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Chapter 341 - Violent Journey

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The precipice was rugged in between rocks, making it difficult to rappel. The best place to rappel down the facing was near the path of the waterfall. The view of the waterfall was breathtaking. However, rappelling down in the middle of the waterfall, you could feel the full force of the water pressure that made it impossible for people to breathe. 

In addition, the surface of the rocks were very slippery, making it hard to get a good footing. The vine ropes were soaked with water, making it hard to get a grip. But under Liu Gan’s guidance, everyone slid down the rope without much issue.

At the base of the waterfall, another stream formed, flowing into a larger river. Liu Gan used a stone to hammer onto his dagger like an axe. Using this method, he chopped down a number of straight trees. After trimming the branches and twigs, Liu Gan aligned the trees. The vines were used to hold the trees together and form a raft.

When they sat down on the raft, night was falling and they would be traveling in the dark. For safety’s sake, they had to move slowly. 

After two days of traveling, they finally left the woods. Liu Gan’s guess proved correct, this direction of travel didn’t lead back to the sea. It was heading inland away from the sea. There was a small town that was right on the outskirts of the jungle. 

After a brief rest, Liu Gan disembarked from the raft to scout the town. With the rest of the team, they investigated the area. They killed several hundred regular zombies and a few variant zombies. Jiang JinYuan made level 6. In the town, they found several motorcycles. After refueling them, Liu Gan’s group headed toward the city nonstop. 

It wouldn’t be too long before Liu Gan could see Yin He. Liu Gan was riding the motorcycle violently, there were three separate occasions where people had set up an ambush on both sides of the street. Since Liu Gan wanted to return to the city as quickly as possible, he killed them without mercy, riding through the blockades without much problem. 

Except for any beta players, Liu Gan didn’t believe that at the present stage other players would prove much of a threat.

Liu Gan was definitely not familiar with the countryside of the southern region. He couldn’t suppress his urges. He kept circling the area, and after spending a day and night, he returned to the outskirts of Nin Jing city. After parking their motorcycles properly, he returned to a familiar block. It was the very starting point where he transferred in: San Xing Corporation’s Biochemistry Intelligence Research building. 

The building was in front of the city plaza. The only thing left standing was the pillar, the billboard was gone. All that was left of the billboard were twisted metal bars. At least a hundred zombies were scattered around the plaza. When they saw the new group, they quickly charged, trying to surround them. Compared to the time when Liu Gan first entered The Trembling World, their bodies looked withered, but they could still move very quickly. 

Although these undying zombies didn’t match up with logic. Liu Gan didn’t really care about the details on how these zombies moved. In the end, he treated it as a game.

After the members set up their battle formation, it didn’t take them long to kill all of the zombies on the plaza. Liu Gan was deeply moved. Compared with the time when he first transferred in, he was doing incredibly well. With Liu Gan’s current condition, these normal zombies were killed as easily as ants. 

During his initial startup, he nearly died here. If not for the billboard, he would’ve been surrounded by the corpse tide. He hadn’t had anywhere else to escape. 

From the moment he transferred into The Trembling World, two months had passed by. The real world was becoming further and further away. To him, the Trembling World was more realistic. It was as if everything here was more real. 

In the end, which was the true real world? No one could say for sure.

“Of course, when I came here with you, we used your PDA to open several door locks…” Liu Gan explained to Jiang JinYuan while walking. Liu Gan explained that situation as a trigger for Jiang JinYuan’s memory.

“In the dark, there was a Variant Zombie that attacked us. You were stabbed through the heart, I couldn’t react in time to save you. So…” Liu Gan explained how he found Yin He in the underground chamber, and about Jiang JinYuan’s death. 

“The PDA has all my data? I didn’t know that.” Jiang JinYuan was surprised at the revelation. 

“Su Nina explained that the data was part of a special type of installation. Once it returns to your body, it cannot be reused. So, now that you’ve revived once, your next time won’t be as easy,” Liu Gan nodded.

“Ah… No matter what, I am very grateful for you. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve been dead. I can’t accomplish the job given to me by the company,” Jiang JinYuan sighed.

“We would have revived your original physique and looks, but your original body was too weak. That body had a high chance of cancer. Even its innate leveling ability was too low. You weren’t that… handsome. Adding to the other conditions, recreating a new body would’ve taken three days. We didn’t have enough time. So we had to find a body replacement instead. I can’t explain the rest of the details to you,” Liu Gan added.

“This is good, I would never have thought that I would be this handsome with a good physique. I’m full of energy and I don’t have to worry about cancer… The problem is when I return back to the real world, my wife and daughter won’t be able to recognize me… Ah… No matter what, with this handsome face, I won’t feel so inferior.” 

Now that Liu Gan had explained everything to Jiang JinYuan, he fell silent. They’d arrived at the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center, and walked all the way down to the underground chamber. The problem was that Yin He was still missing. 

Han GuangMing and the others sensed something was wrong when they arrived to an empty chamber. Even though they didn’t say anything, they knew that Yin He was separated from Liu Gan by the attack from the fighter airship. No one knew her whereabouts; could she have been captured by the Armored Warriors after the fight?

The fighter airship was very prepared for the fight. It had the devastating destructive force of the dimensional bomb that could easily shatter the protective armor of the warriors. 

When Liu Gan felt as if his mood was at its lowest, from the top of the stairs, was a loud barking sound. Liu Gan saw that it was a garden dog that pounced towards him. 

Without a doubt, this was the robotic dog NaNa!

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