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Chapter 363 - Contrast

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Who would’ve thought that she could survive so well? She had made her way to the side of the Elder Leader and gained a leadership spot as the Fifth Elder. But, it wasn’t too much of a surprise. With LuLu’s physical features, it wouldn’t be hard at all. Not every guy was like Liu Gan, so cold and heartless to a beautiful woman like LuLu. 

Standing next to LuLu’s side was the younger girl, who was also someone Liu Gan was familiar with. It was the girl who had murdered Zhang ShengNan and her boyfriend at the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center. Then she tried to assassinate Liu Gan, but was beaten up by Yin He instead.

As for why LuLu and LingLing were together, Liu Gan found that answer in LuLu’s diary. One was abandoned by Liu Gan, the other was beaten up on Liu Gan’s request. What a bad relationship. If it weren’t to find DongDong, Liu Gan wouldn’t have came back to find LuLu.

LingLing felt Liu Gan’s stare from afar. She lifted up her face and bared her vicious teeth in retaliation. She wanted to shred Liu Gan into pieces, but she was also very scared. 

LuLu was panicking the whole way back to the village, but she calmed down once she looked up at the stage. That was when she discovered that Liu Gan was on the plaza center platform. She was shocked to see him there, but once she locked her eyes on him she didn't shift her focus away. 

Biting her lower lip she was pondering if she should go up to greet him. When she started moving forward, Qiu Zi blocked her path.

“Things like this should be handled by me.” Qiu Zi mistook LuLu’s intention.

“No… I just…” LuLu was interrupted before she could finish her sentence. Qiu Zi had leapt up onto the stage already.

The plaza’s center platform was around two meters high. It was a open theater stage, perfect for performances. With the stage as the centerpiece, people could see from all around. 

With the stage so high, it would be hard for anyone below level 10 to leap up without using their hands. Qiu Zi easily reached the stage and landed elegantly, giving off a presence as if an immortal had descended. 

“So it was you who had injured many of my followers?” Qiu Zi revealed an wide smile. He was very confident in his abilities, but if it weren’t for Zhao Nan Shan backing him up, he wouldn’t be so brazen about it. 

“Yes,” Liu Gan replied simply. Liu Gan took his time to analyze the so-called Elder Leader, and he was quite surprised by what he was looking at.

There was a feeling of doubt in Liu Gan’s mind. He didn’t think that this so-called Elder Leader in front of him was capable or bold enough to manage such a large village. From this person’s attitude, he didn’t seem to match the description of the other players that the Elder Leader was calm and collected.

“Why did you do that?” Qiu Zi spread out his arms in opposite directions and pointed around. These useless movements were Qiu Zi’s way of displaying how his immortal elegance, it was very theatrical. 

To Liu Gan, it seemed like this Qiu Zi loved to play pretend, so much so that he welcomed the worship and looks of attention given to him. There was a huge discrepancy between how people had described the Elder Leader as an unflustered and seasoned player.

“I was only here to search for my friends. One of my friends was locked up in a cage in the marketplace. I told them to release her, but they refused, so I took things into my own hands,” Liu Gan explained patiently.

“Oh? I heard that she was released already. So why did you continue with creating more chaos?” Qiu Zi continued to interrogate him. Even though Qiu Zi was asking questions, his temper was starting to boil.

If Qiu Zi was merely a chess piece, he had been trained very well to do the job of being a chess piece.

Standing on the stage, Liu Gan looked around. When he saw the Second Elder in the crowd, he frowned. The feeling he got when he saw the Second Elder was that this person on stage couldn’t be the real Elder Leader. It must be the Second Elder controlling things behind the scene. However, there was no proof. It was just an instinct that Liu Gan relied on. He still needed to confirm the enemy’s combat abilities and identities.

“I’m still looking for one more friend. She is in your village. As long as you agree to let me take her along, I won’t cause anymore trouble.” Liu Gan directed his attention to LuLu.

LuLu looked back at Liu Gan; she still had a grudge against him. 

“Ah? Who is it you are looking for? Have you found them?” Qiu Zi asked Liu Gan.

“I found her, she is right there. Seems like she is your Fifth Elder.” Liu Gan pointed at LuLu. 

Qiu Zi watched Liu Gan point his fingers at LuLu, then he noticed LuLu was staring back at Liu Gan. She had on an expression that he had never seen before. Qiu Zi sensed something was up between the two and this was starting to anger him.

Qiu Zi had been trying to court LuLu since she had joined. However, LuLu didn’t return any signs of affection. Due to Zhao Nan Shan’s rule of not being able to use force, Qiu Zi could only think of different ways to win LuLu’s heart. One of his method was to bring her gifts, in the form of Variant Zombies so she could level up. LuLu had easily leveled up from 5 to 8. Only recently did she show signs of opening up to him, but now this intruder wanted to take away his love interest.

When the Elders in the village heard the conversation between Liu Gan and Qiu Zi, they started gossiping. As long as there was a society, there will be gossip. Almost every player in the village knew that Qiu Zi was trying to win over LuLu, but was unsuccessful.

Now there was the sudden appearance of another male player, who had declared he wanted to take LuLu away. What an abrupt turn of events! Does this mean that the two men were going to fight for a woman?

“Is he your friend?” Qiu Zi asked LuLu. Even though Qiu Zi was smiling, he was very jealous and barely able to keep his facade up.

As Zhao Shan Nan’s pawn, Qiu Zi was able to get everything he wished for… with the exception being LuLu, due to the rules. Qiu Zi hated Zhao Shan Nan’s rule, but he didn’t dare to disobey. Even killing the Third Elder was ordered by Zhao Shan Nan. It was a warning to others that no one can disobey the rules. Even if the rule breaker held the position of an Elder, they were not above the rule.

Even if Qiu Zi was already level 11, he didn’t dare to show any signs of breaking the rule. He could only smother her with gifts.

“Yes I know him. He was the heartless one who abandoned me. I didn’t think he would come back to find me,” LuLu replied to Qiu Zi.

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