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Chapter 271 - Accident

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The thunderstorm was blown by the wind, closer to the collapsed research building. Within the storm clouds were bright white flashes that lit up the sky intermittently. Energy was building up, until it reached a threshold. A single bolt of lightning would easily reach a billion volts, peaking to over ten billion volts. With this very optimal environment, it was easy to reach the maximum amount of voltage in the downpour.

Visibility was limited to a few feet, and the pouring rain drowned out other noises. Liu Gan and the other two players were handicapped by the limited information available to them. Even getting on the ground to listen was useless. They could only wait.

Until the heavyweight helicopter aircraft returned to pick up the remaining warriors and Kingler. Once the rain stopped pouring, it would be easier to examine the situation in the courtyard. Once safety was no longer a concern, they could examine the remains of the laboratory.

“Brother Gan, are you safe?” Yin He’s voice came through the earphones. Even though the static was heavy, Liu Gan was able to make out her voice.

“I'm safe. Are you okay?” Liu Gan’s heart raced. There was nothing he could've wished for more than being able to hear her voice.

“I’ve… been caught. I don't have much time. I have a plan. Hear me out first…” Yin He quickly replied to Liu Gan.

A few minutes prior to being caught, Yin He had been heavily injured. To prevent further loss of her nanobots from leaking serum, Yin He injected all of the remaining electrical plasma storage sticks into her body. This initiated the repair system within her body to renovate the most heavily injured organs. Her movements had been slowed to a crawl due to damage to her electrical circuits. Even if she wanted to return to help Liu Gan, she was unable to move herself.

Yin He originally had the chance to escape, but Liu Gan’s presence nearby held her back. Even though the programming was written into her system, Yin He’s spiritual energy was able to fight against it. Her spiritual energy was able to triumph, Yin He didn't want to escape without Liu Gan. She returned to the vicinity of the research building, but was easily captured by the armored warriors.

One peculiar armored warrior had bitten her and wouldn't let go. It was the same warrior that Yin He had used his Electric Discharge Strike on initially. After getting struck by Yin He multiple times, the armored warrior was out for blood. With his arm getting struck more than a dozen times by the Electric Discharge Strike, it left scars. Once the armored warrior was able to finally track down Yin He, he broke one of her legs, then beat her brutally. Once he was finished, he broke her other leg, so she wasn’t able to move at all.

Right as the armored warrior pointed his laser at Yin He’s head, prepared to end her existence, Yin He’s main cranial microchip ceased all functions. As if he was following specific protocols, he didn't proceed to damage her microchip. He just beat her until she could no longer move.

With the armored warrior holding her by the neck like a captured chicken that could not move, Yin He was dragged back to the large courtyard and thrown into a small alloy metal cage. After securing a lock onto the cage, three armored warriors stood guard over her, waiting for the heavyweight helicopter to take their new cargo back to headquarters.

Only after the thunderstorm cleared up and getting captured did Yin He get a chance to communicate with Liu Gan through the earphones. The interference was too strong and had disrupted all regular communications. The distance between them now was also closer, so it was possible to connect.

“What are your plans?” Liu Gan worriedly asked Yin He. He understood the overwhelming difference in ability between himself and the armored warriors. There was simply no way for him to rescue her.

“The clouds are densely packed while storing large amounts of electrical energy, I have enough electrical plasma nanobots to allow me to unleash one last Electric Discharge Strike that could potentially reach up to ten million volts! With the current amount of electrical energy stored in the clouds I can use my ability to attract a lightning strike of a billion volts! It is only possible due to being in this location.

“My plan is to borrow the thunderstorm and bring down an attack that is straight from the heavens! My electric discharge will connect with the lightning and since the surrounding area is flooded with water, all I need to do is lure the lightning strike down onto the armored warriors. Even though lightning strike won't be enough to kill them, it is enough to render them unconscious.

“Then you can take the chance to rush over and rescue me from this cage. As long as they are unconscious long enough, we can escape from this location,” Yin He finished.

“With a billion volts or even ten billion volts? Would you be okay?” Liu Gan was concerned.

“When I was created, they used lightning to power me up in their designs. So this type of lightning won’t hurt me. These armored warriors haven’t been designed the same way, so I can withstand up to ten million volts, but not anything like a billion volts. The compressed electric energy will come raining down. It is the only way I can think of that will have a chance of success,” Yin He calmly replied to Liu Gan.

“Okay,” Liu Gan agreed, as he had no other choice. With Yin He reassuring him, he trusted her decision.

“First, I need to find the right opportunity to shoot my ability into the clouds to attract the lightning strike. When I do that, I will have to turn off communications with you and you need to stay away from the water on the ground! When you hear the explosion, wait a moment before leaving. There might be residual lightning that lingers in the surroundings,” Yin He advised Liu Gan.

“Okay…” Liu Gan was really worried, but he could only agree. He was truly helpless in this situation.

“If Kingler is still alive after getting struck by the lightning, you must kill it! It will help you strengthen your abilities. If there is an accident, you need to forget about me and leave this place as fast as you can! Their heavyweight helicopter will arrive here soon!” Yin He’s warned him before she cut off communication.

“Wait? Accident? What accident?” Liu Gan tried to ask, but the line was already off. There was no further response from Yin He.

Liu Gan crawled out from the hidden man-made cave and stood up, trying to see the courtyard through the pouring rain.

Minutes had gone by, and Liu Gan stood at the edge of the courtyard waiting. On one hand, he was worried if Yin He would be able to grasp the opportunity to use her ability. On the other hand, even though she says it was okay for her body to endure up to ten million volts, a billion volts could vaporize any component easily. If something went wrong, the overflow would shoot straight through her body. Would she really be able to withstand that?

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