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Chapter 355 - Consign

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“If I want to buy her, what can she do?” Liu Gan inquired.

“You asked what you can do with this woman? You can do whatever you want to do with her, as long as you don’t kill her. Anything you do to her, the Elder Committee won’t care” the merchant started laughing loudly. To prove his point, he reached into the cage to grope the woman.

The woman didn’t resist the merchant’s advances, she only shook in fear with a pitiful expression, staring at Liu Gan.

Liu Gan glanced at the price tag right above the cage. This woman has a nice physique with a pretty face. The price tag was twenty-five hundred points. Using three to five reward points for lunch as a basis, this woman would cost around twenty-five hundred yuan.

“Do you want to buy? If you want to buy, I can give you a discount,” the merchant said to Liu Gan.

“If you buy me, I can help you earn points. I will earn back the points you spent on me! Buy me!” the woman pleaded. Living in the cage was worse than a life of servitude.

Liu Gan took one last look at the woman,. Unable to help with her situation, he left.

Walking along the marketplace road, many of the other caged women started to scream “Buy me! Buy me!” They wanted to sell themselves; they would rather be a sex slave than remain in the cage.

Even if Liu Gan felt terrible about the human trafficking in the marketplace, he didn’t take action. One could imagine that in The Trembling World, these situations went on every day. Even if he wanted to take control of the situation, he didn’t have the right.

Even if he rescued these people from the cages, he couldn’t be responsible for them. He can’t afford to feed them. They would be caught by the village sooner or later, and this cycle would repeat until they were sold.

Liu Gan’s original plan was to run through this small marketplace district and regroup with Yin He. That was the plan, until he heard a young girl’s faint scream from one of the cages. She shouted differently from what the other women were screaming. Liu Gan was able to catch on to her words through his enhanced hearing and the voice sounded familiar. So he stopped short and decided to find the source of the voice before leaving. 

“Big Brother, I exchanged water caltrops with you before. Do you remember me?” a caged young girl started shouting loudly to Liu Gan. Like other girls, she was wearing very few clothes and trembling to keep warm.

Liu Gan recognized the young female as the older sister, Lee DinXin. Due to her shabby clothes, dirty face, and smelly body, while feigning insanity, her buyout price wasn’t very high. The price tag for this cage was one thousand reward points.

“How about it? Are you interested in her? She is insane. But, if you tie her down and wash her, she can be quite good looking. This is the cheapest in my shop,” the store owner walked over and splashed a bucket of water onto Lee DingXiang, as if he was washing a dog.

Within the college grounds, the water supply system had been repaired. The water source was from the nearest lake, and was mainly for daily lifestyle uses. Even though the College of Agriculture was at the border of the cloud canal, so it was quite chilly. When the cold water was splashed onto Lee DingXin, she shrieked while the store owner laughed hysterically. 

“That’s enough! She is one of my friends. Release her from the cage,” Liu Gan declared.

“No problem, just give me one thousand reward points. That is my lowest offer, I can’t go lower than that.” The store owner rubbed his hands, waiting to receive his money. 

“I don’t have that many reward points. I already told you that she is my friend. You shouldn’t have caught her in the first place,” Liu Gan stressed. With the Beginner Village this well managed, Liu Gan didn’t want to cause any disruptions, he merely wanted to resolve this issue peacefully.

“Friend? There are too many friends in this world. If you met her once and called her your friend, then everyone would be your friend. How would I do business then? She was caught by Elders from the outside and brought here for me on consignment to sell. If you feel like she is your friend, then you should follow the rules and pay her fee.” The store owner wasn’t moved by Liu Gan’s words. 

“I don’t have that many reward points,” Liu Gan replied. 

“How many do you have? Since she is your friend, the best discount I can give you is ten percent. Do you have nine hundred reward points? If you have anything less than that, I don’t think I can sell her to you,” the store owner replied.

“I am a newcomer, I only have a few reward points,” Liu Gan pulled out the point tickets from his pocket to hand over.

“With your mere five reward points, you want to take her? Are you joking with me?” the store owner frowned. He understood the situation. A new player that just joined, wants to buy a woman he can play with. What a joke, if a player wanted to buy a woman, at least earn some more points first.

“I will tell you one more time. She is my friend; she should never have been taken in the first place. This is all your mistake. I don’t want to bicker with you, but I will need to take her with me.” Liu Gan started getting aggravated.

“I understand your feelings, but I didn’t catch her. An elder consigned her to my shop. If you are persistent in taking her with you, then you need to discuss with that Elder. Please don’t make it difficult for me. I am only a small shop owner. I work hard, but I earn very little reward points everyday.” The shop owner started lowering his tone. 

“Okay, then I won’t make it difficult for you. Find the player that consigned her at your shop. I will personally negotiate with them,” Liu Gan replied after thinking about it briefly. Since the shop owner couldn’t take charge, it was best for both of them if this process was facilitated by someone who could be responsible. 

Liu Gan’s negotiation technique and reasoning was very simple. The player who caught his friend could apologize for his wrongdoing and then release Lee DingXin. Liu Gan didn’t want continue this argument. Otherwise… the alternative would be beating them up. Either way, the problem would be resolved.

“I have to watch the shop, though! How can I leave it unattended? The person consigning it is an Elder. Elders have a busy schedule. They aren’t someone I can just invite so easily. Please don’t make it difficult for me,” the shop owner shook his head.

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