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Chapter 353 - Afternoon Break

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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During the afternoon break, everyone else in the room started to introduce themselves. Aside from Liu Gan, all the others were quite eager to speak up. The feeling resembled their days of college life. 

Han GuangMing was the most familiar with this environment, and the most willing to gossip with others. After chatting briefly, he found out a bunch of information relating to their personal lives, especially their professions. However, there was one common ground, regardless of their prestige, authority, wealth, or power in their prior lifestyle - it no longer mattered here. It was like truly living a new life.

Basically these people didn’t get any rest. Most were conversing their time away, there were a handful of people that wanted to sleep, but it was just too noisy. From their conversation, these players weren’t the initial first set of people to enter the game. After a month had passed since the game server was released, they were transferred into the game through various means.

Through the eavesdropping, Liu Gan understood a little better about the conditions in the real world. The government couldn’t resist pressure from the civilians. As a result, San Xing Corporation was liquidated. All the executive or high ranking officials were arrested. There were rumors that some might be be given the death penalty.  

Trying to pacify the families of the missing players, the government paid compensation. However due to the continued disappearance of people, society was unstable. Many of the major urban cities imposed martial law. On top of that, the government issued discussion bans relating to The Trembling World. The day a discussion was uploaded online, the next day that person will be invited to coffee by government officials. 

“I don’t even play these type of games. My work revolves around computers, so I face these computer monitors day after day. That day, I was on the phone with my boss to discuss a work-related issue. I was typing into my email when a sudden popup interrupted me. The popup was about registering to The Trembling World!

“I couldn’t stop myself fast enough. Instinctively I clicked on it with my mouse. The next thing I knew, I was transferred here! The initial moments of arriving were really terrifying. Not too far from me were two zombies; the moment they saw me, they charged toward me. That was when I knew, I was a victim of this game…

“Immediately, I turned around to run, only to encounter another zombie. I fell onto the ground… Just as they closed in on me, several arrows shot the zombies in the head. Next walked over some players. At that moment, I thought they were more holy than angels.

“They were checked my wrist watch and then brought me to this Beginner Village. I can only say that I was really lucky. If it weren’t for them, I would’ve been dead,” a player loudly stated. 

“Yes! My situation wasn’t too different from yours. I was sitting in the train when I received a call from my girlfriend. As I was talking on the phone, there was a popup that made a weird noise and I clicked on it by accident… From my mistake, I was transferred here.

“I was transferred into a shopping mall. Everywhere were wandering zombies, I was so scared. I could only lock myself in a small room. I peeked through the window curtains to look outside, it was a good thing that the zombies didn’t discover me.

“Then there were a group of people that entered into the shopping mall, they were incredible. Every zombie they saw, they killed. It didn’t take long for them to kill all the zombies in the mall. As they were searching through the rooms, they found me and told me all about the existence of the Beginner Village. I was glad they brought me here!” explained another player talking about his experience.

“I came here in a different way,” another player finally opened up.

“How did you get here?” 

“I picked up a phone call from a number that I don’t recognize. The voice on the other end was a female voice. She accurately reported my name and address as well as my personal information like ID number. Then, she introduced me to the game.

“I had already read on the newspaper and internet about the The Trembling World game. I know that I am not supposed to click on the monitor or on the phone. So when she told me about the game, I thought she was joking with me.

“I was very bored at the moment, and her voice was soothing. So I decided to mess around with her for a bit longer. She asked me if I wanted to join The Trembling World? As long as I join the game, I could see her. I didn’t realize the consequences of my action, since I thought that I am not pressing on the monitor it wouldn’t matter. So I replied, ‘yeah, sure I will come find you’… The result was that I was dragged in here.

“I have terrible luck. My initial starting point was in the middle of a river. I am lucky I knew how to swim. I swam to shore as fast as I could. At that point, I was still puzzled about where I was. Looking around my surrounding, I saw the outline of a beautiful female with her back facing me. I patted her on the shoulder to see if she was the one who wanted to meet me…”

“She overpowered me after turning around. She opened up her mouth, getting ready to bite me. I was so frightened that I kicked her off of me. I realized everything was really odd when I noticed my wrist watch. That was when I knew I was trapped by the soothing female voice!” said the perverted man.

“How did you find out about the Beginner Village?” asked someone.

“After I killed the beautiful female zombie, I started wandering aimlessly. I picked up a broken iron rod and started killing isolated zombies. That was when I discovered that I could level up! Everything about my physical capabilities were enhanced! Walking through several streets, I started to notice logos pointing in the direction of the Beginner Village. Following the signs, I killed the zombies along my way here,” said the perverted man.

“You are incredible! You can survive alone and you found the Beginner Village by yourself!” said by several envious players.

“I was military trained before, so I have survival capability.”

“Is that right? Then please take care of us in the future!”

“That is a given! Since we share a community bedroom, you can call us brothers, it is a type of destiny to be able to meet. I will definitely take care of you!” the perverted man patted his own chest.

An hour of chatting unconsciously ended. Kong Mu came back to the community bedroom to call everyone out. He would lead them to the village’s training ground to start the afternoon lesson in fighting. 

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