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Chapter 280 - Unresolved Mystery

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Raincoat and his soldiers lives were spared by Liu Gan to serve one purpose - cannon fodder. The result was that no one was able to escape. All of their bodies remained there.

There was seven meter wide, five meter deep depression right behind the collapsed research building in the small courtyard. The depression had steps that led further down to a large underground chamber. After further investigation, Yin He was able to confirm that located here was a nuclear powered electricity generating unit that had supplied all the electrical needs of the complex, including the camouflage technology. However, the key material, nuclear energy, had been taken away so the generator was worth little more than scrap metal.

Without the key material, the generator couldn't function. Inside of the generator, Yin He was able to find a shielding material that was better than lead to block the transmission. After a series of delicate cuts and welds she created a bracelet that she wrapped around her wrist.

This shielding material was very lightweight. It was used to block out the powerful radiation waves emitted by the nuclear generator. In the end, the transmission signal itself was a type of wave. So the lower frequency transmission signal could be easily blocked.

“Those materials, if you can find more of it, make a band suitable for me and Zhang ShengLi to wear.” Liu Gan displayed his wristwatch to Yin He.

Liu Gan still wasn't sure of the mystery behind his wristwatch, but his gut feeling said that the wristwatch was a tracking device like Yin He’s, and that it would regularly send location transmissions of his whereabouts. These were just mere speculations, but Liu Gan doesn't want to be monitored. The bracelets didn’t seem like a bad idea, so carrying extras weren’t going to be a hinderance.

The high quality shielding material was rare and hard to find. With the remaining metal, only three more transmission blockers could be made. Liu Gan took two and gave one to Zhang ShengLi. Liu Gan didn't equip the bracelet onto his wristwatch immediately. There might be a better use for it later on.

The research building collapsing was due to failing structural integrity. Yin He looked around under the rubble some more, but ultimately gave up. Even if there was anything useful, it would be like searching through a trash dump for a set of missing keys or wallet, difficult to find a single viable item amongst the trash.

Meanwhile, Zhang ShengLi shone his flashlight on the remains of Kingler. There were scattered remnant shells all around, but the largest shell was still intact with Kingler. Zhang ShengLi looked at it with an unsatisfied expression.

Kingler’s body had been punctured a thousand times by the lasers, so if there were any usable parts that were unscathed it could still be cut off into odd shapes. Kingler’s shell had strong defensive properties that could deflect bullets, so it would be perfect for body armor material.

“Kingler’s shell, we can’t take it. It would be hard to even hack it apart so it’s not even worth trying to carry it back,” Liu Gan looked at Zhang ShengLi, and understood what he was thinking.

“If you guys really want it, I could cut off parts of Kingler’s shell into smaller parts for you to carry back,” Yin He told Liu Gan.

“Using the laser to cut through it? Would that waste a lot of energy?” Liu Gan hesitated to agree.

“Only a very fine laser would be required. To cut it all, the energy spent would be tantamount to a full day of energy. Right now I can last sixty more days! There will be more ways to replenish in the meantime,” Yin He persisted. She could tell that this material was important to Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi.

Taking into account all the resources spent trying to kill Kingler and the fact that Yin He nearly lost her life, Liu Gan ultimately agreed to letting Yin He cut the shell into smaller pieces. Once again Yin He pulled out and equipped her ultimate defensive body armor from the dimensional space. In place of her fist was a pointed object. From the pointed end shot out a fine line of ruby light. With extreme precision, the shell was cut from Kingler’s body in shapes of various sizes, large and small.

Looking at Yin He in the armored body suit, Liu Gan was reminded of all the sad memories from last afternoon. These emotional feelings came swarming at him, now that he had time to rest. They had almost forever scarred Liu Gan, creating another episode of psychological trauma. The only good thing was that Liu Gan now has a stronger Yin He.

After cutting off the shell parts and securing it properly onto the car, the three prepared their trip back to the prison compound. There were players within the prison compound that were sitting around idle, so they were assigned by Zhang ShengLi to look for useful items carefully. That way, Liu Gan and Yin He could better spend their time on other things.

By the time Liu Gan arrived back the prison compound, it was close to daybreak. Liu Gan slept until the afternoon of the next day.

When the team members within the prison compound heard that Liu Gan had killed Kingler, which was further confirmed by the sliced off parts of Kingler’s shell, Treadmill and others were dumbstruck. They all thought that it was an impossible mission when Liu Gan said he was going to kill it, especially when so many of their former friends at the coastal camp had died trying to wound it. Who would’ve thought that it would be killed at the hands of Liu Gan?

Now begged the question, how strong was Liu Gan? This was still a mystery to most of the team members.

“Liu Gan was riding on Kingler’s back. With one punch, a large depression appeared on Kingler’s back! Kingler was infuriated. Both its’ pincers were trying to grab ahold of Elder Liu. Meanwhile Elder Liu was just dancing on his back. They were fighting until dawn! It was a very long fight, if Liu Gan made one small mistake, it would’ve been his life! Buildings collapsed, Mountains shook!”

“Kingler’s shell was beaten flat by Elder Liu’s fist. It was so badly injured, it had to beg for its life! Of course, Elder Liu didn’t let it go. He threw a hand grenade into Kingler’s mouth. Boom! And there goes Kingler’s life,” Zhang ShengLi continued with his story after he woke up from his slumber.

Of course, this was all fictional.

Instead of the concaves produced by Liu Gan’s fist, it was mainly from the lasers. They matched somewhat with Zhang ShengLi’s fabricated story.

Even though everything else that took place was fictional, the shell was the real deal. So even though Zhang ShengLi was lying about the story, no one was willing to test out the facts. They all understood how powerful Liu Gan was and to them, it was the difference between heaven and earth.

“So what were you guys saying earlier? When Elder Liu wanted to go search for Kingler, you said he was courting death? Now who is dead? If Elder Liu doesn’t have enough strength, do you think he would proactively search for Kingler? I think that Kingler might have felt that Elder Liu was searching for it, that’s why it left the shore to Green Station Mountain to avoid combat. So yesterday, was a coincidence that Elder Liu and it met…”

“Yesterday’s combat brilliance, if only you could see it with your own eyes. Let me take you to yesterday’s battle scene so you can witness the aftermath. A building with ten stories collapsed! The amount of shaking moved the earth! It was like watching America’s Hollywood production movies!” Zhang ShengLi continued blowing smoke out of his arse.

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