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Chapter 343 - Dog Fight

TL: LifeisaJourney

“I want to give you a son, a baby Gan…” Yin He rubbed her face on Liu Gan’s chest.

“Sounds good…” Liu Gan was stumped by her words. He had some regrets about whether what he had done was the right choice.

But, it felt really good.

“It is upsetting that I’m different from you. I can’t bear a child.” Yin He was depressed.

“It’s no matter, we can adopt one,” Liu Gan consoled Yin He.

“No, that’s not what I want. It isn’t the same, it isn’t baby Gan,” Yin He shook her head.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we are together. Whether we have a baby Gan, it doesn’t matter,” Liu Gan shook his head. He hadn’t realized how much he had enjoyed her company until the days when she was gone. Much of his time he had spent worrying about her. 

“Do you like NaNa?” Yin He asked Liu Gan. 

“Yes I like her, she is rather cute,” Liu Gan nodded.

“Then you can have a baby with her. She can bear children for you. I decided not to get jealous of you two. Since I can’ have your baby,” Yin He honestly replied.

“NaNa? Even if I like her, I don’t think she can give birth, right?” Liu Gan stared at the robot dog and quickly shook his head. 

“Haha, I didn’t finish! I meant Su Nina…” Yin He jokingly punched Liu Gan.

“Haha… Quit joking, I’m just friends with Su Nina. There’s no love between us. I only owe her a favor. I will only use my friendship to repay her and not with love. My love belongs to you and only you. There’s no room for me to share, so let’s not debate this anymore,” Liu Gan sternly replied.

“Brother Gan, I still feel that I am not worthy enough,” Yin He pouted with a depressed look.

“There’s no reason to feel so let down. You have returned to my side and that is God’s blessing to me. I thought I would be alone forever. I thought that I would have to search alone for the meaning of my life. It wasn’t until that moment when I was separated from you that I understood the true meaning of my life. It is to be with you. I want to be with you forever, without having the need to separate,” Liu Gan gently kissed Yin He’s cheeks.

“I’ve heard that a plasma spirit is the same age as the cosmos. I’ve wandered the cosmos for many years. I’ve lost most of my memory, so I don’t even know how I came about. I guess I am also searching for my meaning of life? Perhaps several million and millions of years ago, when the cosmos was born, I was already destined to meet you. You are the meaning to my life,” Yin He stared into Liu Gan’s eyes, as she closed in for a kiss.

“Woof Woof!”

NaNa was very bored as it waited for its owner. Being a single dog was a terrible feeling! Especially when the owners had no shame and continued with their conjugal relationship in public. 


It was very late by the time Liu Gan’s two hours of sexual activity had finished, plus he was traveling back and forth for most of the day. He really needed a good night’s sleep, and chose to stay in the town for the night. Night time wouldn’t be the ideal time for him to hunt the Advanced Malevolent Bear. 

As for the night guard duty, it was left for NaNa. Yin He was accompanying the sleeping Liu Gan. Even though she didn’t need to sleep, she loved the feeling of having an arm around her. 


The very next morning, Liu Gan was woken up by several dog barks. Outside of his cabin were several large dogs. Liu Gan casually walked out with Yin He, and they saw that there were also several cars parked nearby.

Standing by the parked cars were a dozen men. There was a bulky man that stood out the most, and in his hands were two leashes. Each of the leashes was attached to a nasty looking Tibetan Mastiff. From the looks of it, the dogs had been mutated by the virus. These dogs must have been tamed by someone’s [Tamer] ability. That [Tamer] ability had to be high level, since they could control two Variant Tibetan Mastiffs.

The two Variant Tibetan Mastiffs released a low growl at NaNa, looking ready to tear NaNa apart. NaNa retaliated with barks of her own. NaNa still had the order that limited her radius of movement, since she was still in guard duty mode. 

“Boss, it is him! He killed several of our brethren and ran off! I saw him ride back here on the motorcycle. I didn’t think we would be able to catch him!” shouted a nearby player, pointing at Liu Gan. 

Along the route to the city center, Liu Gan had killed several people during their ambush attempts. Liu Gan didn’t have the time to chase after the ones that escaped alive. These people wanted to avenge their fallen comrades.

“Are you stupid? We only wanted money from our roadblock. How dare you kill so many of our brethren! How do you think we should resolve this!?” shouted by the bulky male player holding the Mastiffs.

“How do you want to settle this?” Liu Gan looked at the dog master.

“You have a dog, too? How about this. I won’t bully you. We can settle this with a dog fight. If your dog loses, you will kowtow toward us a hundred times, cut off your arms and legs and blind yourself. After that, I will take good care of your lady. Hahaha…” said the dog handler. He had caught sight of Yin He. 

The lackeys around him starting chuckling evilly.

These players were elites and they were out for blood. With two Variant Tibetan Mastiffs, they considered their combat strength unbeatable. Their enemies were only two players and a dog, without any backup, in this isolated town. 

They had arrived in front of the house that Liu Gan was staying at. They looked around the area suitable for a dog fight. The dog fight suggestion was a way to embarrass the owner. A Variant Tibetan Mastiff against a garden dog? Even without any hidden abilities, NaNa had a smaller stature, so she didn’t look like a contender. 

“You want to have a dog fight?” When Liu Gan heard the suggestion, he couldn’t contain his laughter.

“You don’t dare? If you don’t want to fight, then just get on your knees! You killed my people and then hooked up with this beautiful girl. You have guts to do something this bold!” the dog handler retorted.

“We can have a dog fight, but what happens if your dog loses?” Liu Gan asked. Yin He walked up to join Liu Gan. When she was around, Liu Gan found it easier to calm down. These people didn’t know what was good for them if they were picking a fight against him. Instead, he would enjoy this small diversion. 

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