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Chapter 317 - Don't You Dare Ask

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“General headquarters hasn't had a chance to replenish our supplies, so our laboratory has stopped functioning for the most part. We do have guards on night duty, the moment you arrived I was notified by them through the broadcast system. I rushed over as fast as possible, but I am a slow runner so that is my fault! I apologize and ask for your understanding! Please forgive me and don't let anger ruin your mood,” Wei Liang lowered his voice.

“Okay, okay! Quickly prepare some food for me to enjoy! Don't give me raw food!” Peng Xuetao quickly ordered. Then Peng Xuetao paraded around the room with his dog in hand.

“What is with his dog?” Liu Gan whispered to Yin He via his earphone. Yin He was able to monitor everything through the surveillance system.

“It is a robotic dog, one of the robots deployed on the mothership. It can move around quickly, it also has the protection of the Spatial Armor. In terms of combat strength, it is not as capable as the Armored Warriors,” Yin He replied.

“Do you have any information regarding this male dog owner?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“He should be a true representative sent out by headquarters, but his rank is the lowest. Now that the mothership is damaged and unmonitored, he might be taking advantage of the broken system to cheat meals at different laboratories,” Yin He assumed, based on her stored data. Since Yin He couldn’t connect with the mothership for any new information, she would have to resort to using her own judgement.

“Does that mean I can continue impersonating a high ranking official and have you reveal yourself? Maybe we can have him show us where the polymerized photon supplies are kept,” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“That won’t be too wise. Even though he is an official of the lowest rank, he is still a registered person. He also has the robotic dog with him. He can easily contact the transport ship and mothership through his communication network. The moment we reveal ourselves, he could find out that I am one of the missing Armored Warriors. Through quantum technology they can get in touch with the mothership easily. The worst case scenario would be an army of Armored Warriors sent to hunt us in response,” Yin He disagreed with Liu Gan.

“Do you think we can handle him and his dog, then take over his airship? How high are our chances of it succeeding?” Liu Gan continued to press.

“All personnel sent out for missions have the protection of Spatial Armor, just like the robotic dog. To break through the armor requires a certain degree of damage. However, they must have a good amount of polymerized photon nanites to replenish their energy. It is definitely more than what we have on hand. If the fight gets dragged out into a war of attrition, we will absolutely lose,” Yin He continued with her analysis.

“He has protection, too? Can I have that blessing of armor on my body too?” Liu Gan still believed this was a good opportunity to pillage.

Surviving within apocalyptic times, strength is the ultimate deciding factor. Absolute strength to overwhelm the opponent meant being relentless without a chance for the opponent to take revenge. However, if your combat strength was inferior to the enemy, then utilizing tactics would be your best option to obtain the upper hand. In the current situation, Liu Gan had the upper hand as he was still undiscovered. He could easily wait for a good method to kill the opponent.

“That is not possible. To obtain the Spatial Protection of any type requires strict identity verification. The moment there are signs of unqualified verification, the Spatial Protection system will self-destruct. You and I are different. You can't force your way to obtain the armor like I did,” Yin He continued with the bad news.

“Then can we leave poison in the food to get rid of the guy?” Liu Gan scheming plots in his head.

“It’s no use, the robotic dog has senses keener than mine. It would easily detect any poisonous substance,” Yin He said to Liu Gan.

“Okay, then we will continue to monitor the situation,” Liu Gan finally decided. If he couldn’t win in a fight and had no better tactic, the best thing was to wait.

Wei Liang was closely following Liu Gan’s order. Liu Gan’s presence was never mentioned. In Wei Liang’s head, he only wanted to get through this situation peacefully. It was something way above his pay grade, so rather than causing a scene, he did nothing. Wei Liang hadn’t even thought about asking Peng Xuetao about Liu Gan’s identity.

Soon Wei Liang ordered people to cook up a feast. Peng Xuetao didn’t head to the cafeteria for the food, he had his meal served to him in the reception hall. Right before eating, Peng Xuetao had the robotic dog examine the food before picking up utensils. What Yin He had said earlier was true.

At Peng Xuetao’s order, Wei Liang brought out the best wine to accompany the delicacies.

“Have everyone within the laboratory come out. It doesn’t matter if they are asleep or awake, just tell them to come out!” Peng Xuetao shouted with food in one hand and drink in another. Seems like Peng Xuetao had a temper.

“Okay, I will do that right now!” Wei Liang bowed as he left the room.

“If there are people hiding, my dog WangWang will search the area! If WangWang finds you, then you will definitely die! Don’t even think of hiding away in a corner!” Peng Xuetao continued to shout out orders like a tyrant.

“Okay, okay, I will make sure everyone comes out,” Wei Liang replied one last time. Even he wasn’t too sure for the reasons behind Peng’s commands, but Wei Liang wasn’t going to defy any orders.

Liu Gan finally understood what Wei Liang meant about the personalities of representatives from general headquarters. Judging from what Liu Gan had heard so far, this Peng Xuetao was a complete scumbag. He was the type to irrationally kill someone if they don’t follow his orders.

“Have you figured out what faction this person belongs to? It can’t be the same faction as yours, right?” Wei Liang walked over to Liu Gan, pretending to give him orders. In the secret exchange of words, Wei Liang showed how displeased he was with Peng Xuetao. He would rather deal with Liu Gan than Peng Xuetao.

“We don’t belong to the same faction. If my identity was revealed, we might have to fight,” Liu Gan replied.

“There is the issue of several of your companions hiding, and whether the robotic dog will be able to find them…” Wei Liang said in a worried tone. Wei Liang was worried about being blamed if the dog found someone hiding.

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