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Chapter 367 – Aligned Wishes

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Originally, people were expecting a fight between two players. The original plot would have been that Qiu Zi was successfully defending against an intruder, but with new elements introduced, it became a love triangle drama. Qiu Zi felt terrible at the absurd development.

What bothered Qiu Zi the most was that it felt as if LuLu was close to forgiving Liu Gan. She was very close on making the decision to leave the village behind. Then she would wipe away everything he had done for her. He had invested too much in her. There was absolutely no way that he could just let her go like this.

“Why did you interrupt us? It isn’t your decision to make,” Liu Gan sharply criticized Qiu Zi. This strategy of sweet talking LuLu to hand over DongDong was just about to bear fruit, but Qiu Zi interrupted it all.

“You really don’t know what is good for you! Once again, I will excuse your actions because of LuLu’s face. However, if you insist on your actions, then I will be forced to teach you a lesson, so you will know the limits of your ability!” Qiu Zi replied back.

“Kill him! Kill him!” chanted the men watching in the crowd. These men were not fond of watching it drag on for so long. To them, resolving issues like these were best done through a fist fight.

“You assaulted my men when I wasn’t here! Do you dare to fight like a real man against me?” Qiu Zi continued to provoke Liu Gan.

“Okay! If you want to make a move, then I will do so to defend myself!” Liu Gan replied.

To look for DongDong, he nearly forgot about looking for a sparring partner. Now that Liu Gan had reached level 10, he had to find someone stronger than him to exchange blows. This was the fastest method to find out how much he had improved. One side claimed righteousness as an excuse to vanquish the foe. The other side wanted to test their ability after leveling up. Even though their reasons were weak, they have aligned wishes to fight to vent out their frustrations.

“Then we should declare our terms now. If I win, you will kneel on the stage for three days and three nights to apologize for everyone you have killed and wounded!” Qiu Zi wanted to humiliate Liu Gan even if he couldn’t kill him. Hopefully, from the embarrassment, he would stop pestering LuLu.


“Elder Leader is powerful!”

“Elder Leader is impenetrable! Unbeatable!”

“Scum deserve punishment!”

A group of male players started cheering at the top of their lungs. They were Qiu Zi’s superfans.

“Elder Liu has never lost in a fight. That clown is sure unlucky,” Han GuangMing said to Zhao Meng and Jiang JinYuan.

It was like two teams competing at the World Cup, the soccer players would meet on the field to fight. As the soccer players played against each other, the fans would pay attention close to every move. Every fan wanted the team they were cheering on to win. This feeling was even more intense than the players involved would have.

Han GuangMing wasn’t worried about Liu Gan’s safety. Even if the opponent had an advantage, Liu Gan had experienced many hardships. This experienced fighter haven’t lost a fight yet, so even if Liu Gan lost once to Qiu Zi, then vice-leader He would continue the fight with NaNa. Even if there were four thousand opponents, Yin He and NaNa would kill them all.

Elder Liu’s attitude so far have been very civilized and understanding.

“That sounds good! I will give you credit for creating such a huge village that benefits the players. So I won’t force you to do anything embarrassing if you lose, I just want you to hand over the person I demand!” Liu Gan replied to Qiu Zi.

Liu Gan’s objective of going to the village was to find the older caltrop sister, Lee DingXiang, and DongDong. There weren’t any feelings of animosity against the players, so there was no need for a fight to the death. When saving Lee DingXiang, he had taught a lesson to those who were obstacles.

This fight against Qiu Zi was solely for sparring purposes; Liu Gan didn’t have any intention of fighting to the death. If it was really a fight to death, it would seem like he had feelings for LuLu. That wouldn’t even be funny as a joke!

Upon hearing Liu Gan’s reply, Qiu Zi’s complexion worsened. What Liu Gan had said made it seem like Qiu Zi was the type to hold grudges and gets jealous, while making Liu Gan seem like he was generous and forgiving. Even before fighting, it was as if he had lost the battle formation. This type of way cost him face by taking the high road. Unforgivable!

“You guys don’t need to fight! Let’s just talk it over!” LuLu rushed up to the stage to halt the two.

“This isn’t any of your concern. Move aside!” Liu Gan and Qiu Zi replied in unison to LuLu.

“Finish him!”

“Elder Leader is formidable! Unbeatable!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The men in the audience were there to get rowdy, they weren’t afraid of creating chaos. This incident had wasted more than half the day; if nothing exciting came out from the end of it, then it would be a big disappointment.

“Kill him! Kill him! Kill the scum!” LingLing jumped excitedly as she cheered on Qiu Zi.

Liu Gan stared at LingLing; he did a beheading hand gesture and LingLing got scared as she hid behind LuLu.

“Relax LingLing, I will teach him a lesson. I will help you get your justice” Qiu Zi promised LingLing.

“Elder Leader is unbeatable!”

“Elder Leader is formidable!”

“Elder Leader forever!”

“Why would the chant be like that?”

As the crowd of men cheering intensified, things got even more rowdy. They’d only seen Elder Leader Qiu Zi solo hunt Variant Zombies, and with Second Elder’s help, he killed Advanced Beasts. There was never an incident where Qiu Zi went against top players in a one versus one.

Qiu Zi had gained control of most of northern NinJing City by annexing the enemy camps, as many of the leaders of those camps weren’t a match for him. The former leaders had the choice of fighting or submit to Qiu Zi. At most, the former leaders could withstand only one attack. So rather than get injured, they chose the easier route of becoming a useful pillar in the Beginner Village. That was how the village had expanded to its current size.

These former leaders were at most level 6 or 7. There was never anyone higher level than that. Even the current top ten Elders at level 7, 8 and 9 were all power-leveled by Elder Leader and Second Elder.

As for this opponent named Liu Gan standing before him, was able to take out several dozen Elders solo. Even the Seventh Elder accepted defeat. Judging from his actions so far, he was quite strong. It was still questionable as to how he compared against the Elder Leader. Could he last more than a couple of rounds?

This type of high level PK between players was rare, but definitely a fight that couldn’t be missed!

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