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Chapter 259 - Small Monitor

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“That side seems to have a metal cabinet, perhaps it contains tools to melt this ice cube.” Liu Zhi Gang pointed at a certain corner and walked closer.

This still seems to follow the plotline from Escape the Room, especially with them looking for clues.

The metal cabinet was frozen on the surface with a thin layer of ice covering it, but it wasn’t locked. The good thing was that Liu Zhi Gang and Huang Yi both had thermal insulation jackets and thick gloves, so they wouldn’t get frostbite on their fingers.

The metal cabinet was frozen shut, but with the combined strength of the two level 5 players, they were able to pull open the door. Whether it was because Liu Zhi Gang was too excited, or the floor was slippery, but the moment they pulled open the metal cabinet door, he slipped and fell onto the floor.

“Hey, no need to be overly excited.” Huang Yi looked inside the metal cabinet. Within the cabinet were flashing indicator lights with many different colors. There were red, yellow, blue and green lights with a pushable button. There were also various sized displays. It seemed like this was the electronic control station.

Alongside the buttons and the monitors were symbols. It was in a language that they couldn’t read. After a little discussion, they decided that trial and error would be best.

“Let’s press this green button first. Most of the time, green symbolizes safety. It should also apply here.” Huang Yi suggested to Liu Zhi Gang.

“Okay, let’s follow your strategy.” Liu Zhi Gang pressed the largest green button all the way down.

The roof of the Cold Room created some rumbling noises that startled the two, causing them both to jump. They both stared up at the rumbling ceiling. Down the middle of the ceiling, a dividing line started to appear, as if a doorway, the gates of heaven, were being opened.

Sensing that the movement was too huge, Liu Zhi Gang panicked and started pressing other buttons to prevent the ceiling from opening any further. Every button he pressed didn’t seem to have much of an effect since the ceiling continued to open. Next the round covers on all four sides of the wall opened up. A gust of wind started blowing out from the round covers onto the ice cube, revealing that the round covers functioned as ventilation shafts.

At last the ceiling had completely opened, and the vents were blowing out the cold air into the sky. The thermostat on the wall changed from -30C and started increasing in temperature.

Even though the outdoor temperature wasn't too cold, it was still almost to noon. The exact time could be somewhere in the range of 7 to 10 in the morning. Once the ceiling unsealed the room, the vents started to blow out hot air. Gusts of hot air poured out onto the ice cube.

The floor beneath the two players started heating up. The closer they got to the ice cube, the hotter it became. It seemed like the button changed it from a cold room into an oven. Almost every surface of the ice cube was getting heated.

“This is very strange! Shouldn't we stop it?” Huang Yi asked as he took off the thermal insulation jacket. Huang Yi panicked as he saw the steaming hot air pumping out from the vents, and felt the heat coming from the ground.

“What are you so afraid of? This procedure is to speed up the melting! All of this is so the treasure can show itself. Weren't we trying to think of ways to melt it? Why would we bother stopping it?” Liu Zhi Gang blocked Huang Yi from pressing any more buttons.

“Let's go somewhere else to search. That way we can come back when it’s finished melting. Look at how large this piece of ice is. Even with the hot air, it won't be easy to melt.” Huang Yi suggested.

“There must be another way to speed up this melting. We don't even know if it will be completely melted by the time we come back.” Liu Zhi Gang didn't want to leave.

Huang Yi felt a tingly sensation that something was wrong, but he couldn't pinpoint it. It was his danger perception, and he was ignoring it. Huang Yi continued to watch Liu Zhi Gang from behind.

“There's a saying that you can ‘gain fortune from dangerous situations’. I remember when I was wandering alone in the woods, and I didn't have a team to back me up. I took the risk of fighting against a variant zombie, and was able to level up to 5. Otherwise, how else would I be here?” Liu Zhi Gang explained his reasoning.

“I guess you do make some sense.” Huang Yi nodded.

“Have you noticed that this small monitor seems to be the ones they use in hospitals?” Liu Zhi Gang asked, as he pushed the buttons next to the monitor a few times.

“It does have some resemblance.” Huang Yi looked at it briefly and replied.

“This button is very strange. After I press it, you can hear some noises. It’s as if something is flowing inside.” Liu Zhi Gang pressed the yellow button, and held his ear to listen closely.

“Yeah it sounds like that, I can hear it too.” Remarked Huang Yi.

Liu Zhi Gang continuously pressed the yellow button. The moment Liu Zhi Gang pressed down, the control station would have the sound of liquid circulating, but sound was gone when the button was released.

After a few more depressions of the button, the small monitor that originally had a straight line started to create ripples. Seeing this, Liu Zhi Gang got excited and started rapidly pressing the yellow button. The more Liu Zhi Gang pressed it, the more deviant the line became.

“Zhi Gang! Huang Yi! Are you inside?” Wang Chao asked from outside of the room. It seemed like the noise from the ceiling opening had attracted the attention of a few players.

With all the noise it would have been impossible for a normal person, but Liu Zhi Gang and Huang Yi both had enhanced hearing. The high velocity wind of vents were really making it hard for any noise to be recognized apart from words.

“Hey…” Liu Zhi Gang hand signaled Huang Yi, so that he wouldn’t respond back. The steel cabinet had automatically moved back into place after Liu Zhi Gang and Huang Yi had entered, so it would buy them some time before Wang Chao could find the entrance.

Even if Wang Chao made his way in, they could pretend that they never heard the call.

Huang Yi was still hesitant, but ultimately, he didn’t reply to Wang Chao. Wang Chao screamed for a few more times, but stopped soon after. Perhaps, Wang Chao left the area to look for another way into the Cold Room.

“I think we should hurry up, perhaps the yellow button is the key to speeding up the melting process.” Liu Zhi Gang continued to press the yellow button. On the monitor, the frequency of the line continued to increase. Originally, it was a shift in the line every few minute, but now it shifted every half a minute. The amplitude of the shift had also increased.

The heated ground and the hot air pumped out by vents didn’t have much of an effect on the ice cube. However, the moment the button was pressed, it had triggered something. At that moment, there were noises of cracking emanating out. On the ice cube several cracks appeared, and a small portion of the surface started falling off.

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