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Chapter 319 - Give Up

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Beautiful girl, will you take it off now? If you don’t continue, would you rather that I continue to kill your co-workers one by one before you take it off? Until both of us are the only ones that remain. By then, the floor will be covered with blood and it will ruin the mood!” Peng Xuetao threatened Su Nina.

At this moment, Wei Liang returned from the living quarters with Liu Gan and his group. They arrived in the reception hall.

“I’ll do it.” Su Nina gave Liu Gan a grudging look. First, she took off her white lab coat, then she started unbuttoning the rest of her shirt.

Peng Xuetao stared perversely at Su Nina’s every movement. He was enjoying her performance. He heard footsteps coming from the direction of the door, glanced over, and saw Liu Gan standing next to Yin He. Peng Xuetao’s eyes widened as if he had just seen something amazing.

What was with this underwater base? How could it hold this many beautiful girls? It was certainly a surprise! What a plentiful find!

“Hey, hey you! You! Standing over there! Come here! What is your name?” Peng Xuetao stared at Yin He.

Yin He didn’t bother responding to Peng Xuetao. She stood still by Liu Gan’s side. At this moment, she didn’t want to reveal her identity. The moment the mothership knew of their presence, that would mean more trouble for her and Liu Gan.

“Damn! This woman here definitely has personality! One that wouldn’t even listen to me talk! Are you planning a rebellion?” Peng Xuetao slammed his hand loudly onto the tea table. He was very angry. Peng Xuetao’s original plan was to enjoy the companionship of these beautiful women, but he couldn’t resist the urge to release his dog.

“They are only laboratory workers, they aren’t specialized for these types of performances. So please be magnanimous for their lack of respect. I will apologize on their behalf!” Wei Liang quickly spoke up.

“Who do you think you are? Are you trying to teach me how I should act?” Peng Xuetao was enraged. He walked over to slap Wei Liang on the face a few times.

Pa pa pa pa pa!

Wei Lang’s cheeks were swollen red.

Peng Xuetao started at the lowest level when he joined the company. Prior to the catastrophe, everything Peng Xuetao did for the corporation was exhausting and mundane tasks required for day to day operations. Although he was arrogant and despotic, he never dared to openly humiliate any female scientist for fear of repercussions and complaints. Under most conditions, the opposite party would offer themselves up. Even if they didn’t volunteer their bodies, the matter would be dropped.

However, it was now very different.

With the mothership out of control, and the majority of the executives onboard dead or missing, the remaining members were people like Peng Xuetao, people with the ability to think for themselves. It was especially beneficial for Peng Xuetao when the controller recklessly issued commands to the remaining workers onboard to do unimportant missions. All this factored into how members like Peng Xuetao were taking advantage of the situation.

Since Peng Xuetao was unable to reach the mothership to take over as the controller, he still had to obey the mission commands that were issued to him. Compared to the days prior to the catastrophe, Peng Xuetao had fewer missions assigned to him. It was as if the controller had forgotten about him. Nevertheless, he still had a robotic dog at his command. So after the catastrophe, he traveled from laboratory to laboratory acting like an emperor. Whoever didn’t obey his commands, he would kill.

As for the research projects, since it isn’t on the agenda of the mothership, no one cared to do their job! Peng Xuetao definitely doesn’t care about it. Everyone was disposable to him since he had no relationship with them.

Today was rather a good day, his luck wasn’t that bad. He was able to find some entertainment in the rather dull lifestyle he had now. There were two beautiful female workers here. He felt that tonight’s entertainment would be rather enjoyable. Before, that happened, he wanted to enjoy the strip dance. The enjoyment of watching them strip in front of their male coworkers was a pleasure by itself!

The corner of Wei Liang’s mouth started bleeding as he begged forgiveness from Peng Xuetao. After looking at his coworker’s corpse, he looked at Liu Gan with a pleading expression.

“Are you her boyfriend?”

Peng Xuetao realized that Yin He was sticking slightly to Liu Gan’s side. When he ordered Yin He to slowly strip dance, she stood staring at Liu Gan. Immediately, Peng Xuetao realized something was wrong and arrogantly walked up to Liu Gan.

“Yes.” Liu Gan replied. This was a troubling situation, since Liu Gan wanted to hide in public. He didn’t want to attract any unnecessary attention. Now that this person voluntarily stepped forwards in his face, there would be trouble.

“Tell your girlfriend to strip dance, show her off to everyone here, and make sure she does it slowly! If she resists, I will order my dog WangWang to get rid of your arm. After your arms are gone, it will remove your legs, until you have nothing left, but just parts remaining!” Peng Xuetao threatened Liu Gan.

Making a beautiful women perform, and being able to cuckold the boyfriend in front of the girlfriend? That was killing two birds with one stone. What a wonderful tactic!

“What do you take your dog as? How dare you use it to harass your elder?” Liu Gan angrily replied.

“Damn! Do you know who I am? How dare you speak to me that way? Are you living too long of a life?” Peng Xuetao looked at Liu Gan strangely. This whole laboratory was quite strange, even the workers seemed to act recklessly.

“Who are you? You must be someone of a low stature! What type of attitude do you think I should use? I can beat you up if I want to!” Liu Gan rarely resorted to the crude way of speaking. Following closely, Liu Gan aimed his fist at Peng Xuetao’s head.

Peng Xuetao wasn’t harmed at all due to the protection from his Spatial Armor. However, the force behind Liu Gan’s fist slammed Peng Xuetao’s chubby body to the floor.

The robotic dog saw its owner get injured, so it quickly rushed over to bite down on Liu Gan’s arm. Luckily, Yin He was prepared. Her armor equipped, and she moved to defend Liu Gan. She grabbed the dog’s head in a choke hold, as they crashed together to the floor.

Wei Liang and the rest of the bystanders quickly moved out of the way. When fights broke out between the factions from general headquarters, they couldn’t possible step in to help. Even though they normally didn’t take sides, they wholeheartedly wanted Liu Gan to win. Peng Xuetao’s evil deeds and repulsive face had caused everyone to hate him. They wanted Liu Gan to avenge their fallen co-workers.

Meanwhile, Liu Gan suppressed Peng Xuetao by continuously throwing punches at his head. His protection wouldn’t be penetrated anytime soon, but at least his armor would suffer some damage.

Originally, Liu Gan didn’t want to provoke these people and stay out of their issues, but the moment Peng Xuetao ordered Yin He to strip down, it angered him. If Liu Gan didn’t beat this scum up, it would be hard to vent his frustrations.

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