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Chapter 318 - Emperor

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“If you remain hidden away in our cabin, will the robotic dog be able to find you?” Liu Gan whispered into the earphone.

“It could, this type of robotic dog specializes in searches. No matter where we hide, it will be able to find us,” Yin He replied.

“Send a few work clothes to my companions and claim they are members of your laboratory,” Liu Gan instructed Wei Liang.

“Both of you are representatives of general headquarters, but he is a lot more difficult to serve. Why don't you just reveal your identity and speak on our behalf!” Wei Liang begged Liu Gan. However, it came off as if Wei Liang was still testing the identity of Liu Gan.

“No, don't tell him that we are from general headquarters. I don't want him to know yet. Just tell him we are technicians of the laboratory. If you dare to disobey I will kill you all!” Liu Gan continued with his threat.

“It might work if I said that you and the other two members are technicians, but what would I say about the Armored Warrior? Would he be able to recognize it?” Wei Liang was referring to Yin He.

“That won't be a problem. We have the technology to change her outer appearance. She can change into the look of a technician,” Liu Gan led Wei Liang to his cabin room. Then Liu Gan ordered Yin He to retract her armor.  

“Ah…” Wei Liang stared at Yin He in fright. He couldn’t imagine that behind the cold and impenetrable armor lay a beautiful lady. In his imagination, the armor had something horrific inside, like an alien.

“Go find several sets of work clothes for us to change into. You shouldn’t have your guests wait too long,” Liu Gan urged Wei Liang.

“I will do that immediately!” Wei Liang quickly grabbed his own set of clothes from his closet.


While handling Liu Gan’s issue, all the other scientists assembled at the reception hall to greet Peng Xuetao.

“Ah? There are quite a few beauties among your group!” Peng Xuetao focused his attention on Su Nina amongst the group of women. Peng Xuetao had a lewd smile as his eyes lingered on body parts of the women. Even though the rest of the lady scientists there weren’t as pretty as Su Nina, their bodies were a lot more voluptuous than hers.

Su Nina walked out fully clothed in a laboratory outfit. Her expression didn’t match the look Liu Gan had when he woke up from the dream. Instead, she raised her brows when she noticed the perverted glances from Peng Xuetao. Already, distasteful feelings were brewing in her.

Even though Peng Xuetao was continuing to eat and drink, part of his remaining focus was shifted onto the five female scientists. Peng Xuetao quickly called for two women to accompany him to eat and drink, while Su Nina and the rest of the girls were to stand spread out in front of his table.

“As for the rest of you…start strip dancing. You go first.” Peng Xuetao pointed at one of the women standing in front of him.

The chosen researcher was horrified. They didn't sign up for this! They weren't the type of women to sell their bodies. In addition, there were quite a few of their coworkers present. It was an act that violated their dignity, they couldn’t do that type of stuff.

“You dare disobey my command?” Wei Liang frowned.

The chosen woman was trembling with fear as she stared back at Peng Xuetao in disbelief. She held tightly onto her collar of her lab coat. While she looked around her to see if anyone was willing to stand up for her, she remained motionless herself.

“Go! Bite her!” Peng Xuetao patted his dog’s head and pointed at the chosen woman.

The robotic dog dashed forth with lightning-like reflexes, jaws wide open. Mercilessly, it closed its jaws on her neck and tore her head clean off. The head rolled onto the floor, and blood sprayed out from the body like a fountain. The lifeless body collapsed onto the floor, dyeing the surroundings red.

A loud shriek echoed in the reception hall. Witnessing the sudden turn of events left everyone else dumbfounded. With horrified expressions, they watched as Peng Xuetao continued to enjoy his meal through the whole ordeal.

“Is there anyone else that dares to disobey my commands? You there! Strip dance for me! Right now!” Peng Xuetao pointed at another girl standing next to Su Nina.

This second woman burst into tears. With the dead woman serving as a lesson, she didn’t dare to disobey Peng Xuetao’s order. Slowly items of clothing started to come off, until there was nothing left.

Then came the order to take up embarrassing postures.

“Good! Very good! Excellent!” Peng Xuetao shouted compliments as his hands wandered onto the body parts of the two women by his side. However, his eyes shifted from the female scientist dancing to Su Nina.

At this moment, Peng Xuetao really wanted to embrace Su Nina, but it was better to save the best for the last. Since he was like an emperor here, there was no need for any worry about a woman escaping his grasp. It was meaningless to rush, there was no enjoyment just racing to the finish line. It was best to enjoy it slowly, starting with her disrobing. The expression he wanted to see most was that look of embarrassment and despair.

“Okay, move aside! It is now your turn!” Peng Xuetao pointed at Su Nina.

Su Nina looked back at Peng Xuetao, but remained motionless. She had no intention of taking off any of her clothes. With the large audience surrounding them, it wasn’t something that any girl could pull off.

“Do you dare disobey my command? Do you want to die?” Peng Xuetao angrily shouted. Peng Xuetao started petting his dog’s head, sending a warning to Su Nina that he could let the dog loose any moment.

Su Nina looked at Peng Xuetao, then back down at robotic dog. Standing still as a rock, she still didn’t even move her hands to unbutton her shirt.

“Kill him!” Peng Xuetao pointed at one of the male scientists standing closest to Su Nina.

Once again the obedient dog rushed over and with its metallic teeth chewed through the throat of the unknown man. With the severed head rolling on the floor, the fountain of blood sprayed out in the surrounding area. It was a tragic sight.

No one knew how to react in this situation. This time, not even a shriek was made in time. The women started weeping and crying softly.

Arrogantly, Peng Xuetao looked around for signs of disapproval. Lastly, he focused his concentration on Su Nina’s body. The right to kill lay solely within his hands. With the exceptional feeling of being an emperor, he could kill whoever he wanted. Whatever woman he wanted, he would get!

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