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Chapter 336 - Advanced Malevolent Bear

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Like a veil that was lifted, the darkness was removed and the surroundings were visible. There were beasts with black eyes with red or green pupils that were staring back at the group.

The closest to the group was a pack of wolves.

As it got darker, there were more shadows surrounding the bonfire by the edges of the jungle. Even the shadows seem larger than before. Rustling noises of gathering beasts were quite loud. Even though it was quite loud, they weren’t of any concern to Liu Gan yet. The only beast that bothered Liu Gan was the roar of the bear.

When Liu Gan first sensed the presence of the bear, he knew that the bear was dangerous. It could be an advanced beast, but it had just watched them from afar. It was still waiting for its opportunity when other beasts surrounded the camp, and that was when the bear decided to close in. 

As it started charging, Liu Gan could smell the fishy stench in the air coming from the bear. The sense of danger was getting stronger; it was definitely an advanced beast. It didn’t bother to attack before, so it must have some level of intelligence. It was waiting for other beasts to attack to measure the capabilities of the people. 

Kingler was quite powerful, Liu Gan had already experienced its strength before. An intelligent bear would be quite a formidable foe. 

The members had stacked up a pile of firewood, it would be enough to last throughout the night. Their main concern now would be if these beasts weren’t afraid of fire and might charge in without regard. 

Anything was possible.

Soon, this wasn’t even their main concern.

The sky opened up, and it suddenly started raining.

“It is over...We are dead!” Wei Liang and Zhao Meng started panicking when they felt the raindrops.

Between the beasts and them, were only these bonfires. These bonfires would’ve been enough of a deterrent from them getting closer.

The problem was that it was starting to rain!

There is a saying that one door closes, another door opens. In this situation, it seems that all doors were closed! 

These members had experienced this weather before. There was no such thing as small showers in the Trembling World. If it was going to rain, it would be a thunderstorm. It wouldn’t be long before that happened. Right now, the rain droplets weren’t affecting the bonfires too much, but if it persisted then it would easily drench the firewood and put out the fires. 

The moment the fires were put out, then there would be nothing standing between them and the beasts. To fight against them in a battle would be suicide. There were seven of them, and at least twenty beasts circling the bonfires.

The veil of darkness and jungle were their territory.

“We must leave this area before the thunderstorm!” Liu Gan announced as he surveyed his surroundings.

“Where can we go?” The members waved around their torches, their faces filled with dread. With the beasts lurking in the shadows, it would be even scarier without the protection of the bonfires. 

“No matter where we go, as long as it is not here. We will be waiting to die if we stay here,” Liu Gan calmly replied. Liu Gan didn’t have absolute confidence that he would be able to survive in this situation.

It didn’t take too long for the thunderstorm to arrive. Even under the canopy of the trees, the raindrops were forming a streamline as they trickled down. Two bonfires were put out by the rainwater. 

Several Variant Wolves charged over from the direction of where the bonfires were put out.

Han GuangMing had a rock in hand and threw it. Instantly, a ray of light like a meteor pierced through the wolf’s brain. 

The momentum of the dead Variant Wolf’s body sent it sliding on the ground. Other variant wolves continued stepping on their dead companion as they charged at the humans. At the same time, other fires also started to go out. Now it was close to pitch black, where they could no longer see their fingers in front of them.

Soon more of the circling pack of Variant Wolves started to attack, as well as Variant Boars and Variant Monkeys that closed in on the humans.

Liu Gan waved his dagger around as he dodged left and right from two wolves attacking, and counter-attacked. Liu Gan cleanly sliced through the wolves’ brains. As for the other team members, they could only rely on their own abilities and the battle formation. Each of the team members were quite capable in their own way, as they had enhanced vision, hearing and sense of smell.

Fighting in the darkness was quite fair, since with these enhanced capabilities they weren’t weak against the Variant beasts. It was just that they hadn’t had a chance to experience fighting in the dark.

“Use all your senses! Hearing and smell! If you can’t see, they can’t either!” Liu Gan shouted as he killed another wolf.

Liu Gan couldn’t see the wolves, but he moved in response to the activity on the ground. He could smell the odor coming off the body of an animal. As the wolves moved, they created a change in the wind pattern and Liu Gan could reach out to snap their necks. 

Just as Liu Gan had said, the members had underestimated their own abilities, even though the Variant beasts occupied the upper hand of having more numbers and this was their territory. Facing this desperate situation, the members can only hold onto their fury and fight.

After listening to Liu Gan’s words, they focused on their hearing and smell to compensate for their lack of sight. After a short while, seven or eight Variant Beasts were defeated. The majority of the kills were from Liu Gan, but the remaining were from the combined efforts of the group.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The team members were holding on to their anger as they celebrated their temporary victory against the Variant Beasts. It didn’t seem that the beasts were as scary as they had imagined...

That is, until the appearance of the Advanced Malevolent Bear.

In the darkness, a figure around three meters tall started charging over. It chose to appear behind one of the women scientists. By the time she reacted, a bear claw was deeply embedded into her chest. The bear pulled out her heart and a large part of her chest.

When the woman looked down at the painful hole missing from her chest, she couldn’t see anything in the dark, but she lost consciousness. 

The Malevolent Bear ate the flesh from its claw. It became more berserk and started charging on all fours. It charged at Wei Liang, who was running away in panic. 

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