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Chapter 369 – Second-Class

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Qiu Zi rarely had his [Mist Armor] damaged when he fought against other players. Taking the full damage from [Crescent Blade], he was furious at what had happened. He did consecutive strikes with his [Lightning Palm] on both hands. Using his level advantage and speed, he was able to suppress Liu Gan.

Liu Gan maintained his defensive posture. the type of stance used by boxers. With both his arms up, blocking attacks from the left and right, Liu Gan mitigated Qiu Zi’s [Lightning Palm] strikes. By the end of his attack, Liu Gan's [Mist Armor] wasn’t damaged at all. Liu Gan used the opportunity to increase his fury counter, while waiting patiently for an opening to strike.

Within the last few minutes, the players were fighting for their lives. Since they were moving really fast, the audience in the crowd couldn't rely on their eyes to figure how the two were fighting. Instead, they relied on their guts to determine which side was winning. They could catch glimpses of Qiu Zi on the offensive and Liu Gan on the defensive. For every ten attacks Qiu Zi threw out, Liu Gan would strike once.

Qiu Zi maintained a calm and collected mood, while Liu Gan had a frustrated expression throughout the fight. Occasionally, Liu Gan would release a grunt.

So, from an outsider’s perspective, every time Liu Gan grunted, it was a sign of frustration. A frustrated grunt would seem like he was having a hard time keeping up. Almost everyone was positive that Qiu Zi was dominating the fight. It would be only a matter of time before the intruder would be defeated.

Han GuangMing was starting to get worried. Even though vice-leader Yin He was there to back up Liu Gan, if Liu Gan lost it would look very bad. It would be like rooting for the losing team. He would feel ashamed, like he was a second-class civilian.

There was a major difference in the feelings on-stage and off-stage., Liu Gan had been defending all along. In his boxer stance, he would use his arms and occasionally his shin to defend. He would do flips to reposition himself on stage. Liu Gan was able to easily avoid most of Qiu Zi’s attacks. Qiu Zi still hadn’t damaged Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor].

Whenever there was an opening, Liu Gan would use [Crescent Blade] to attack. Every time it would land on Qiu Zi’s body, so his [Mist Armor] would lose durability. After around twenty minutes of nonstop fighting, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] was still undamaged, but Qiu Zi’s [Mist Armor] had lost more than half its durability. If the fight continued this way, then Qiu Zi could only last another fifteen minutes.

That would be the most optimal situation, since Liu Gan hadn’t used [Psychic Shock] and [Crescent Blade] simultaneously yet.

When both fighters clashed, it was really like two soccer teams fighting for the ball to score. One side would constantly be on the offense; with every kick, the ball would fly near the goal, but never score successfully, while the other side would take advantage of free chances to get in a free goal.

This type of competition, it was hard to tell who would come out as the final victor.

Qiu Zi had dominated the situation, using every move he knew to attack Liu Gan. He felt that with such strong attacks, he could penetrate Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor], but he didn’t know why it was taking so long. Slowly, Qiu Zi grew impatient.

Then, in one of Qiu Zi’s attacks, he switched things up. Qiu Zi relied on his fast movement to gain the upper hand. Qiu Zi used his level 10 ability, his strongest move: [Lightning God’s Kiss]!

A cloud mass started expanding exponentially in the center of Qiu Zi’s palms. When the mass reached half a meter wide, electrical discharges appeared on the cloud’s surface. All around the cloud, a deathly sensation could be felt. With Qiu Zi closing in quickly on Liu Gan, it was impossible to dodge. Liu Gan had to brace for the full impact of the lightning explosion. 

The impact caused Liu Gan to tumble backward several times. Liu Gan was knocked to the edge of the stage, before he was able to stand up. He was roughed up after that attack.

The tumbling was inevitable. With the full force of the explosion, part of his clothes were burnt.

With Qiu Zi’s surprise attack, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] lost a tenth of its durability. Liu Gan had his clothes burnt through and his face was charred black.

“Elder Leader is the best!”

“The intruder has black-face…”

“Scum, please die!”

“Kill the scum already!”

The crowd of players started shouting again. It was a moment of rejoicing for their side, with their Elder Leader proving himself to be the more powerful one! He seemed unbeatable! It would be the end of the enemy scum!

Han GuangMing and others watched that scene, and suddenly they grew really worried. It seemed like Liu Gan had finally met his match. It didn’t seem like he could continue fighting much longer.

“Ah, what a weak attack!” Liu Gan sighed in relief. Now that he had measured his opponent’s full strength, he didn’t feel scared. Liu Gan didn’t have anywhere to dodge, so his [Mist Armor] had to endure the full force of the attack. In the end, it only shaved off a tenth of his [Mist Armor’s] durability.

In exchange, Liu Gan’s fury counter was at maximum.

Qiu Zi thought that this attack would shatter Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] and knock him off the stage. Little did he suspect that Liu Gan would recover from the attack and stay on the stage.

In addition, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] was still up!

“This will be the end!” Qiu Zi shouted. Once again, Qiu Zi activated his [Lightning Palm] as he closed in on Liu Gan. Even if he had to ram into the enemy, he would make sure Liu Gan fell off the stage! If he couldn’t even do that, then he had to wonder if he had what it took to defeat Liu Gan.

As Qiu Zi was closing in on Liu Gan’s body, right when it seemed like Liu Gan couldn’t dodge the attack, his brain felt a sharp pain. His consciousness was blurred for a moment. Liu Gan slammed both his hands onto the floor to swing his leg in downward chop onto Qiu Zi, while Qiu Zi’s attack completely missed.

With Liu Gan’s fury counter at maximum, he released his [Enhanced Crescent Blade]. Qiu Zi was motionless for the close-range attack!

Qiu Zi wobbled a few steps backward after the attack landed before his mental state started to recover. By the time he regained full awareness, his [Mist Armor] was close to nonexistent; it was just hanging by a thread! One more attack, and his [Mist Armor] would break!

What was the matter? How could his [Mist Armor] durability drop from half so quickly? What just happened? Why did he lose control of his consciousness?

It was at this moment, Qiu Zi broke out in cold sweat; he was wondering why he couldn’t penetrate his enemy’s [Mist Armor]. Instead, his own [Mist Armor] was almost shattered. No one in the audience could figure out the situation. To them, it seemed like their leader had the upper hand the whole fight, and the fight would end sooner or later in his favor. So they were all cheering loudly, ignorant of the real situation at hand.

Only Qiu Zi knew how dangerous his situation was. It was very clear that by relying only on his fists, he couldn’t win against Liu Gan. There was an urgent need to bring out a weapon to win.

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