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Chapter 328 - Fighting Alongside

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

My birthday week so I decided to release a few extra chapters!

“Two nights ago, when my Nightmare Jellyfish was located near Green Pao Bay by a certain airship, I was able to capture a dozen specimens. I fed their souls to the Nightmare Jellyfish to increase the power of its ability. Their soulless bodies are also stored within the Nightmare Jellyfish’s internal cavity. I can rewrite their memories at anytime for me to use.

“Recently, I needed a large amount of healthy human specimens for me to run my experimental trials. It was the night before yesterday that I sent my Nightmare Jellyfish to venture in the area. When I found out that it hadn’t returned from its mission, I discovered that you were mentioned throughout the dreamland. Even though it wasn’t your dreamland, it was the collective imagination that others had of you…

“So I sent several puppets onboard to check out the situation. I discovered that you had an Armored Warrior nearby and since the laboratory has the encrypted channels, I was able to send out an SOS signal in the vicinity, and that is how I lured you here.

“When I first saw you in our private dreamland, I was really happy. Since I am not in my original body, I was afraid that I would humiliate myself in front of you… So even in the dreamland, I wanted to seduce you and get closer to you… But instead I was just killed by you. That was a very embarrassing turn of events… I don’t regret it though, since I love you. You are still cold as ever, but you are still living cleanly and honestly. In this world, you are perfect…

“You aren’t like me, I am created through human modifications…

“My cousin Su Sou has a terrible personality. She doesn’t deserve you. When you were at your most vulnerable period, she never stood by your side cheering you on. She abandoned you and started fooling around with other people. I look down on people like her…

“When I heard you were in a terrible accident, I only wanted to stay by your side but I didn’t have that chance.

“I know that you don’t have feelings for me the same way I have for you, but my feelings are very real. I am telling you all this because I really want to stay by your side. I don’t have any bad intentions! My infatuation with you took up most of my teenage years. It is also because of you that I worked very hard. I haven’t allowed myself to take it easy.” Su Nina finally stopped her side of the story.

Liu Gan stared at Su Nina for a long while. He opened up his mouth, but he didn’t know what were the appropriate words to say.

An obsessed woman that was borderline crazy, it really wasn’t a good thing. Right now, Liu Gan really wanted to ask Su Nina… What do you like about me? What can I change about it?

“Will you let me kiss you?” Su Nina proposed to Liu Gan.

“My heart has someone already,” Liu Gan rejected Su Nina.

“Can you tell me who she is?” Su Nina looked at Liu Gan with teary eyes.

“I can’t be with you, so I can’t promise you anything. I really have to thank you for your help thus far. If you don’t want to continue helping me after this, I understand. I won’t force you to do anything against your wishes. I might be perfect in your heart, but that isn’t the real me. I’m sorry to disappoint you,” Liu Gan didn’t want to reveal Yin He’s identity yet. The feelings that he had for her couldn’t be described to outsiders.

No one, including Liu Gan himself, would’ve thought that he would develop feelings for Yin He. Even though these feelings were just at the infancy stage, he would remain loyal to her.

“If you don’t want to say it, then I’ll accept that. No matter who she is, I know that she must be the luckiest woman in the world. I wish you and her the good fortune. Brother Liu, I really, really love you,” Su Nina started crying.

“I also wish that you will be able to find your other half,” Liu Gan replied back.

“I will help you revive your friend, then send you back to shore. It will take some time for me to recover from the painful heartbreak, but my memories of you are perfect. I will store it at the bottom of my heart. Afterwards, I will begin a new chapter of my life,” Su Nina wiped away her tears.

“You are an outstanding person, I believe you have goals of your own. Achieve those goals and that should be your new starting point,” Liu Gan added.

“I love the feeling of fighting alongside you. Thank you Brother Liu, I will see you later.” Su Nina started dissipating into bright white lights and scattered into the environment.

Liu Gan heard sounds of metal parts banging into each other, when he slowly regained senses. He was very dizzy, the sensation was as if he had slept for a really long time… By the time he woke up, the Nightmare Jellyfish had already docked at the pier of the northern underwater base. Everyone was preparing to enter into the isolation chamber.

“How long have I slept?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“Very long. Did you dream?” Yin He replied.

“I’m not too sure… I can’t recall the details.” Liu Gan held Yin He’s hand, as Su Nina caught a glimpse from afar.

Su Nina looked strangely at Yin He. Ultimately, she didn’t say anything. She led the scientists into the underwater laboratory.

This base was a lot smaller than the base at Green Pao Bay. The surface area that it covered was less than half a soccer field, so there weren’t many laboratories.

After discussions with Liu Gan, Su Nina chose the new body for Jiang JinYuan. It was one of the bodies stored inside the Nightmare Jellyfish’s internal cavity. The body  was very athletic and had a handsome look. This would allow the new Jiang JinYuan to move faster than his former self. In half an hour, Jiang JinYuan’s memory database was transferred into the new body. Using cloning technology to create a Jiang JinYuan that looked exactly like before would’ve taken more than a few days.

Men usually preferred themselves to be more handsome and fit, right? In addition, Jiang JinYuan’s former body had the potential danger of cancer and low leveling potential. With his new body, he should be more able to survive in The Trembling World.

“This is him, are you sure that is him?” Liu Gan looked at the newly revived Jiang JinYuan after he ‘rebirthed’. There was still suspicions in Liu Gan’s head of whether or not it would work.

“That I don’t know, I only focused on the technological aspect of recreating him. As for the ethical aspect, that should be left for the philosophers to debate,” Su Nina gave an ambiguous answer.

Just as everyone else was busy moving into their new base, several lasers penetrated through the walls of the base at different places, and water poured into the rooms. The entire base echoed with warning sirens.

A strange looking sea creature rose from the nearby seabed, it charged toward the large airship that was approaching the underwater base. Like a moth attracted to the light, it stood in the way of the airship and the laboratory. The large airship shot several more lasers and exploded the sea creature into pieces. 

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