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Chapter 310 - Extremely Dangerous

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

This experimental testing zone had work stations and various complicated instruments within it. There were the eye-catching dissection tables and glass cabinets.

In front of Liu Gan was a colossal glass cabinet, that extended across his field of vision. Within it were dozens of naked women. Their eyes were closed and small bubbles were flowing out of their skin. Some of these women were in fetal positions, some were sprawled out, but they all had their eyes closed and were suspended in liquid within the colossal glass cabinet.

The small bubbles rose to the top of the glass cabinet and converged into a tube that collected them. The tube was hard to track as it led to another location.

What shocked Liu Gan the most wasn’t the colossal sized glass cabinet, nor was it the naked women. No, what caught Liu Gan’s attention was the wristwatches on the women’s arms.

The style of the wristwatch was no different from the wristwatches of the players.

What did this mean? Were they players?

Liu Gan quickly thought of two possibilities. These females were all players that were transferred into this world. They were caught and taken captive by the researchers. Then they would be sedated with anesthesia or hypnosis, and then experimented on like lab rats and placed within the glass cabinet.

The second possibility was that Wei Liang was lying. This underwater laboratory hadn’t lost contact with the outside world. This base had been receiving resupplies the whole time. These female players were all captured by the Armored Warriors from the outside world and sent as specimens to the laboratory.

No matter which of these was the result, what Liu Gan has seen was way beyond his expectations. In the other laboratory, he had witnessed humans treated like laboratory rats, but this is the first time he saw so many women used this way.

This could be the hidden secret project that the laboratory was conducting. Wei Liang probably didn’t want the current executive officers and general headquarters to know about it, so he lied about the cabin doors regarding the flooding if opened.

If the latter was true, then they were extremely reckless. Good thing it was Liu Gan, who was the representative officer. If it was an actual general headquarters representative, there would be no way for Wei Liang to keep the secret covered

Liu Gan couldn’t figure out one common point. He was aware that he was within the dreamland. Dreaming is pulling out information stored within the brain, but since Liu Gan never seen this area before, it was impossible for it to be so realistic within his dreamland. How could he explain this situation?

There were another two possibilities!

The first possibility was that the dreamland was side by side with The Trembling World. It was just another dimension. Within the dreamland, he can probe areas that weren’t accessible in the Trembling World, leading to the situation here.

Another possibility was that this dreamland was generated by the Nightmare Jellyfish. Liu Gan’s memories would stop up to the point of the red cabin doors, everything afterwards was memories from the Nightmare Jellyfish.

This answer had a huge potential problem with it. Putting aside everything, Liu Gan decided to investigate more first. Venturing deeper into the laboratory would definitely give more clues.

Liu Gan walked towards the far end of the room. All along the way, there were more and more colossal sized glass cabinets. There were a few contents that matched what he had seen before, and some new ones. There were complete bodies of men and women, but there were also some filled with only organs.

Such as human brains, even though had been deliberately modified. Compared to the normal human brain, this modified brain was a lot larger. The shape was quite distinct. It was swollen at certain places, like the effects of brain tumors. It was a very pitiful sight.

Normal people that came to places like this in the middle of the night would feel at least some traces of fear. However, Liu Gan could only feel pity for them.

The red cabin door and this underwater base, were all lit by motion sensor lights supplied by electrical power. No matter where Liu Gan walked, the immediate area would light up. As he moved away from the area, it would dim and then turn off, leaving it in complete darkness. He wasn’t able to see more than a few meters ahead and behind himself.

This eerie feeling, those without courage wouldn’t be able to keep walking forward. Yet, Liu Gan kept moving. He walked deeper and deeper down several flights of stairs. Unsure of how far he went or how deep, he finally reached another sealed cabin door.

The color on this door was black. The words written on the door were ‘Extremely Dangerous’.

If Liu Gan was awake and he reached the same location, upon seeing those words, he would hesitate and consider if should continue through the black cabin doors. But, since this was all in dreamland, this was all virtual. Perhaps, this was from the Nightmare Jellyfish’s memory. The dangers that lurk within were at most repeats of the Nightmare Jellyfish’s recollections. They shouldn’t pose a real threat to him.

It was a good way to find the truth to the matter and there was minimal risk. Liu Gan was definitely taking this chance to investigate.

Without a key, Liu Gan had to brutally break open the cabin door. There was no hesitation when he started attacking the door violently.

“It is very dangerous inside, you shouldn’t continue deeper,” a voice suddenly called out from behind Liu Gan. He immediately reacted and turned around. He saw a female researcher appear from the darkness, walking closer. She wasn’t very far behind him.

She wore relatively thin pajamas. If the light was on, many men would be able to see in detail the things they would want to see the most.

This woman was the same girl that stood beside Wei Lian, that Su Nina. Wei Liang arranged for her to accompany Liu Gan, but she was rejected immediately.

“Oh? I thought I was the only one here. It seems there is another person here. The contents behind the red cabin door were certainly entertaining…I think what I’ve seen so far should all be from your previous memories? Since I don’t remember seeing them ever before,” Liu Gan replied to Su Nina.

“I don’t know what is going on…I fell asleep, and suddenly found myself here. I heard sounds coming from this location, so I came over to investigate. I didn’t expect to see you here. Where did the other people go? Why am I the only one here?” Su Nina was suddenly afraid.

“Although you were born beautiful, your acting skills are dreadful. As to why you are here, shouldn’t you know that better than I do? Isn’t this the fruit of your research? Since I’m trapped here in this dreamland, it should be your work of art right?” Liu Gan asked coldly.

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