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Chapter 270 - Barrier

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Zhang ShengLi must have been feeling the worst by this point. He felt that it was all his fault that Yin He and Liu Gan had landed in this predicament. If he hadn't been caught, he wouldn't have needed to be rescued. Now both their lives might be forfeited here. It just wasn’t worth the trade.

Liu Gan still hadn't heard anything from Yin He. It looked like she wasn't able to come out unscathed either. With so many armored warriors hunting her down, and the vast difference in their strength, even her guerilla tactics wouldn't be enough to help her fight off one. It was fortunate that she had been able to last this long.

The higher the risk, the higher the reward. However, this difficulty was much harder than expected.

Kingler’s roar echoed as it drew near the piles of bodies. It rammed into the research building, which caused it to collapse. Perhaps due to the prior fighting, the whole foundation had weakened. The building didn't tremble at all, it just directly fell.

The first floor lobby fell with rubble covering a large half of it. Two armored warriors went to the collapsed areas to play the perverted game of smashing watermelon. The other armored warriors cooperated to move away the chunks of cement and rescue their comrades.

Liu Gan was laying just outside the edge of where the building had collapsed. He was completely coated in cement dust. Even the surrounding air had a layer of white powdery dust. The dust, along with the dim lighting of the oncoming thunderstorm, was enough to blur the outlines of the bodies.

After it rammed into the research building, Kingler jumped back onto the other rooftops of the nearby warehouses. After they rescued their comrades the armored warriors didn't immediately return to the courtyard to check the rest of bodies. They shifted their focus to fighting off this monster. Laser barrages started poking more holes into the shell of Kingler.

Kingler felt that the situation wasn't good. Even with its simplistic brain, it knew that it wasn't able to face these miniature warriors, so it launched itself high to jump over the high wall and escape.

That would've been possible for Kingler... had it not been so heavily injured. The high wall which was dozens of meters high, was now an obstacle that it could no longer jump over. It was the last barrier that separated it from freedom.

With its back to the high wall, Kingler was forced to continue battling the pesky miniature warriors. It sustained more injuries as black substances continued to ooze out from its body. It became weaker and weaker, and its attack became less powerful and the accuracy had dropped. It seemed like the Kingler would fall again at any moment.

Liu Gan looked around with minimal movement as he continued playing dead. He was looking for the next suitable hiding spot. He saw a spot in the collapsed rubble of cement and steel frames that could be a suitable hiding spot for all of them. They quickly ran over into the man-made cave, and used a cement sheet to cover up the opening. Even if the armored warriors searched the collapsed building, they wouldn't find Liu Gan and the rest unless they examined the area closely.

It was impossible if the three of them wanted to escape these dozens of armored warriors. The only thing they could do was survive by hiding quietly in the darkness. They would at least have to hide until the warriors left the area.

While they laid amongst the rubble, shockwaves of the fight could still be felt through all the rubble. After another twenty minutes of fighting, Kingler finally collapsed due to exhaustion. It laid motionless on the floor.

After winning the fight against Kingler, an armored warrior jumped onto the carapace with shackles. Moving in unison, they slowly tugged it back to its cage in the large courtyard. The same cage that Yin He had previously let it loose from. They resealed the alloy cage using the command terminal.

Through a crack, Liu Gan could see that the armored warriors had won the fight, and that Kingler was laying motionless. In the off chance that the courtyard was left unguarded, Liu Gan would definitely sneak out of the man-made cave and shove hand grenades into the missing parts of the shell. This would definitely blow the Kingler to pieces, and all of the experience would belong to him. Hopefully, that would be enough to advance to level 8, or even level 9.

If he could reach level 8 or 9, then this trip definitely wasn't a waste. Even with so much adversity, this could be considered a win. Unfortunately, there were two armored warriors guarding this time. It seemed like they got smarter after the first time Kingler was set loose. Although, even with one warrior there, it was still a suicide mission.

Liu Gan was mostly worried about Yin He. Why wasn't she responding? Was she really killed? Or was the reception to the earpiece damaged by the lasers? Was that the reason why she wasn't responding?

Finally, it started to rain as the thunderclouds reached overhead. It wasn't a drizzle, but a full-on downpour. The rain was so dense that in a few minutes, the thunderstorm was going to truly arrive.

Soon there was a rumbling noise that wasn’t typical of thunder. It was the sound of engines rumbling. The warriors all gathered in the large courtyard as if they had all received the same message. In a few minutes a helicopter aircraft, much smaller than the heavy-duty one from earlier, landed in the middle of the courtyard.

Even though it looked like a helicopter, the only similarities were the method of take off and landing. It didn’t have the rotating blades of a helicopter mounted at the top, so how did it manage to fly? Liu Gan wasn’t quite sure of the mechanics or technology that empowered this advanced machinery, so he simply treated it as a helicopter.

The armored warriors were discussing something in the downpour. After a long discussion, all of the remaining armored warriors boarded the helicopter aircraft. All of them, except the two armored warriors that were standing guard by Kingler’s cage.

After the dozens of armored warriors boarded the advanced helicopter, the aircraft launched into the air and disappeared into the thick rain at high speed.

It seened like these armored warriors had the intentions of taking Kingler away as cargo, so it was left alive within the cage. Due to the small size of the helicopter, and the weight of the cage, it was impossible to carry it away. Therefore, two guards were left behind to prevent the goods from escaping.

Even though two armored warriors were standing guard, Liu Gan wasn’t willing to take the risk of trying to assassinate Kingler. Even with just one armored warrior standing guard, he wouldn’t take the risk. The first lesson was to know thy enemy, and Liu Gan knew that it would be suicide to go now.

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