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Chapter 299 - Deep Sea

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

[TL: Yeah, these chapters are meant to be in a trio.]

The next morning, Huang WeiTao woke up first. His ability as a Therapist was capable of self-treatment. After Huang WeiTao woke up, he used his ability to treat the other members.

“So it was a nightmare! It scared me to death!” Treadmill cursed as his fear lingered in his mind.

Zhou JingJing quickly glanced at Treadmill. Her expression showed that she was quite embarrassed about something. They never made eye contact. As a female, those type of dreams were the worst. Especially the dreams that involved her being mishandled and it becoming public knowledge. She would’ve been so ashamed.

After Zhou JingJing found out that it was all a dream, she looked at Treadmill and realized that he doesn’t look as despicable as she had imagined. In fact, she thinks that Treadmill was quite handsome. So even if something had happened to her, she doesn’t feel like she received the  short end of the stick.

Of course, she was only thinking about it. Scandalous thoughts like those were not meant to be spoken.

“The events that happened in the dream, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to,” HuJun said to Therapist Huang.

“Did you kill me? I still don’t know what had happened that night.” Huang WeiTao answered HuJun.

“I think I should apologize… I seemed to have killed the most…” Treadmill apologized to Han GuangMing and Qi Shaohua.

“It was just a dream, no need to apologize and take it to heart.” Han GuangMing and Qi Shaohua nonchalantly shook it off.

Every member shook hands with one another, to drop past grudges. Lastly, it was Treadmill with HuJun. Both were very embarrassed by the turn of events.

Good thing was, this was just a dream.

After hearing their different perspectives, Liu Gan understood the majority of what had happened. Liu Gan was glad his image wasn’t destroyed in the process. He still held an esteemed position in their hearts. As a result, Liu Gan proposed that there be no further grudges as they continued onward.

After everyone explained the part they played in the dream, it was still a sensitive issue to investigate. Through this event, they were able to further understand each other’s personality, turning this bad dream into an useful icebreaker.


It was now known how the Nightmare Jellyfish attacked, which was after the members fell into a comatose state. Then, it would also require help from the Black-Spot lackeys to attack and toss the sleeping members overboard. If it was during the day, as long as they didn’t sleep, there wasn’t much danger.

Eventually, Liu Gan’s group had to return back to Serenity. Martial Thunder was able to contact the prison compound in the communications room, and once connected, they exchanged updates.

Next up on the to-do-list was to understand how Serenity operated. The operating system was complicated. Without a specialized technician’s guidance, it would be hard to operate the ship. Trying to operate Serenity wasn’t a one-man job, it required the coordinated teamwork of others. Yin He was unsuccessful in obtaining useful data off the mainframe of the Transport aircraft earlier. Even though Liu Gan captured Serenity, without members capable of operating the ship it was no better than scrap metal. The conclusion was that Liu Gan wouldn’t be able to take Serenity out of the dock right now.

Things like initiating and maneuvering the airship would have to be left to other players to figure out, since they had more time. Liu Gan and Yin He went into the storage cabin and found the small submarine. Typically, small submarines like these had diesel engines and battery power. However, this submarine was gasoline driven. Prior to the thunderstorm, two canisters of gasoline and other goods were relocated aboard the airship. Now the gasoline could be used to fuel the small submarine.

Within the small submarine were several oxygen cylinders filled with oxygen. Liu Gan and Yin He boarded the submarine and started up the engines.

Serenity was docked on a pier that was on a channel to the deep sea. The deep sea stretched several hundred meters down, after the submarine submerged there were no traces of the Nightmare Jellyfish. So far, there weren’t any signs of psychological attack. It seemed like the Nightmare Jellyfish had left the area and gone back to the deep sea.


Without imminent dangers from the sea, Liu Gan was able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the underwater world. But Liu Gan didn’t want to waste oxygen needlessly, so he resurfaced the submarine.

The small submarine’s top speed on the surface level of the sea was around 40 knots per hour. With sufficient gasoline, it could run for about two hundred nautical miles. Enough to circle the most of NinJing island

If Serenity was not able to start moving. Liu Gan considered using the submarine to circle around to the Northern district of NinJing City, following the map that Mr. Sheng had left behind, to the spatial transfer gate on the map.

Liu Gan continued piloting the small submarine like a boat above the surface of the water, heading in one direction to a particular island. Upon reaching the location, the island disappeared. He suspected that a gigantic sea creature was floating on the water. As the submarine moved closer, it re-submerged back into the depths.

Considering all the things of this gigantic sea creature could potentially do, Liu Gan decided not to push his luck any further. He changed his direction and headed back toward Green Pao Bay.

“Wait a moment. I just received a signal…” Yin He suddenly stopped Liu Gan.

“Signal? What signal?” Liu Gan interrupted.

“It is a SOS signal. It is the type that is sent out for the other Armored Warriors to receive. I intercepted the transmission since I am closer to the source than the other Armored Warriors are. The distance between my location and the source is around 10 kilometers. Even though I am the closest to the source, I still can’t hear the message clearly,” Yin He replied to Liu Gan.

“SOS signal? What is the message? I will navigate closer to the shores, so you can listen to it clearly.” Liu Gan hesitating as he turned back around once more. This time, he carefully moved along the shorelines.

After several more kilometers, the message became more distinct. Yin He was able to find out what the message was.

“Deep in the sea, there is another base constructed by previous Armored Warriors. It is possible that it is another one of the secret laboratories. Probably due to the catastrophe, they don’t visit this location as often. Originally, the Armored Warriors would visit periodically. They would inspect and repair the laboratory. The last time the Armored Warriors dropped by this site was nearly a month ago. Without any resupply, the members inside have sensed the disturbance. So they sent out an SOS request. They have encrypted the signal so that only Armored Warriors could receive it. I am the closest so I received it.”

“The SOS message is just an inquiry as to what has happened in the outside world. Questions like why their base was abandoned, and concerns like the depleting supply of fuel and food in the base. Without timely resupply trips from the outside, even their raw materials have depleted, severely delaying the speed of their research,” Yin He carefully explained the message to Liu Gan.

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