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Chapter 257 - Dagger

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

These new 50 chapters are draining the soul out of me.

The mysterious guard’s muscle and bones were extremely dense, so even when the fire axe landed on the shoulder, it wasn’t a clean cut. Sounds of the clavicle bone shattering could be heard, but Liu Gan was only able to inflict a wound a few centimeters deep. The arm of the mysterious guard was still intact!

Even though the mysterious guard’s arm managed to stay intact, it was still crippled. He was completely dumbfounded as to what had just occurred. The mysterious guard was shocked that the high-pitched screech didn’t affect Liu Gan. What followed afterwards occurred so quickly that the mysterious guard couldn’t register it at all until it was too late. The severe injury he suffered had traumatized the mysterious guard.

Mainly the mysterious guard found that his strength was no match. The guard suddenly turned around, and tried to jump down from the building. Meanwhile, because Liu Gan’s fire axe was still stuck in its shoulder, in order to escape it would have to leave behind its arm.

The mysterious guard didn’t manage to get far. Yin He was already on the rooftop, and she was able to catch up and cut off the mysterious guard’s escape route. Yin He was able to injure the  mysterious guard even more with her [Sleeve Blade]. Unable to defeat Yin He, the mysterious guard’s only other option was to go around her by taking a detour, but Yin He was faster.

Liu Gan followed closely behind, while Zhang ShengLi threw his fire axe at the mysterious guard and chased after it. With Yin He’s cooperation, after several more attacks the mysterious guard was finally subdued on the ground.

“What intel do you have on the goods that you can exchange for your life?” Liu Gan held his fire axe at the guard’s neck.

“Go die!” The mysterious guard spat out green phlegm.

Luckily, Liu Gan was able to avoid it in time.

“Die then!” Liu Gan severed the brainstem of the mysterious guard without hesitation.

A thick, dense black orb flowed out from the dead guard and seeped into Liu Gan’s body. Liu Gan felt an immense burning sensation. His alloy limbs felt as if they were newly forged, with newfound durability and increased strength. His sight, hearing, and strength increased once more. There was no doubt that after killing this mysterious guard he was able to level up to 7!

Could it be that this was a unique zombie, and that gaining experience was possible? What an unexpected surprise. To Liu Gan, this trip was starting to become very fruitful. Even before reaching the main laboratory, Zhang ShengLi was able to reach level 6, while Liu Gan reached level 7!

There might be many more of these unique zombies. If there were, then that would be quite a plentiful bonus. He might even level up one more time! Other than Liu Gan and Yin He, it was quite difficult for other players to kill these kinds of unique zombies. Liu Gan had to use his [Psychic Shock] ability, and he also had Yin He’s assistance. Without his ability, Liu Gan would’ve fallen prey to the mysterious guard’s attack after the high-pitched screech.

“Wait! Don’t kill…” Wang Chao rushed over from the building corner, but discovered that the mysterious guard had already been killed. Wang Chao sighed in disbelief.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” Liu Gan looked at Wang Chao.

“Forget it, I was going to interrogate him.” Wang Chao shook his head. Wang Chao had plans to kill the mysterious guard himself after finding the secret behind its body. All of it was too late now that Liu Gan had killed him.

Liu Gan looked through the corpse’s belongings for a little while. He found something that resembled an ID card, as well as an unknown syringe injector, and a very sharp dagger.

Once Liu Gan’s hand touched the dagger, he felt a strange tingly sensation… It was as if his alloy watch and the dagger had created a link. When he tried focusing his mind on the dagger with the alloy watch, at the next moment the dagger actually disappeared!

Listed on the alloy wrist watch aside from player properties and abilities, there was a new slot titled equipment. The word that followed was the line: [Dagger]!

Once again with some focus and concentration, Liu Gan was able to freely stash the [Dagger] into the alloy wrist watch. He could also equip the [Dagger] into his hand. The time it took for him to equip it or stash it away was around three to four seconds.

“Treasure from killing the zombie?” The other players asked when they saw the [Dagger] disappearing and reappearing from Liu Gan’s hand. Even if they were stupid, they could tell that something was off.

“It’s too bad that it is only a dagger, if it were an axe instead it would be more useful.” Liu Gan shook his head as he stashed away the [Dagger] into his alloy watch.

To Liu Gan, if he carried another dagger it wouldn’t be too much extra weight. He had another dagger strapped to his leg already. If it were a bulky type of weapon such as an axe or sledge hammer that could be stashed away in the alloy watch, then it would be much more useful.

Every day that they left camp, they had to carry a large backpack with living necessities, and all other kinds of equipment. Every extra item that was carried, was an extra hindrance to movement. If they were able to carry less, it would be of major help.

The [Dagger] that was stashed in the alloy watch didn’t seem to be of much use simply from the looks of it, but it provided some very useful information… Which was that after killing unique zombies, it was possible to stash equipments into the alloy watch.

Daggers in general are more of a backup weapon, but the [Dagger] found on the unique zombie meant that later on even stronger weapons could be obtained from these unique zombies.

From the looks of [The Trembling World], this was only the tip of the iceberg. Liu Gan had a long journey ahead of him, and this was only the beginning!

“This mysterious guard is everyone’s collective kill, but you took away the treasure… Shouldn’t you compensate us?” Liu Zhi Gang suddenly spoke out.

Ever since they had crawled through the window of the mountain villa, the last hit for one of the Black-Spot variant zombies was given to Doctor Su, another kill was given to Lu Fan, and the last kill to Qiao Feng. Liu Zhi Gang had been working all day with his life on the line, without anything to show for it. All the benefits seemed to have been taken away by Zhang ShengLi’s team. Liu Zhi Gang felt that it was unfair, since this laboratory had been discovered by them.

“Forget it! If it weren’t for Brother Liu’s rescue then we would’ve died several times. Just wait until we reach inside, then we will share the finds equally.” Lu Fan tactfully blocked Liu Zhi Gang.

It was just a dagger, so there was no need to anger the other team. In the fight against the guard, they couldn’t even help out much, and eventually they just sat on the sidelines watching the fight go on.

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