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Chapter 268 - Not Tasty

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

The four closest armored warriors started breaking down doors and walls. Even with smoke covering the room, they were able to discover Liu Gan’s silhouette. The warriors lifted up their hands…

Right at that moment, another surge of high voltage electricity arced and split into four parts to attack each of the armored warriors in the back. After being momentarily stunned, the four armored warriors violently turned their backs, and shot at the location which they presumed to be Yin He’s hiding spot.

Parts of Yin He’s body were biosynthesized, such as the skin and muscle. However, many of her parts had been scorched, and were unable to heal. Her arms and legs revealed beautiful exposed silver-colored metal alloy bones. A hint of blue-colored liquid was spilling out from her wound.

Even though Yin He pointed her [Sleeve Blade] at the four warriors, no electric arc appeared. After she released the electricity two times, the stockpile of high voltage plasma within her was nearing depletion.

Four laser beams shone brightly as they shot at Yin He’s location. Revealing a sinister smile, Yin He dodged the shots. Then, Yin He jumped into a crack in the building’s floor. Cries of anger rang out from behind her. Appearing from the cracks were pincers. One by one the claws climbed up to where Yin He stood previously.

The Kingler was infuriated, as it started to climb into the building and force the wall to topple over on the four warriors.

Previously, the Kingler had been encased in a large metal alloy cage, which was located in the front courtyard. The gate lock was controlled by an electric switch. Yin He took the opportunity amidst the chaos to rush toward it and unlock the gate. The unlock code was obtained by Yin He earlier through hacking. After she carefully dodged Kingler’s attacks, it was lured over to their current building.

The heavy duty helicopter had already departed. The thing that Kingler feared the most was the penetrating light bombs, and it was no longer here. Faced against these miniscule warriors, it wasn't as scared. First it was taunted by Yin He, and then it was shot by the armored warriors in the face. Instantly, all of its rage was shifted to the group of warriors.

The Kingler despised these warriors from earlier. Because of its simplistic mind, it was going to punish all of the shiny-armored warriors, and then find the way back to ocean.

The patrolling guards on the ground saw that Kingler was out of its cage, and notified the others through their helmet’s communicator. They gathered into a firing squad, and shot barrage after barrage of laser beams at the Kingler. The only warriors that didn't join the firing squad were the ones stationed to guard every floor.

The strength of the lasers’ power wasn't as strong as the penetrating light bomb, but every hit would create a small hole nonetheless. Even the hardest part of Kingler, the carapace on its back, had a hole. The immense lingering pain caused Kingler to violently sweep its pincers across the ground to attack the armored warriors.

One of the unlucky armored warriors wasn’t fast enough to avoid the pincer attack. Even as he was held within the pincers he was not afraid. This unlucky armored warrior kept shooting its laser into Kingler’s eye. No matter how hard the Kingler tried, it was unable to rip the warrior in half. Instead of crushing the warrior, the pincers’ ridges of teeth started breaking under the pressure.

Other warriors immediately surrounded Kingler, and kept shooting lasers into the large body.

This created many porous holes where black substance started oozing out from its body. Even without the support of the helicopter aircraft, these warriors weren’t afraid of the gigantic monster.

The feelings of frustration that it couldn't wound the warriors, along with the annoyance of getting shot at, left Kingler with one remaining option. It shoved the warrior trapped in its pincers into its mouth. Almost instantly the unlucky warrior was spat back out. The texture that the alloy metal armor created on the tongue caused a negative reaction on the pallet. Kingler tried to swallow the warrior, but the laser beams were scorching its organs, causing it to start internally bleeding.

Unable to snap the warriors in half, the Kingler kept waving the two pincers around like hammers. It sent the warriors that came in contact with the pincers flying dozens of meters high. Damage from the fall didn't injure the armored warriors at all, as merely they got back up and continued assaulting the Kingler.

The Kingler had sustained too many wounds, as the strength behind its attacks started to dwindle.


With dust and smoke mixing together, the visibility was significantly decreased. Liu Gan and the other two players used the smog as cover, and rushed out of the room back towards the stairwell. Liu Gan tried to reach Yin He through the earpiece, but there was only static. It was impossible to reach her.

The feeling of being unsure was detrimental to a fragile heart. He was unsure of her conditions, and unsure of where she had gone. Liu Gan was heartbroken, as the last glimpse he had of her was with her body riddled with holes.

This adventure to take on the secret laboratory wasn’t that pleasant anymore. The feeling was similar to challenging the boss to advance in a game, but all of a sudden there was a secret level that led to an unkillable enemy. The entire group was nearly wiped out in this one trip.

All of the other staff, such as the remaining doctors and nurses in lab coats were rushing down the stairwell. Liu Gan, Yan Su and Zhang ShengLi were covered from head to toe in ash and dust, so none of the staff could recognize their identities. All of the staff were busy talking to one another as they ran down the stairs.

From the upper floors were the familiar sounds of terrifying footsteps of the armored warriors. Liu Gan and the other two didn’t have much choice. They blended in with the crowd of staff, and made their way down the stairwell. Everyone was gathered into the first floor lobby, waiting for a chance to escape this place.

However… The situation on the first floor lobby was even worse.

There were several armored warriors that were still combating the Kingler, but in the lobby there were still at least 4 to 5 armored warriors that formed a perimeter around the lobby. Almost all the armored warriors were shouting at the staffers to stand in the center of the room.

It was too late to head back up the stairs, as an armored warrior was shepherding the last of the staff out of the building. Now all the staff members were grouped in the center, and the armored warriors formed a perimeter on the outer edges of the first floor lobby.

Several of the staff members walked up to try and talk with the armored warriors, and the argument seem heated. It was as if the staff members were against this kind of treatment. Since the warriors refused to answer to any questions, it was a one-sided conversation. The warriors merely ordered all the staff members to stand in formation again.

Liu Gan and the other two players were caught up in the crowd, and acted like one of them as they stood to line up in the middle of the room.

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