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Chapter 356 - Civilized

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“You have two options. First option, you can call that player over and I will discuss with him, this way you won’t be involved. Second option, I can beat you up and forcefully have you open the cage, that way you can explain to the player yourself. Now choose your option,” Liu Gan frowned.

Liu Gan still had a good feeling about this Elder Leader, judging from the way things were handled. It was similar to a small-sized society. Liu Gan didn’t want to destroy this area from something so trivial that could be resolved by talking, but he was losing patience rapidly. 

“Okay! Okay! You are the best! You are the boss! I will go call for them!” the shop owner announced. Looking at the well-defined physique of Liu Gan, the shop owner knew that he didn’t want to mess with him. A wise man always knew better than to fight when the odds were against him. This fight wasn’t his to fight, it was best if he distanced himself from this incident as fast as possible.

After the shop owner left his stand, he didn’t reach out to the Elder, who had consigned Lee DingXin. Instead, the shop owner went directly to the marketplace management. Upon hearing the incident, the two marketplace security guards rushed over to Liu Gan, led by the shop owner. The security guards were unhappy with the disturbance on their watch.

“What is the matter with you?” the security guards asked Liu Gan.

“My friend was caught for no reason and trapped in the cage. I just want to take her away. The shop owner can’t make the decision to let her go, so I told him to bring the player who could. Since I am talking this over to you, are you the player who caught my friend?” Liu Gan asked the two security guards.

“The situation is not as he as described. If you want to rescue your friend, you have to pay the point compensation. The Elder that caught her, wasted energy and took risk. And you want to release her with nothing more than your word?” the two security guards asked, explaining their logic to Liu Gan.

“Well, this turned out to be really simple. I will ask if you can resolve it? If you can’t, then bring me the Elder that caught my friend. If you can resolve it, then I will discuss it with you. Otherwise, don’t waste my time here,” Liu Gan was getting impatient. If he wasn’t holding back, he would’ve punched one or two of them already.

“How do you want to resolve it?” the two security guards looked at each other. 

“I will be a bigger person and not argue about my friend taken from her place. Now that I am here, I will leave with her. If you continue to stop me, I won’t take it kindly anymore. If I have to force my way through, I will. Things like this are so simple, you don’t have to make it so complicated,” Liu Gan responded. 

“Young man, you don’t have to be so arrogant. You look like you are new here. Didn’t your lecturer teach you the rules? Do you know the result of creating trouble in the marketplace? Let’s not even talk about whether you can or can’t beat me. As long as you are the first to strike, that will be enough evidence for the Elder Committee to lock you up!” the two security guards getting serious.

“Sounds like you want to be personally responsible for this matter?” Liu Gan clenched his fist.

“Today at the market, we are the security guards on duty. Naturally, every problem shall be resolved by us. If you don’t like the way we resolve problems, then you can go to the Elder Committee and complain about us. Then, the Elder Committee will mediate the problem between both parties,” the security guards explained the rules patiently.

“I am not a patient person. Today, I have been very patient in trying to resolve this issue, but we haven’t been making any progress towards resolving it. Don’t blame me if I am impolite anymore!” Liu Gan rushed up and tossed aside both the security guards.

Liu Gan used minimal strength to toss them aside. Both the security guard landed on a nearby tree. They suffered bruises, but didn’t have any broken bones. The pain was enough so they couldn’t get up immediately.

Liu Gan knew that these security guards were fulfilling their responsibilities, so his attitude toward them was quite civilized. However, they needed to be taught a lesson. So, the security guards were left alive. If it was his former self, these security guards would’ve been dead.

“If you think you will get beaten up by me, then hand over the key to the cage. Then, go find the player who captured my friend,” Liu Gan told the shop owner.

“I will go find that Elder!” the shop owner dashed out. Even the marketplace management was beaten up. If the shop owner tried to speak out now, then he will get beaten up. The young girl was only consigned at his shop, there is no particular relationship between him and the Elder that would make it worth getting beaten up. 

As for the appropriate punishment for attacking management, the Elder Committee would take action. If the shop owner stayed any longer, he would be taking an extra loss with nothing to gain. When the security guards were taken down, other shop owners in the area also left their stalls. They scattered in different directions, they were calling for reinforcements.

Liu Gan wasn’t afraid that they will call for backup. Leisurely he walked back to Lee DingXin’s cage side. The loud ruckus attracted Yin He’s attention. She rushed over with Lee DingXiang to the source of the noise. Lee DingXiang recognized her sister within the cage, they reached out to hold each other’s hands and started crying.

“Do you want me to kill everyone here?” Yin He asked Liu Gan.

“Woof Woof!” NaNa bared her teeth as she barked.

“No need, you don’t need to do anything until I call for you. Just protect the sisters,” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Okay,” Yin He obeyed.

“My temperament is quite good. I don’t even believe it myself,” Liu Gan shook his head. He was surprised at how civil and reasonable he was. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he took the time to be reasonable with others.

Liu Gan walked to the side of the cage, but wasn’t able to locate the key. With both hands he pulled apart the two centimeter thick bars in the cage. Lee DingXin was able to get out through the gap.

“Big Brother, everyone here is very strong. We should escape now,” Lee DingXin was shaking to keep warm, as her clothes were soaked.

“No need. Now that I am here, no one will bully you again. Let’s wait until they get back. You don’t have to run anymore. Just follow this older sister here. She will protect you.” Liu Gan shook his head. With Yin He, they walked further away from the marketplace.

Liu Gan hadn’t walked too far away when he encountered over ten people running towards him. Their leader was a tall, skinny man with a cold, stern expression. After he had heard the news from the shop owner, this tall-skinny player decided to lead his men to stop Liu Gan. 

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