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Chapter 316 - Special Identity

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney


“It wasn't the Nightmare Jellyfish, it was Su Nina! Her ability to create a dreamland is greater than the Nightmare Jellyfish!” Liu Gan clenched his fist, just to make sure that he was actually awake this time.

These continuous dreamland attacks for two nights in a row made him angry.

“Do you need me to go kill her? I never liked her when I first saw her!” Yin He suggested to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan looked at Yin He with a surprised expression…could it be that she was jealous?

“I will handle her myself. If you are angry that I attacked you, I knew that I couldn’t harm you. I only wanted to test to see if I was still trapped within the dreamland.” Liu Gan reached out to Yin He’s hand. If she could get jealous, this couldn’t possibly be another dream, right?

“No matter what you did to me, it was necessary.” Yin He didn’t blame Liu Gan for his action.

It was at this moment that the noise of activity started coming through the bedroom door. It sounded like broadcasting. The cabin doors were supposed to be soundproof, but even through two doors it was possible to hear the sounds. The broadcasting sound system must have been very loud in the hallway. So, especially with Liu Gan’s enhanced hearing, it wasn’t surprising he could hear it.

Liu Gan lifted his hand and made a ‘hush’ handsign. He got dressed quickly and left his room to check on the status of whatever was happening outside of his cabin room.

Wei Liang and a few male researchers were passing by. They were rushing toward the direction of the dock and the broadcast stopped playing shortly after Liu Gan walked out.

“What is the matter?” Liu Gan walked out to stop Wei Liang. It was clear to Liu Gan that Wei Liang was lying about many issues. Even his assistant Su Nina was highly suspicious. In the middle of the night, they weren't sleeping, so they must be up to no good.

“General headquarters sent someone! Who would've thought they would respond this fast…” Wei Liang happily replied to Liu Gan.

“General Headquarters personnel? They came in the middle of the night?” Liu Gan raised his eyebrow. Could it really be the Armored Warriors? Was it really so coincidental that these Warriors were somewhere nearby doing missions, then were redirected to this location?

There was such a coincidence? They didn't come early or late, but at the precise moment when Liu Gan was present. Would their covers be blown?

“Yes, I allowed them to dock in… didn't they communicate with you? Aren't they responding to your distress call?” Wei Liang looked at Liu Gan strangely.

“My contact told me it would require three days for them to arrive. Right now, general headquarters has several conflicting factions and so the communications between departments suffers. I wasn't able to find out which faction this team belongs to,” Liu Gan casually made up a lie.

“Then…would you like to follow us and take a look?” Wei Liang suggested to Liu Gan.

“You can go greet them! But without my permission, you can't tell him about our presence here yet. I need to figure out what faction they belong to. Report back to me when you return, then I will decide if I want to go out to meet them,” Liu Gan shook his head.

It was very obvious that Liu Gan wouldn't go with Wei Liang to meet the newcomers. Just in case it was a group of Armored Warriors, him and Yin He couldn't possibly handle them. If they faced off in a fair competition, it would be suicide. If these newcomers were Armored Warriors and they wanted to enter the underwater laboratory, there was no purpose in trying to stop them. If they wanted, they could destroy all of the facilities in the underwater base. Instead, it was much wiser to observe the newcomers and find out their capabilities.

“Okay, I understand. You rest first,” Wei Liang agreed. Then he proceeded toward the dock with his colleagues.

“Actually no, it's better if I went with you. If they ask, just say I'm your assistant. Don't you dare say anything unnecessary,” Liu Gan blurted out to Wei Liang. Liu Gan took off a lab coat that one of the male researcher was wearing and put it on. Naturally he followed behind Wei Liang.

Wei Liang didn't dare have any objections. He led Liu Gan over to the isolation room, while Yin He stayed in a different room. Liu Gan allowed her to head to the control room to monitor the situation in the isolation chamber. She was to hide her presence until the right moment.

The three arrived at the isolation chamber, pushing open the isolation lock and two more series of doors. A man disembarked from a small amphibious aircraft. In his hand was a leash attached to a…robotic dog.

Liu Gan was surprised. Aside from this dog owner, there weren't any Armored Warriors disembarking from the amphibious airship. If it was only one individual, then this would be an easy matter. As long as there were no one else aboard the airship...

If this was a scout, then there shouldn't be any problems, Liu Gan could easily kill the dog owner and take over the airship. However, if there were someone else onboard, then Liu Gan had to be on high alert. Any wrong moves would expose not only his position, but Yin He’s identity as well.

“Why did it take so long to welcome me?” the dog owner abruptly asked Wei Liang.

This newcomer’s name was Peng Xuetao, he was a foreigner recruited by the mothership. When the catastrophe was taking place, he was executing his mission so he was unaffected by the destruction that the mothership had experienced. Currently, he would abuse his special identity to his advantage for food. As he was passing the vicinity at night, he discovered the location of this underwater base, so he decided to visit.

“I am very sorry, it is the middle of the night and I was sleeping. I couldn't make it to greet you. Please accept my sincerest apologies,” Wei Liang bowed to Peng Xuetao.

“Sleeping? Are they all sleeping? With such a large laboratory, there is no one that has night duty? Are you the supervisor responsible here? How did you arrange shifts? Do you want me to destroy you?” Peng Xuetao pointed with his finger. On that index finger was an alloy metal ring.

Peng Xuetao looked about 30 years old, and his physical stature was chubby and short. His hair was combed slickly backwards, with mustaches hanging down the sides of his face. He had a high pitched voice like an eunuch, with a sarcastic tone to it.

Liu Gan believed the ring on the man’s index finger must have some special ability as a weapon, otherwise there was no reason for Peng to point his finger while scolding Wei Liang. Liu Gan was sizing up Peng Xuetao, but wasn’t paying attention to the conversation. Liu Gan couldn’t tell if this individual would be considered a special NPC and killing him would give experience or rewards.

One such reward being the ring on his index finger. With his enhanced vision, Liu Gan could discern that there were a lot of runes on that ring, it must be a rare treasure.

Before figuring out the strength of this dog owner, Liu Gan didn’t want to make any rash decisions. Even if he wanted to take action, he had to talk with Yin He first.

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