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Chapter 267 - Dire Situation

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"Bi-polar Love" - Brett Butler

After pushing open the metal-framed door, there were two armored warriors standing guard in front of the hallway. Hearing all the ruckus from behind them, they turned to face the stairwell. These armored warriors saw Liu Gan and his group, and ordered them to halt.

Although though there was a language barrier, even an idiot could tell that any sudden movement would result in immediate death.

As the other two armored warriors from the staircase appeared from behind Liu Gan’s group. Liu Gan and his group were stuck between the two armored warriors in the front, and the two armored warriors from the rear.

This was a dire situation.

“I will grab their attention, make your escape!” Yin He said in the earphone. Suddenly Yin He moved in behind the armored warriors in the hallway.

Liu Gan didn't know what to say. He knew that Yin He was at a disadvantage against these more technologically advanced androids. She would definitely lose if she faced off in a prolonged battle.

“Don't worry about me. I will escape when I get a chance! They can't kill me!” Yin He said as she rushed forward to one of the armored warriors. She dashed toward the back of the armored warrior and let out a punch.

Normally, her punches and kicks wouldn't have done any harm to the armored warriors. However, Yin He had previously injected ten electrical plasma sticks into her body along, which along with the power of tens of thousands of volts empowering her punches, she was able to damage their armor. Angry at the sudden ambush, the armored warriors retaliated.

The armored warrior in close proximity did a combo attack of a punch and kick, which sent Yin He flying backwards. It seemed as if the power disparity wasn’t just a single level of difference. After Yin He was sent flying backwards, the two armored warriors lifted up their fists in unison and shot out bright lasers. Yin He was able to avoid death, but she was still wounded in the lower half of her body. Several scorched holes appeared, and even parts of her alloy metal bones were revealed. Yin He escaped to a nearby room to dodge the rest of the incoming laser beams.

The two armored warriors followed quickly in pursuit. They aggressively ran through the door and wall to chase after Yin He.

Liu Gan took the chance to slip into the room closest to the stairs. He also dragged Zhang ShengLi into the room, and Yan Su tagged along. After Liu Gan closed the metal door to the room, he handed Zhang ShengLi over to Yan Su. Liu Gan walked over to the window to look outside.

Like always, it was very cloudy and the air was very moist. In the distant horizon, lightning strikes could be seen, and thunder heard. Clearly the forecast for the afternoon into the night would be thunderstorms. It was the type of storm that had multiple lightning strikes in one small location.

Liu Gan was on the third floor of the building. On the ground level, there were two armored warriors patrolling. It was highly probable that every floor had at least one armored warrior stationed there. This foiled Liu Gan’s hopes of escaping through the window down to the ground level.

If… he abandoned Zhang ShengLi, and left with Yin He then there won't be a huge problem. But, was that really necessary?

The result of leaving behind Zhang ShengLi would result in him getting injected with medicine to become a [Black Spot Variant Zombie], and then getting killed by these armored warriors.

The two armored warriors that were chasing Yin He smashed into the metal-framed doorway. As the armored warriors readied their lasers to shoot through the door, Yin He appeared behind them and attacked the two. The warriors angrily chased Yin He until she ran out of sight.

When Yin He disappeared from view, they returned back to the doorway next to the stairwell, and attempted to break it down. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, they aimed their lasers at the door to kill the people within!

“One… two…” Liu Gan counted down. He was prepared for this, and he threw an active hand grenade at the armored warrior, and then laid down awaiting the explosion.

Zhang ShengLi and Yan Su were stationed behind a toppled cabinet.

‘Bang!’ The sound echoed. The hand grenade was tactically thrown to be close to the armored warriors, so that the maximum effectiveness could be brought out. With only 10 centimeters between the hand grenade and the warrior, the force of the explosion created a hole in the doorway, and sent the warriors flying backward. One of the warriors slammed into the wall on the other end of the hallway.  

As the warriors got off the ground, they merely stretched out their bodies, and dusted themselves off. After discovering that there were no injuries, the warriors walked up to Liu Gan’s room again.

No one knew where Yin He came from, but she launched an [Electrical Discharge Strike] from her [Sleeve Blade] at the armored warrior. The discharge was able to reach ten million volts since the weather was very humid.

This was her strongest attack!

As the armored warrior took on the oppressive high voltage attack, its body took a toll by going numb and violently shaking. The armored warrior was glowing bright like a light bulb overflowing with energy. Liu Gan, Zhang Sheng Li and Yan Su were blinded by the overwhelming brightness, as they hid helplessly behind the cabinet.

In the immediate surroundings of the armored warrior there were electrical discharges that charred the surface of the walls and floor with black streaks… But, all of this was rather uneffective. Once the high voltage electricity was used up, the armored warrior was unscathed, and it shot more lasers back at Yin He.

What strong foes the armored warriors were. Just one of them was enough to make people give up hope!

There were still at least ten more of these armored warriors!

As the fight dragged on, the air became dusty and was permeated with smoke. There was many visible damage to the building’s structure by the laser beams. The building started to shake, and started cracking at crucial stress points.

Yin He was using guerilla tactics and kept disappearing from view.  When the armored warriors couldn’t find any traces of Yin He, they returned to the room where Liu Gan and the rest were hiding. This was only to find that Liu Gan and the other two players weren’t there either!

With Yan Su’s continuous [Treatment Aura], Zhang ShengLi was able to regain the use of his body. With Yin He buying time by combating the armored warriors, Liu Gan and the others were able to escape to another floor to hide.

The remainder of the armored warriors heard the signs of a battle coming from the building, so they all gathered at the bottom of the building. With seven or eight armored warriors doing a clean sweep on every floor, they were preparing to exterminate the threat. They were very angry. They killed everyone on sight. Even the doctors and nurses weren’t allowed to slip by; one by one they were shot with a laser beam through the head.

After several minutes of searching, the armored warriors were closing in on the new hiding spot of Liu Gan. This time there were four armored warriors heading towards the room.

Liu Gan broke open the metal security bars to the window as he hadn’t disregarded the possibility of escaping from the exterior wall. The problem was that the guards on the outside hadn’t left their posts. The moment that Liu Gan and the other two players revealed their location on the building’s exterior, it was very likely that they would be shot to death by lasers.

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