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Chapter 337 - Fierce Battle

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The Advanced Malevolent Bear took a huge chunk starting from Wei Liang’s left shoulder, right down to his right lung chamber. Wei Liang unleashed a horrific cry like a broken bellow.

After Liu Gan finished exterminating the two Variant Wolves closest to him, he rushed over. Only through multiple enhancements to his eyes was he able to see a blurry presence of the Advanced Bear moving around in the dark. Equally important was his keen sense of smell that locked onto the bear’s distinct fishy scent. Then Liu Gan charged over in its direction with the intention of casting [Psychic Shock] when he got closer.

The furious Malevolent Bear was stopped in mid-action, Liu Gan hopped onto the neck of the bear like a piggy back ride. Without any hesitation, Liu Gan used his dagger to stab deep into the bear’s eyes.

In the real world, facing off against these wild bears would be suicidal if escape was not an option, especially if the person didn't have any long range weapon, like a spear or iron bat. Now that the bear was blinded, there was a higher chance of survival. This was the extent of what Liu Gan could do for now, whether it would be effective was still too early to tell.

The dagger was halfway into the bear’s eye socket, unable to go deeper in. Liu Gan tried to scoop out the contents of the eyeball to blind the Malevolent Bear. Like stabbing a dense log, the dagger wasn’t able to penetrate deeper. Liu Gan couldn’t pull the eyeball out! 

The Malevolent Bear didn’t suffer much from the [Psychic Shock], it recovered quickly. While Liu Gan was riding on him, it frantically tried to claw him off. Liu Gan predicted this would happen, but he couldn’t react fast enough to dodge the claws widespread reach. As a result, he was caught and dragged onto the ground. The Malevolent Bear lunged forward to take a bite out of the fresh meat. 

Liu Gan stuck out his arm to shield the important parts of his body. The bear bit onto Liu Gan’s arm. His [Mist Armor] was still effective and the composition of the alloy arm prevented Liu Gan from losing a piece of it.

The bear grew even more infuriated, clawing at different areas of Liu Gan’s body. Then it tried to smash Liu Gan onto nearby rocks, trees and sharp edges. Finally, it tried to body-slam Liu Gan, borrowing its overwhelming body weight. 

While Liu Gan had one of his arm pinned by the bear’s mouth, and his body was flung around, his free hand was jabbing at the wounded eye. After a dozen or so strikes to the eye, the Malevolent Bear couldn’t handle the pain. It released Liu Gan from its grip, and picked up Wei Liang and the woman’s corpses off the ground as it escaped into the woods. 

This Malevolent Bear’s strength was far stronger than Liu Gan. It also displayed signs of intelligence. After tasting Liu Gan’s cold skin texture it determined that the meal wasn’t worth fighting for, so it fled. On top of that, its eye injury was very painful. 

Due to the power behind the attack, if the battle had continued, Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] would have shattered.

While Liu Gan and the Bear were fighting, Han GuangMing and others had killed several more Variant Beasts. Once the remaining beasts noticed that their companions were being slaughtered, they scattered away in panic. 

“Elder Liu! I’m level 6 now!” shouted Han GuangMing in the darkness.

Liu Gan didn’t respond back.

“Elder Liu?”

Han GuangMing sensed that something was wrong, they quickly searched the ground floor by feeling around. Finally, in a puddle of rainwater, they found someone that resembled Liu Gan, unconscious. 

When Liu Gan was escaping the underwater base, he suffered from the aftershock of the dimensional bomb and burns from the lasers. His body was heavily injured in many parts, with deep lacerations and multiple bone fractures. Even with an impressive recovery rate, he didn’t wake up until after three days and three nights of rest. While he was in the internal cavity of the smaller jellyfish, the jellyfish had secreted large amount of mucus to help coagulate his wounds. Due to the severity of the wounds, he still wasn’t completely healed by the time he woke up. 

This last battle against the Advanced Malevolent Bear opened up all the barely healed wounds on his body. Fresh blood leaked from his injuries. If there was even a streak of light going through the canopy, it was possible to see Liu Gan’s body submerged under water with the water dyed red.

Han GuangMing and the others picked up Liu Gan out of the puddle, they headed to a large tree with a wide canopy and laid him down on the trunk. 

“Elder Liu, how are you?” Han GuangMing asked again.

“My wound… is still open…” Liu Gan feebly replied.

“What do I need to do to stop the bleeding?” Han GuangMing quickly replied.

“It’s still raining, and you don’t have the tools to suture it up…lay me flat on the ground and use mud on the wound,” Liu Gan replied.

“Then? What happens after that? Elder Liu… it doesn’t seem to stop the bleeding!” Han GuangMing screamed as he pressed the mud against the open wound.

“Then… it’s up to God,” Liu Gan whispered as he fainted.

“Elder Liu!” Han GuangMing was tearing up. Ever since he had joined up, he had never seen Liu Gan this weak. Even more rare was hearing him say ‘it’s up to God’. In his heart, Elder Liu was the most capable person of leading them out of this world or any difficult situation. 

But now, even this strong person had to leave things up to fate. 

“Zhao Meng and Young Gao, go collect some dry firewood. Jiang JinYuan, go collect leaves, I want to create a makeshift shed.” Han GuangMing calmed himself down as he ordered the remaining three people around him. At this point, the most reasonable thing to do is to create a warm environment to help Liu Gan recover.

Liu Gan had lost too much blood, so he was in an extremely weakened state. After his last words with Han GuangMing, he passed out. By the time he woke up, it was the afternoon of the following day.

Even though his body was weak, everything felt cold; the cold caused his body to keep shivering to keep warm. However, Liu Gan discovered that it wasn’t the weather that was cold, but his body temperature was lower than the surroundings. He had a high fever. 

“Elder Liu? Are you awake?” Han GuangMing was emotionally wrought. 

Liu Gan tried to move his lips, but no words came out. His throat was swelling with pain, and aside from his limbs, everything else hurt. 

[TL: Young Gao is the remaining scientist with Wei Liang]

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