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Chapter 329 - Getting to shore

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Taking advantage of the extra time bought by the selfless destruction of the sea creature, every jellyfish of any size under Su Nina’s control was swimming over to the underwater base. They quickly lined up their internal cavities with the openings to the isolation chambers to stop the flooding.

“Our Nightmare Jellyfish was being tracked! This time it is a large fighter airship! They want to destroy us all! Quickly escape in the Nightmare Jellyfish, it will take you away from here! I will be bait for the fighter airship!” Su Nina shouted to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan and Han GuangMing quickly carried the newly born Jiang JinYuan over to the cavity of a small jellyfish. Liu Gan left Jiang JinYuan in the hands of Zhao Meng and Han GuangMing. Then, Liu Gan, Yin He, and her robotic dog departed in another jellyfish.

The moment Liu Gan entered into the cavity of the jellyfish, a few more laser shots penetrated through the underwater base. With those few shots, the entire laboratory was nearly filled with water. Unexpectedly, one of the lasers struck the jellyfish that Liu Gan and Yin He were in. The small Jellyfish was fatally wounded and water started rushing into the cavity.

“If we separate, then meet up at the first place we saw each other!” Liu Gan said to Yin He as he held her hands.

Yin He didn’t have time to respond, as a dimensional bomb was shot out from the fighter airship. The reality-ripping bomb was specifically targeting the base and when it exploded, the force of impact blew apart several jellyfish. With Yin He and Liu Gan’s wounded jellyfish being the closest, the Jellyfish’s body was fried. Meanwhile, Liu Gan, Yin He, and the dog were swept away by the current.

A nearby jellyfish swam as hard as it could against the current to open up its cavity to take in Liu Gan. Then it swam as fast as it could toward the shore. Suffering from the continuous bombardment of lasers and the dimensional bomb, Liu Gan was in critical condition as he passed out.

Meanwhile at Green Pao Bay…

The Serenity airship was no longer docked at the pier. The entire pier was in complete disorder. There was debris littered everywhere. The structures on the pier were collapsed, this was all due to the self-destruction of the airship underwater. The explosion caused a tsunami that destroyed everything along the shore. All the ships were swallowed up by the sea.

Located several kilometers away from the pier was the familiar round hull of Serenity, stuck between two giant rocks. Even though, the hull was breached in many places, Treadmill and his men disembarked from the ship. They all looked like they’d been through hell, but no one was seriously injured.

Prior to the tsunami, several members felt the tremor. Other members saw the hundred-meter high wave from a distance, so they were able to prepare for impact. They secured themselves to the body of the ship. Since Serenity airship was round hulled, it kept rolling over with the waves of the sea. That was until it got stuck between two gigantic rocks at an elevated place that held it in place, but they were several kilometers away from their starting point when that happened.

These members that remained on Serenity airship experienced the tormenting sea. They were rather lucky to be able to secure themselves in time, so no one was seriously injured. Through [Treatment] by Therapist Huang WeiTao, they were as good as new. The only thing they could do now was see if they could salvage the communication device from Serenity airship. That way they could contact the Prison Compound. Then they could wait for rescue and for Elder Liu’s return to shore.

Liu Gan was able to return to shore, but not by Green Pao Bay. Liu Gan was closer to Northern Ninjing City.

After losing consciousness, Liu Gan had many dreams. The feeling was like he had lost a lot of time, as if it was several years long…

By the time he woke up, Liu Gan felt the warmth of the sun and the penetrating rays of sunlight.

Was this a dream? Did he return to the real world through death?

Sitting upright, Liu Gan looked around to see Han GuangMing, Zhao Meng, and a blank-looking Jiang JinYuan. There was also Wei Liang, and a male and female scientist present. With that information, Liu Gan realized he hadn’t died yet.

However, the sunlight was real. It was slowly warming up his body, as his clothes were soaked through.

“Elder Liu? Are you awake?” Han GuangMing happily shouted out.

“Ah…” Liu Gan tried his best to sit up. Several parts of his body were in pain. Looking carefully, he discovered that those areas were from severe burns and lacerations. Even though the wounds were huge, they were starting to heal already.

First the laser penetrated through Liu Gan’s [Mist Armor] and left behind the burning injuries, followed by the dimensional bomb that shattered the body armor created from Kingler’s carapace. Through the dual protection of [Mist Armor] and Kingler’s body armor, Liu Gan was able to survive by a thread. Surviving through two explosions, aside from his alloy limbs, his body’s internal organs should be severely wounded.

“Little He?” Liu Gan asked Han GuangMing.

“A small jellyfish sent you onto the shore, I haven’t seen Vice-Leader He or the dog NaNa…” Han GuangMing reported back.

“How long was I asleep for?” Liu Gan asked.

“Three days and three nights,” Han GuangMing replied.

“For three days, she didn’t return back to shore?” Liu Gan quickly looked out to the sea. The earpiece that he used to communicate with Yin He, was lost in the explosion. There was no way for him to communicate with her.

Even if the earpiece was gone, it was only effective within several hundred meters.

“Perhaps, Vice-Leader He was able to climb ashore somewhere else…” Han GuangMing tried to comfort Liu Gan.

“What is this place? Why is there sunlight?” Liu Gan asked as he looked around. With the separation of Yin He, they would have to meet at the location where they first met. That would be San Xing Corporation’s Biochemical Intelligence Research Center. If she was safe and sound, they would be able to meet up again.

This coastline was similar to the one in the south by the seaside base camp. Both had a small sandy beach, while surrounded by steep cliffs and precipitous rock faces. Right behind the beach was a jungle. With the sun shining down, the temperature was at least mid-twenty degrees celsius. It didn’t quite seem as cold as it was in the south. This polar opposite was very strange.

Under normal conditions, the north should be colder than the south. The jungle was proof that this weather didn’t match logic.

“Elder Liu, do you see that hole in the sky? Breaking through the layer of cloud was a strange circular shape. Through that opening, the sunshine was able to reach this area. So everyday, for several hours, there would be sunlight. That was enough for this jungle to grow naturally,” Han GuangMing explained the phenomenon to Liu Gan.


“At this location, there would be such a big opening in the layer of clouds, enough for sunlight to pass through? This is too unfathomable!” Liu Gan frowned slightly.

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