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Chapter 370 - Sparring Partner

TL: xdh20, Lifeisajourney

Now that things had turned out this way, Qiu Zi couldn't worry about something trivial, like his pride. He materialized an alloy metal axe from his wrist watch as he charged Liu Gan.

This alloy metal axe was a weapon obtained when beta players killed a special type of Variant zombie. It was similar to when Liu Gan obtained his dagger. These alloy metal weapons could be stored within the wrist watch, which was how Qiu Zi pulled his weapon out of thin air.

Using his axe, Qiu Zi could distance himself from Liu Gan. It was an attempt to protect his [Mist Armor] from shattering completely.

“Cool! Very cool axe!”

“Elder Leader, you are so cool!”

“Chop up the scum!”

Seeing their idol Elder Leader swinging the axe proficiently, the players were enjoying every moment. They were waiting for Qiu Zi to use his powerful weapon and finish off the weaponless intruder.

If there was a comparison, it would be like one of the soccer clubs decided to hire expensive foreign assistance, while the other soccer club used their domestic members. If the team with hired help was able to beat the domestic team then, the fans wouldn’t think that it was an unfair competition.

In this world, fairness and justice does not exist. Justice varied between people, and was not the same for everyone. If the situation benefited one’s interests or group’s interests, then there was a conflict of interest when passing judgement.

There was one major point that the players watching in the audience have missed… It was the reason why Qiu Zi decided to take out his axe against Liu Gan. If Qiu Zi had dominated the fight, then there wouldn’t have been a need to use a weapon. Especially since Liu Gan was only using his fists to fight.

Almost everyone in the crowd thought Qiu Zi still had the upper hand. Only Zhao Nan Shan frowned; he could tell that Liu Gan was more than Qiu Zi could handle. His original order to pacify the intruder by handing over DongDong was the right call. However, Qiu Zi disobeyed the order and sought trouble. Qiu Zi’s selfish decision might ruin Zhao Nan Shan’s bigger plan.

Qiu Zi made his selfish decision partly due to his attraction to LuLu. He didn’t obey Zhao Nan Shan’s order, which was why things had progressed to this point. This Qiu Zi Tao wasn’t mature enough to be a part of his plans!

After Qiu Zi pulled out his axe, he swung it around fiercely. Qiu Zi was quite experienced as he forced Liu Gan to constantly dodge on stage without any openings for retaliation.

“Elder Liu! Catch this!” Han GuangMing threw over an iron rod he had found on the ground.

Liu Gan caught the iron rod midair and tumbled as he landed. Liu Gan swung around the iron rod deftly.

Qiu Zi chuckled as he watched Liu Gan wield the iron rod. Continuing his attack, Qiu Zi charged forward and naturally, Liu Gan used the iron rod to block.

What Liu Gan didn’t expect was the iron rod to get cut in half. The iron rod was as thick as a person’s arm. Qiu Zi cut the iron rod in half like it was made out of tofu! This completely shocked Liu Gan!

What kind of axe was this? It was able to slice through the iron like it was nothing!

Liu Gan took two steps backward to regain his posture. The iron rod split into two in his hands, it resembled some sort of nunchuck without the chain.

Qiu Zi was only a level higher than Liu Gan, so his basic physique was more durable than Liu Gan. With the addition of a powerful axe, Qiu Zi’s combat strength increased significantly.

After several more chops, Liu Gan’s iron sticks were in fragments on the floor. Eventually it was tossed aside, Liu Gan had to pull out his dagger from his wrist watch.

The audience broke out into a laugh at the sight. With their Elder Leader exerting his dominance over the intruder, the intruder could only pull out a small dagger. How could this small little dagger compete against a giant axe?

Qiu Zi forced Liu Gan to retreat even more. In the case of close quarter combat, danger spring up all around. There were several close encounters where Liu Gan almost couldn’t dodge the attack and was almost injured from Qiu Zi’s axe strikes.

Using a dagger against an axe resulted in the dagger’s edges getting dulled and chipped. The dagger would last a few more direct hits before it broke. At that point, Liu Gan wouldn’t be able to dodge any more attacks. He wouldn’t even be able to counterattack. Qiu Zi forced Liu Gan into an unavoidable position, and Liu Gan tried to block the attack with both his arms. He found out his arms were able to withstand the overwhelming force behind the attack, and the sharpness of the axe itself!

Even now Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] haven’t been damaged. From the blocked attack, Liu Gan was able to tell his alloy limbs were more dense and durable than the axe, so the axe couldn’t hurt him unless it landed on his body or head.

Having this information, there was no need to be afraid. Liu Gan continued weaving and bobbing as he dodge the attacks. If he couldn’t dodge, he would simply use his arm to block the attack. This bold action surprised Qiu Zi. From Qiu Zi’s perspective, Liu Gan was running out of options and he was using [Mist Armor] to stop the axe attack. So in Qiu Zi’s head, if he kept attacking, then Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] would break eventually.

What Qiu Zi didn’t know was no matter how hard he struck his axe on Liu Gan’s arm, it didn’t even damage his [Mist Armor].

Liu Gan was able to sum up his opponent, and his fury counter was near full again. At the right time, [Crescent Blade] could be activated and end this fight with Qiu Zi. Liu Gan even had the option of killing his opponent, but after such a long search it would be a pity to kill a good sparring partner. With this much accumulated PK experience, it was a waste if he ended it so soon, especially when he didn’t know when he can afford such a good training moment again.

So Liu Gan wasn’t in a rush to cast his ability. Instead, he acted like he couldn’t counterattack. That way he could practice his dodging, using Qiu Zi as a training dummy, since it was hard to find someone with his stats for combat practice. Instead Liu Gan took this moment to train his reaction time for future battles!

With this attitude, Liu Gan didn’t bother to attack. He sidestepped around Qiu Zi. When Qiu Zi slashed downward, Liu Gan would dodge and evade. When Qiu Zi used a wide swing, Liu Gan would use his elbow to stop the attack by moving in close to the attacker. At other times, Liu Gan would use his arms to stop the axe. Qiu Zi grew impatient with each unsuccessful attack, and every successive attack was more ruthless.

Liu Gan started off really sloppily, but when he got the hang of it, he was quite flexible. It was possible this type of real combat could help improve his capabilities in the long run.

However, in other people’s eyes they were reassured that Qiu Zi still had the advantage. When Liu Gan never returned strikes, Han GuangMing and others were starting to get nervous about their situation.

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