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Chapter 269 - The Great Escape

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

TL: The start of the chapter is a flashback 

The building that conducted experiments on Zhang ShengLi and others was designated solely for research purposes. It was located in the far corner of the mountain villa perimeter. This hidden building was so important and large that it had its own miniature courtyard. When Zhang ShengLi was escaping earlier he was captured in the courtyard of the mountain villa, and then brought over to this research building.

Hiding in blind spots, Liu Gan had witnessed the armored warriors patrolling back and forth along a specific wall enclosure of the mountain villa. When Zhang ShengLi was carried away, the warriors had passed through the wall and disappeared from view!

After Yin He investigated, they found out that the wall was a doorway. Virtual projection technology camouflaged the door as a wall. It was just like the exterior precipice from earlier! This was the second time that they had used this technology to keep a secret location hidden. This was how no one found it strange outside of the enclosure.

The research building courtyard was the size of a soccer field. It was an isolated building that had an independent energy source and faculty running it. There were many staff members with various duties being carried out, all wearing lab coats.

Placed in the center of the courtyard were a mix of large and small metal cages. The large cages were ten meters wide, and six meters high. The smaller cages were similar to the one that was in the North District Laboratory that held the small boy. It was barely big enough to fit one person.

The Kingler was brought along via a suspension cable hanging from the helicopter. As the single largest cage, it required its own command station for controlling the gates. After Kingler was strapped in, the gate was locked. The space between the cage bars were wide; it was wide enough for the warriors to slip in and out of the locked cage. After Kingler was locked within the cage, the warriors walked through the bars to free the restrains on it.

Liu Gan and Yin He couldn't walk through the front door, so they snuck in the first chance they got, over the wall. Then they hid against the side waiting for the patrolling armored warriors to pass. After they were able to pinpoint Zhang ShengLi’s location, they split up for the operation. Yin He went to the server room to hack into their network. Liu Gan went into the research building to free Zhang ShengLi.

The four corners of the smaller courtyard was bordered by precipices; whether the precipes were hallucinations or reality was hard to differentiate. If Liu Gan wanted to rescue Zhang ShengLi then he must first enter the building.

From the current situation in the first floor lobby, it was starting to look grim. They were able to successfully blend in with the staffers, but the warriors treated them all like pigs.

Soon, there would be something even worse occurring.

Suddenly, the armored warriors raised their hands up, and lasers shot out. They were precisely aiming at the heads of the doctors who walked up to confront the warriors earlier. The bodies of the doctors fell onto the floor with their heads blasted off.

Panic struck the crowd. Frantically, the staff members ran in every direction trying to escape the lobby. More lasers were continuously shot out. The staff members closest to the lobby door were the first to die. Liu Gan quickly pulled Zhang ShengLi onto the floor under the bodies of the doctors. Yan Su was very intelligent, as he immediately followed suite without guidance.

In the chaos of staff members running in every direction, more bodies started falling and piling up on top of Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi and Yan Su’s bodies. In an instant, it went from thirty staff members to a just a few staff members left behind. Of course, no one was left alive!

There was a female staff member that was lying right beside Liu Gan. Even though her body was covered with blood, her head was still intact. Her eyes were staring right at Liu Gan with an expression of fright. Liu Gan laid motionless. Clearly, she wasn’t dead, and she was using the same tactic as Liu Gan and them - playing dead. The only difference between her and Liu Gan, was that she kept trembling, and was unable to suppress it.

An armored warrior walked by and discovered one of the female nurses had abnormal activity. It was a telltale sign for the armored warrior which determined that someone was playing dead. As a result, it used its foot to flatten her head. With just a bit of force… you could hear the brain being squashed like it was a watermelon. The brain and cerebrospinal fluid sprayed onto Liu Gan’s face. Even Liu Gan indirectly felt his own brain hurt after witnessing that scene.

Playing dead might not get by the sharp eyes of these armored warriors, but if anyone stood up, then they were definitely dead. Liu Gan estimated that his [Mist Armor] could only sustain a few of the laser beams, but if his own brain was shot, it would have similar results as those staff members.

The good thing was that it was just one armored warrior doing cleaning duty. All other warriors stood on the perimeter, not moving an inch. As it was checking the corpses, it would periodically move the confirmed dead bodies aside. It was being meticulous so that no other staff member could play dead like the female nurse.

Piled on the ground was a hill of bodies, and only one armored warrior was moving the bodies. It seemed like it would take some time before it reached the bottom of the pile to Liu Gan. Liu Gan estimated that there was around ten minutes to think of an escape plan. Otherwise, they were just waiting to die.

This way of dying was too depressing! Even with a few of the warriors fighting Kingler, these armored warriors were still standing still surrounding the bodies. Perhaps they felt that the Kingler wasn’t enough of a threat?

Outside of the building, the Kingler was still fighting against the armored warriors. It seemed like Kingler was a lot stronger, since it had recovered from the earlier laser barrage. Kingler kept persisting throughout the fight. Liu Gan was wishing for Kingler’s brother or wife to come by and attract the attention of all the warriors in the lobby. That way they wouldn’t be interested in smashing watermelons in the lobby.

One of the doctors that laid on the ground couldn’t withstand the anticipation as he saw the warrior walk closer. He jumped up, and ran as fast as he could. Within a few steps he was shot dead by the closest warrior. One shot to the brain.

These armored warriors all relied on computer programming for precision. So when they fired, it was deadly accurate. With the laser’s fast speed, it didn’t suffer from any gravity or wind displacement. Deadly accuracy and perfect ammunition, it was impossible to avoid this certain death. That was unless you had Yin He’s predicted collision system that allowed her to react with assistance.

The warrior that was still smashing heads like watermelons, started moving the bodies by Liu Gan’s side. Closer and closer, he drew near Liu Gan.

Looking at Zhang ShengLi and Yan Su, their faces said it all - despair. To move was to die, to not move was to leave it up to fate.

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