuLu’s fans were unable to accept her actions; some cursed her for her actions, while others just remained silent.

LuLu was in despair. She knew her actions would lead to a crowd riot. Yet, she still decided to do it because she wanted to save Liu Gan. Although she had undeniable intentions of getting his approval, even if the whole world hated her, she was resolved to bear all the consequences of her actions.

She was hated by almost every player in the Beginner Village, and she didn’t win over Liu Gan. This wasn’t the result she was expecting, and made her even more depressed.

While the background noise were curses directed at LuLu, she suddenly thought of an old memory back in the real world. Her father was a soldier that had suffered a injury to his lower back. He couldn’t find work, and slowly he became more dispirited. With no stable income, LuLu had to come up with a way to make money. Her psychological stress increased, which lead to her school grades falling. With no intentions of continuing on to higher education, LuLu decided to participate in singing competitions to become famous, with the good intentions of buying her father a house, and changing their lifestyle.

However, her father didn’t understand the daughter. He was reluctant to give his support. He even forbid her to continue in the entertainment business. Singing in the competition wasn’t a realistic goal, so LuLu chose an alternative, and it was to become a female broadcaster. She didn’t expect to accumulate hardcore fans in a short period of time.

When her father found out that she became a broadcaster instead, he deemed it an indecent occupation, an occupation that would shame his ancestors. Furious, he smacked her on her face and smashed all of the things she had bought. Next, he locked her in her room to reflect on her actions.

LuLu climbed out through the window by using the water pipe. From her third floor room, she escaped down to the ground. With her fan’s financial support, she was able to rent a new apartment and buy equipment. From then on, she wholeheartedly started her career as a fulltime female broadcaster. A year later, she started to gain more traction. She decided that once she had enough money, she would return to her father to ask for forgiveness. Before she was able to do that, she was trapped in The Trembling World.

The initial harsh reality in The Trembling World made her give up on any chances of living. Her one-sided love for Liu Gan was part of her self-preservation mechanism. She was able to rely on this unrealistic fantasy to cope with the harsh reality. Her very last attempt to kindle Liu Gan’s love was terminated, and so her fantasy was destroyed.

This man was definitely spawned out from a rock. Even if she used heart-throbbing sexual movements, he might remain indifferent. He would forever remain ice-cold. There was nothing she could do to warm him up to her.


Liu Gan didn’t have the mood to care for LuLu. He walked straight over to Qiu Zi’s corpse. He kicked aside a few helpers, who were preparing to pack away Qiu Zi’s equipment. Liu Gan reached out to grab the large axe in one hand and with his other hand he ripped off Qiu Zi’s clothes. Liu Gan was pillaging Qiu Zi’s corpse! Liu Gan proceeded to confiscate all the remaining valuables within the wrist watch, since Qiu Zi had no use for them, anyway.

Liu Gan ripped off an alloy-plated protective armor. The front and back halves of the armor were held together by alloy shackles. This finished product could block attacks from both front and back. The protective armor and large axe were listed as ownerless, so Liu Gan was able to take ownership over them and retain them in his own wrist watch.

Based on the items obtained from the pillaging, it seemed like these beta players had quite the advantage with items. This large axe and the protective armor were game equipments!

“HEY! Those items don’t belong to you!” cried out the man who was kicked away by Liu Gan. The angry man stood up and shouted at Liu Gan.

“You don’t think it’s fair? Should we fight over this to decide who is the rightful owner?” Liu Gan glared at the angry therapist. Meanwhile, he was doing his routine axe demonstration. The transition between poses felt very smooth in his hands.

This large axe can certainly make the wielder feel invincible! Even the iron rod that was several centimeters thick was sliced through by this axe like it was tofu! Liu Gan had been searching for a convenient weapon for a long time. Eventually, he was forced to use the fire axe, but now he could use a real weapon of his choice!

If LuLu hadn’t poisoned Qiu Zi, Liu Gan would’ve felt slightly embarrassed from pillaging Qiu Zi’s corpse. Now that Qiu Zi was dead, the items became ownerless, so Liu Gan pocketed everything without feeling bad.

There was a high possibility that if Liu Gan saw these treasures he would fight for them. In the apocalyptic world there was a standard for ethics, and it mainly depended on how enticing the treasure was. As long as the benefits outweighed the risk, it was all dependent on the strength to survive.

“Fifth Elder, do you want to commit suicide? Or would you rather us do it for you? Then string you up by the front gates as sacrifice for our leader?” the Third and Fourth Elder ran up to ask LuLu, after they asked Second Elder for advice.

With the news of the Elder Leader dead, there was chaos spreading far and wide in the Beginner Village. Even though the outsider, Liu Gan, was intolerable, there was another urgent issue that needed to be handled first. It was to figure out how to handle the traitor LuLu. This would be the first step toward pacifying the crowd.

The Third and Fourth Elder’s combined strength wasn’t enough to be troublesome for Liu Gan, but it was more than sufficient to handle LuLu.

『No matter how big my dreams are, you still can’t see me』

『No matter how deep my love is, you still love yourself more』

『You’ll never understand, how these cuts truly hurt』

『I can’t be found in any of the universe within your heart』

LuLu was sitting on the stage, ignoring the Third and Fourth Elder. As the two elders ran up the stage to confront LuLu, she started singing while facing Liu Gan.

“Sing? Why are you singing? If you don’t kill yourself, then don’t blame us for being rough!” Third and Fourth Elder were getting more angry. As they prepared to take action against LuLu, they felt like they would gain popularity with the crowd by acting in the name of justice.

Second Elder didn’t care what the others did at this moment. After Qiu Zi died, there was a chance someone would be promoted internally to receive the teachings, just like Qiu Zi. If they proved themselves to be worth it, they could reach level 10 and higher, becoming the new Elder Leader.

『No matter how big the world is, you are still the same』

『Doesn’t matter what I say, you’ve never understood』

『Your humor is like shards of glass cutting in both my hands 』

『In your eyes, I am just an image pieced together』

LuLu continued to sing, while she pulled out her diary and that drawings that she had received earlier. Paper by paper, she started shredding it into pieces.

[TL: It is an actual song.]

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