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Chapter 371 - Overbearing

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

From the point of view of Han GuangMing and the others, their Elder Liu still hadn’t struck back after a while. How could he win a fight when he wouldn’t even attack? It seemed Elder Liu had met someone even more powerful. This might be the first time Elder Liu suffered a defeat.

Qiu Zi continued to chase Liu Gan on stage with his axe for what seemed like an eternity. Even with all his attacks, Liu Gan was still alive. Qiu Zi was riled up and his face was feverishly red. His shirt was drenched in sweat and he was near his limit of endurance.

Damn it! How can this person still be alive when I'm close to exhausted!?

Qiu Zi used his axe to support himself on stage. He was heaving for more air while maintaining his glare on Liu Gan. The fight dragging out this long was unfathomable.

Liu Gan stood at the other end of the platform. He had quite the relaxed expression. Liu Gan didn't take the initiative to walk up and attack Qiu Zi. He knew that even one attack could end Qiu Zi. Without spending any money, he had hired a high-level sparring partner. After more than thirty minutes of continuous fighting, it was quite reasonable to let him catch his breath. Otherwise, how else would he continue to help out with training?

Meanwhile, the Second Elder frowned. He had already figured out that Liu Gan’s strength was deep and immeasurable. Only, Qiu Zi didn’t understand that yet.

The players in the audience continued to cheer rowdily. In their eyes, their leader was able to beat the intruder into submission. Winning was only a matter of time. Even though the fight dragged on longer than expected, even some players got tired from standing and watching. These players took the chance to retrieve some snacks and water before returning to the plaza to enjoy the fight.

Even LuLu walked alongside the stage to bring Qiu Zi a bottle of spring water.

“This person is very sinister, he loves to use underhanded tactics. He is a difficult person to handle. Be careful not to let him get under your skin,” LuLu said with some concern to Qiu Zi.

“Don’t worry! I will do my best to beat him. By the time I’m done, he won’t want to come back to give you any more trouble!” Qiu Zi said in an overbearing, self-important manner as he finished the bottle of water.

With her concern and comfort, Qiu Zi felt rejuvenated. Even if it was a difficult task, Qiu Zi made it his personal goal to eliminate the target. Then, he would hang the corpse by the front gate as a warning to others. Otherwise, he couldn’t let go of his resentment so easily.

With renewed enthusiasm, Qiu Zi picked up his axe and charged over at Liu Gan. Liu Gan stood in place without any sign of urgency. Liu Gan continued to dance around Qiu Zi while dodging his strikes. After several more minutes, Qiu Zi started to wobble in his steps. Even the axe in his hand was dropped.

Liu Gan frowned and walked up to check on Qiu Zi. Liu Gan didn’t take this opening to attack.

Qiu Zi felt a sudden pain in his abdomen. He used his hands to press on the belly. After a few seconds of thinking, Qiu Zi looked at LuLu as if he realized the reason for his pain. The pain intensified from his abdomen. The pain was so extreme that the second episode caused his brain to slowly shut down. Qiu Zi was losing consciousness from time to time. Even his vision started to become blurry.

“Are you okay? Do you have a stomachache? If you can’t bear with the pain, we can continue this on another day.” Liu Gan sincerely concerned with Qiu Zi. For being a good sparring partner for this long, Liu Gan felt it was only right to be concerned for the wellbeing of his partner. Qiu Zi’s efforts had been recognized by Liu Gan.

“LuLu, what did you do to my drink?” Qiu Zi used his axe to hold himself up as he shouted at LuLu.

“Nothing special, I just added some of LingLing’s poisonous saliva in the water,” LuLu casually answered. LingLing was the host for a parasite. So LingLing could excrete a tasteless poison. Even a small dose was lethal to an adult.

Just moments before, in the bottle that LuLu handed to Qiu Zi, there was poison added.

“You! Why did you need to do that?” Qiu Zi was shocked. He didn’t understand her actions. He treated her so well. Even this fight against Liu Gan, was partially dedicated to fighting on her behalf. However, at the most critical moment, LuLu poisoned him!

“There is no other reason other than the fact that he is my benefactor. He saved me so many times that I can’t even count. Even if I hate him, I can’t watch you kill him. Another thing, I’ve told you many times that he is the one that I love. You forced me to stay by your side. There were numerous times when you tried to force your wishes on me. If it weren’t for LingLing’s protection, you might have violated me already! If you kill him, then I really won’t be able to escape your influence. This is my last chance of escaping!” LuLu gave a clear response to Qiu Zi.

“You! You cheap whore! You dare poison me. Don’t think… about… leaving here… alive!” Second Elder… he won’t… allow you… to leave!” Qiu Zi gasped out his final words. Green veins started appearing in his forehead. The pain was too much to bear. In an attempt to attack LuLu, Qiu Zu took two steps forward. With his body feeling heavy and his movements sluggish, Qiu Zi collapsed on the floor instead.

Several healers ran up the stage to use their healing abilities on Qiu Zi. However, LingLing’s strange toxin was too deadly. Once the poison was in the blood vessel, there was no treatment.

“Elder Leader has died!”

“LuLu poisoned the leader for an outsider!”

“LuLu, you cheap whore!”

“What will we do now? Without our leader, what will become of us?”...

Once the players in the crowd received the announcement that their leader had died, many people started shouting out their concerns. Some started crying. This was when several Elders started ordering their subordinates to surround the stage, while the higher ranking Elders gathered by Zhao Nan Shan’s side to discuss the next course of action. No one expected this situation to ever happen.

Even before the Second Elder and the higher ranking Elders opened their mouths, some of the lower level Elders were getting ready to attack LuLu. LingLing sensed the tension and bared her vicious teeth at the enemy.

“You really poisoned him?” Liu Gan walked over to LuLu.

“Yes, I did it to help you… and to repay my life debt to you.” LuLu stared at Liu Gan. She understood how much trouble she was in, no one could save her in this situation. From the moment she decided to resort to poison, she was prepared to not walk out alive.

“Are you stupid? Damn! I was using him to train me. Once I really wanted him dead, I could do it at anytime. Did you really think that I needed your help?” Liu Gan angrily scolded LuLu.

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