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Chapter 342 - Reunion

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“NaNa!” Liu Gan hugged the robot dog in surprise. He looked around to see if Yin He was nearby.

She couldn’t possibly hide in order to surprise him later, right? That type of joke wasn’t her style.

After NaNa came running down the stairs, he still didn’t see Yin He anywhere. He was disappointed. If she was here, she would be the first one to hug him and not jokingly hide around.

Could she have encountered something unexpected, and ordered NaNa to come here instead?

“Woof Woof!”

NaNa barked twice, then from dimensional space it equipped the full body armor to revive the look of a robotic dog. From both eyes, it shot out ionized projector lights, and the 3D image of Yin He appeared.

“Brother Gan, I’ve waited here for more than ten days. I believe in your abilities, but it is too long for you to reach here. Unless something has happened, I’m getting worried. So I decided to return back to the sea to find you…” 

“NaNa and I can communicate through a temporary quantum communication technology. If you reached the meet up point and find NaNa, say to her ‘Open Communications’. She will open a channel with me. Half a minute should be rather safe before they can detect it…” 

“Brother Gan, please don’t let anything happen to you…”

Hearing Yin He leave this depressing voice message, Liu Gan felt relieved. Nothing happened to her, she was just worried so she returned back to the sea to find him.

“NaNa, open communications,” Liu Gan quickly said to the dog.

It didn’t take very long for NaNa and Yin He to open up a communication channel. Yin He’s 3D projection appeared on the floor in front of NaNa. Only this time it wasn’t a recorded message, it was a live image. He was unsure of what technology it relied on, but it also displayed her surroundings. 

She was at the town on the outskirts of the jungle investigating the clues that Liu Gan had left behind, namely the zombie bodies that Liu Gan had killed mercilessly. 

“I’ve arrived at the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center with NaNa,” Liu Gan quickly informed Yin He.

“Brother Gan, wait for me, I will return to you quickly,” Yin He excitedly replied.

From the moment they’d met, they had never been apart for this long. In fact, this was the first time they’d been separated.

“No, you stay there. I will come find you. There’s something I need to finish in the jungle,” Liu Gan replied.

“Okay, I will wait for you.” Yin He nodded. For safety’s sake, it was best to halt the quantum communication before it was intercepted.

“Congratulations Elder Liu, you found vice-leader He!” Han GuangMing quickly spoke up. Han GuangMing knew how much Yin He meant to Liu Gan, even he felt terrible when he didn’t see her waiting in the chamber. 

Liu Gan hadn’t been happy since he woke up from the sea. Even though his personality was rather antisocial, he still preferred the company of Yin He. Han GuangMing knew that fact and it pained him to see Liu Gan so depressed.

“I will return to kill the Advanced Bear and avenge the two scientists! You can stay here for now, once I am finished with my task I will reunite with you!” Liu Gan ordered Han GuangMing. 

Revenge was one reason. But since they hadn’t met many Advanced monsters yet, being able to kill the Malevolent Bear would be a power spike in his leveling up. It was possible for him to level up to 10. Once he reached level 10, it was the beginning of a new stage. He would be able to compete against the beta players.

“Elder Liu, can I come with you?” Han GuangMing asked.

“No, you won’t be able to keep up with my speed. I want to get there at top speed,” Liu Gan shook his head.

“Okay!” Han GuangMing sensed something else was going on, so he didn’t persist. 

Elder Liu had been apart from Vice-leader He for so long, they must want to meet up as quickly as possible. When they met up, if they did anything, they wouldn’t want any bystanders to bother them. It would be best if they had some time alone.

After arranging tasks for Han GuangMing and the others to accomplish while he was absent, Liu Gan departed with NaNa. They frantically rushed out. Every obstacle that was in the way was either ran over or kicked aside. As for the regular zombies along the route, he didn’t even bother wasting time to kill them. Like a speeding tank, he smashed into them and continued on out towards the outskirts of the city.

Arriving at the outskirts, Liu Gan reclaimed the motorcycle that he had stashed away earlier. Refueling the motorcycle, he rode away in the direction of the small town.

NaNa didn’t get on the motorcycle, she easily paced  the riding Liu Gan. The dog must have suppressed her speed earlier, when Liu Gan was running on foot. 

It was at least a hundred kilometers from the Northern district from the sea to the edge of the jungle. Liu Gan had meandered through the forest, wasting a lot of time and effort; two days of wandering, to be exact. However, now that he had been there and back, he knew the approximate area to head towards. Within a mere three hours, he was able to return to the town on the outskirts of the jungle.

Upon hearing the roaring engine of the motorcycle and feeling NaNa’s transmission signal closing in, Yin He walked out to the town’s entrance to greet them. When Liu Gan saw Yin He, he got off the motorcycle immediately and ran towards her. He really wanted to hug her so when their bodies collided… it resulted in a loud ‘bang’ as the nearby cracked walls fell. It was a truly romantic scene where the ground was shaking and walls collapsing. 

Liu Gan held Yin He in his arms and moved in for the kiss on her lips.

Yin He closed her eyes…

As for what happened after that, one can take a guess.


Two strenuous hours later...

“I heard that Lee Miao is pregnant,” Yin He replied as she was still within his arms.

“Ah?” Liu Gan didn’t think that Yin He was capable of this topic.

“She said she will help Zhang ShengLi give birth to a son…” Yin He continued.

“Yeah, that is the product of their love,” Liu Gan nodded. He had just exhausted most of this stamina, so he was sweating profusely .

“If I was a normal person, then… what we did, could I also bear a child?” Yin He giggled.

“Ah… hmm…” Liu Gan had no idea how to answer this question.

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