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Chapter 344 - Divine Ground

TL: LifeisaJourney

“Hahahahaha… You think my dog will lose? You don’t know the limits of your ability! From what I can tell, you are delusional!” The bulky player stared at NaNa. From what he could tell, there was nothing special about the garden dog.

“Cut the bullshit, let the dog out to take care of them!” shouted the frustrated bystanders.

“Go! Bite that dog and then kill the man. Leave the woman for us!” the husky man ordered the Variant Tibetan Mastiff. 

Almost instantly, the Tibetan Mastiff started charging towards NaNa. NaNa obediently looked back at Yin He for orders. Yin He gave the green light to NaNa. These next events happened very quickly. NaNa disappeared and charged towards the Variant Mastiff.

Even without equipping its armor, NaNa still had steel bones, although it was impossible to tell with the naked eye. The dogs collided. Cheers started roaring out as the bystanders watched. They were expecting the Variant Tibetan Mastiff to take a big bite out of the garden dog. Little did they expect that the garden dog would be biting into the neck of the Tibetan Mastiff after a brief tangle. 

In front of their eyes was a Variant Tibetan Mastiff that should’ve had an overwhelming victory, since it was so fierce and huge. The opponent’s garden dog was small, but yet it held on to the neck of the Mastiff. No matter how hard the Variant Tibetan Mastiff tried to shake it off, NaNa didn’t let go. Eventually, NaNa bit through its neck. Its jugular severed, the Tibetan Mastiff lost consciousness and collapsed to the ground in a pool of blood. 

The once noisy cheering squad stopped abruptly; their massive Tibetan Mastiff was dead. It happened all too quickly, a truth that they were unable to accept. 

After finishing off the first Variant Tibetan Mastiff, NaNa charged at the second Variant Tibetan Mastiff, and tore out its throat before the bystanders were able to react.

“Kill it!” the bulky man finally cried out after his dogs had died. With their weapons in hand, the bystanders charged at NaNa.

NaNa promptly equipped its Spatial Armor and reverted back into its recognizably robotic dog look. NaNa opened its mouth to reveal its fierce set of metallic canine teeth. NaNa leapt back and forth between its enemies. The level 5 and under players all died from a single ripping bite or ripping claw. The level 6 players took two bites from NaNa due to their primitive Mist Armor. 

The level 7 player, the husky man, saw the situation and tried to escape. NaNa caught up to him and bit him on his leg. 

In a contest of strength, the husky player tried to punch NaNa off so he could escape, but with the Spatial Armor equipped, no signs of deformation affected NaNa at all. The husky player’s primitive Mist Armor shattered after a prolonged bite from NaNa. Finally, there was a snap as his leg broke. 

Liu Gan and Yin He walked over to look at the sorry state of the once-domineering player.

“Spare my life! Don’t let it bite me anymore!” the man cried out.

“What did you say before? ‘Bite that dog and then kill the man. Leave the woman for us!’ It was good that my dog won. If your dog won, then we would’ve been in your position. So why should I spare you now?” Liu Gan crouched down over the man.

“Buddy! No! I was just joking… Don’t take that too seriously… If you spare my life, my camp and all my lackeys, even my harem will be yours!” cried the man. The pain of his broken leg was too much for him to bear, he had to continue begging for mercy. He had no idea who his opponent was, and they were even able to hijack a robotic dog! This had to be a bug in the game, right?

“I am absolutely not interested in your trash. At all,” Liu Gan coldly replied. He waved his hand as a signal to NaNa to end the man’s life.  

As a level 7 player, leading a handful of level 6 and larger group of level 5 players, with two Variant Tibetan Mastiffs around, his camp had been considered an elite group. It could be said that they were one of the biggest forces of the Northern NinJing region. However, Liu Gan didn’t even need to participate. He simply ordered NaNa to take out the whole group. 

Resolving this short interlude, Liu Gan and Yin He charged deeper into the jungle woods to resolve his old dispute.

When Liu Gan tried to leave the jungle a week ago, he was fixated on reuniting urgently with Yin He. Overall, his temper had been very impatient and irritated. Now that he had met up with Yin He, he became much more relaxed and lively. 

When Liu Gan and his group left the bear’s den, it took them two days and a night to leave the jungle. With Yin He and NaNa, it only took them a day’s worth of time to return to the area near the cave. By this time, the Malevolent Bear had reclaimed its den. It was napping when it heard movement outside and smelled a familiar scent - Liu Gan. The Malevolent Bear rushed out and roared at the intruders. 

To the Malevolent Bear, these human intruders just didn’t know when to quit. They had occupied its nest for several days already. Why did they return? Could it be this cave was a divine ground and they wanted to claim it for the long term? Did they want to build a property on this ground? Was it even righteous? 

“Bite it!” Liu Gan ordered NaNa.

Even though Liu Gan was the one ordering NaNa, the command had to go through Yin He. Yin He and NaNa’s short range communication didn’t have to be verbal, it was transmitted instantly in real-time. From an outsider’s perspective, it seemed that Liu Gan ordered NaNa.  

Once NaNa received the order, she charged towards the Malevolent Bear. The Advanced Malevolent Bear was furious. Even though it couldn’t win against the humans, it had no idea why its opponents had sent out a garden dog to attack it. What was the point?

(Ed: This is one mightily overthinking high IQ bear.)

Thinking back on its past, from the sea to the jungle, the Malevolent Bear was the king beast. No matter which wild beast or variant beast saw it, they would retreat in respect and fear. How dare a small garden dog decide to challenge the king beast?!

By the time NaNa reached the proximal vicinity of the bear, NaNa was ordered to equip the Spatial Armor. Then, NaNa made a huge leap to bite onto the bear’s right front paw.

The Malevolent Bear was instantly in pain; it flung its foreleg around wildly, but it couldn’t remove NaNa. The bear tried to take a bite out of NaNa, but its teeth shattered. This was when the king beast started to panic. Who were these people that are so strong? They had been a persistent problem - like a wart! 

Liu Gan was standing far away on the side lines with his hands crossed. The Malevolent Bear saw Liu Gan and that was when it realized, Liu Gan must be interested in its territory.

That was the breaking point for the Malevolent Bear. It didn’t appreciate being looked down upon, but it didn’t want to play their game! The bear roared twice before it started running away from the fight.

Even if it intended to escape, NaNa was still stuck on the bear’s paw without any sign of letting go.

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